Straighter teeth are the foundation of an attractive smile. However, dental operations are generally expensive and only few people can afford to receive the traditional dental care. There is also the problem of finding time for regular orthodontic visit and treatment. Scheduling dental appointments can be a challenge today due to hectic work life, often resulting in missed school or work time, and additional fees. 

It is these problems that at-home teeth aligners come to solve (you can get more info about Alignerco reviews here). The once unpleasant and sometimes humiliating procedure of teeth straightening is now more comfortable and unnoticeable. How? – Through clear at-home aligners. These have become the less costly option to teeth straightening. 


What are aligners?

We are all very familiar with metal braces and other materials such as lingual and ceramic braces which will always remain staple orthodontic treatment. On the other hand, clear and invisible aligners are becoming increasingly popular and for very noble reasons. They are significantly more aesthetically pleasing (almost undetectable), comfortable, convenient and many times, less expensive. Worth checking Alignerco Reddit reviews

In essence, you can straighten your teeth at home and by yourself with aligners. They are preferred because they are subtle, effective and practical. The invisible aligner trays gradually straighten your teeth in small steps. You can take them off at any time to brush your teeth, have a drink or eat. 

Today, clear aligner companies like AlignerCo now bring therapy to your door step making your ideal smile achievable at your comfort.



What is AlignerCo?

If you have bothered to do any research on invisible aligners, you’re probably aware that AlignerCo is one of the many brands that provide at-home aligner treatment. Others include, SmileDirectClub and Byte. 

AlignerCo has made a name among other brands by providing teeth alignment therapy that is much less expensive than its competitors. It beats at-home aligner brands like Byte and also in-office alternatives like Invasalign in cost of treatment. While its relatively low cost separates AlignerCo from the competition, you shouldn’t make a choice of dental treatment based on cost alone.

AlignerCo’s dental team develops a tailored aligner treatment using molds of your teeth. Then they handcraft and deliver the aligners as a completely remote process. 

AlignerCo’s incredibly affordable price doesn’t imply that you will receive a low-cost item. The company has been careful not to trade quality and safe treatment for reduced cost.

AlignerCo began operations in 2019. Being a new company, chances are you’ve never heard of them. For this reason, you could be hesitant to choose AlignerCo as your preferred brand. Even more so because brands like Candid and Byte are all over the place. The fact is, massive marketing initiatives are expensive and the expenses ultimately add up to the cost of production. Instead of going down this path, AlignerCo cut back on the marketing and focused on providing the most affordable aligners in the market. In Smile Prep reviews, you can find more info about these teeth aligners.

Are these teeth aligners for me?

Getting your teeth aligned is both financially intensive and time consuming. The duration of treatment can extend over six months and still require you to actively maintain your new smile for many years afterwards. You’re right to be skeptical, to first want to establish that it will give you the results you desire before jumping into it.

AlignerCo can only fix a small range of teeth misalignment. In fact, at-home aligners are generally only able to correct mild teeth spacing, crowding or misalignment. While they may offer high level of convenience, they are not comprehensive form of dental treatment and cannot tackle extreme cases. Another place to check about Alignerco is Facebook page of them. 

Don’t get it wrong. Aligners have proven to be an excellent and effective alternative to metal braces. But not everyone is the right candidate for this form of treatment. There are a few factors you should be aware of before considering clear aligner treatment.

  • The severity of your misalignment.

Patients with minor dental defects will definitely benefit from clear at-home aligners such as AlignerCo. These can straighten small gaps between teeth; shift mildly crowded teeth or adjust a few misplaced teeth in a matter of months. Even faster than traditional metal braces would! However, if you have more complicated dental misalignment such as a severe overbite or more complex teeth crowding, invisible aligners won’t achieve the same level of success as braces or in-office orthodontic treatment. Ultimately, AlignerCo’s specialist will determine if you qualify for treatment after you send in your dental impression.

  • Your age

To be eligible for AlignerCo treatment, you must be at least 14 years old. This is simply to ensure that you have your permanent set of teeth already grown before attempting to shift them. Nobody wants new teeth growing and disrupting an already aligned smile. 

  • Had any recent dental procedure?

Lastly, if you’ve had a dental implant done, you will have to wait at least 3 months before commencing aligner treatment. 



AlignerCo aligners

Aligners can be cut in two ways; curved and serrated to the gums or straight and flat across the top. AlignerCo’s aligners are cut to fit and replicate the curves of your gum line. The straight-cut ones only slightly cover your gums and may overlap the contour of your gums so that up close, they become visible. Aligners like AlignerCo that are cut to your gums will not overlap this way, making them more discrete. AlignerCo boasts of having the most “invisible” aligners in the market and that may just be true.

Also, your AlignerCo aligners will not have any attachment added to them. Other brands add small attachments and elastics to your teeth surface. While these are handy in aiding teeth movement, they also draw attention to your aligners and hence are more visible. So you don’t get these attachments that add a little more power here but you also have a more invisible aligner.

Can you trust AlignerCo?

AlignerCo manufacturers their aligners with RaintreeEssix polymers. Essix is a well-known and respected dental supply firm whose products are used by a number of other aligner companies. 

The use of high-quality materials results in high-quality product. RaintreeEssix quality plastics have been a mainstay in the clear aligner business since 2005. Now, they collaborate with AlignerCo to manufacture long-lasting and effective aligners. 

This guarantee that your aligners will be durable and deliver the results you expect. It is important to keep in mind that while this brand is one of the least expensive option among at-home aligners, they also have the least experience. Worth checking the BBB complaints page related to Alignerco teeth aligners. 

Is AlignerCo safe?

The safety of at-home aligners has received conflicting reviews. Many detists prefer the in-office treatment such as braces or invisalign over at-home treatment. Their reason is that in-office treatment can be closely monitored by the specialists and modifications are easy to make.

Still, if you adhere to the treatment regimen carefully, and all through, at-home aligners are considered safe and effective.
A study carried out on the satisfaction of patients with at-home aligners revealed that 87.5% of people were happy with their treatment. Only 6.6% needed to see their dentist thereafter due to side effects. Further research is ongoing on the benefits of this relatively new therapy but the convenience it offers continue to make it a top choice.

Meanwhile, AlignerCo places a premium on patient safety. It is impossible to control patient compliance to treatment or guarantee that every patient will use their treatment correctly and appropriately. But AlignerCo takes all essential steps to provide extensive instructions that assure safety and convenience of use.

The company teamed up with respectable dental manufacturers to make BPA-free aligners that perfectly fit your teeth. According to online AlignerCo reviews, the company also boasts of a responsive customer support that is available anytime you have a query. You may contact a rep through their website’s chatbox, mail or phone.


How does AlignerCo work?

If you choose to align your teeth with AlignerCo, here’s how your treatment plan will go;

First, you get your impression kit. You can take AlignerCo’s online assessment or questionnaire to find out if you are a candidate for treatment. Regardless, you can go ahead and order the AlignerCo impression kit. This is your first step in your treatment journey and don’t worry, you’ll get your money back if you don’t qualify for treatment. You impression is a more accurate way of knowing your eligibility for aligner treatment.

The kit costs $39.99 and contains a molding putty which you will use to fill mouth-shaped trays. You’ll then bite down on the putty and mail the impression your teeth makes back to AlignerCo. The kit comes with all the instructions you need to make your impressions correctly. Ensure your impressions are as accurate as they can be because submitting. Incorrect impressions will definitely affect your aligner treatment.


AlignerCo has their customer care service available at any time if you need help taking your impressions. You may schedule a video chat appointment with them or better still, visit AlignerCo SmileStudio for an in-office consultation. This physical appointment is only available to residents of New York as this is the only site available for scheduled visits.

AlignerCo specialist then crafts a tailored treatment plan for you based on your molds. This treatment plan is basically a series of plastic invisible aligners that will slowly straighten your teeth. 

You will get your aligners as well as a complete treatment plan with simple instructions in the mail. You’ll start with the first aligner and switch to a new after two weeks until you complete your treatment plan and your teeth are aligned. During the period of your treatment, an orthodontist from AlignerCo will closely and remotely monitor your therapy and progress.

From impression kit to full aligner

You made a good impression and mailed it back to AlignerCo successfully, good for you! Now it’s time to wait. You should expect anything from 7 to 8 weeks before you receive your entire aligner kit. Out of this time frame, 3 weeks will be used to construct and send you a 3D projection of what your smile will be like. If everything seems good, you can go ahead and approve the plan by paying for the aligners, although you’re under no obligation to purchase them at this stage.

Peradventure you don’t qualify for AlignerCo treatment; you will get a full refund of the Impression Kit you ordered. Within 4 to 5 weeks after you make payment, your AlignerCo aligners will arrive at your door. 

What does AlignerCo treatment entail?

When you place an order for the complete aligner set, their clinical experts will build your aligners using dental 3D modeling software. After that, your case will be reviewed by a licensed dentist who will authorize your treatment and prepare your aligner plan. 

As you progress througg the course of treatment, you’ll send your designated dentist/orthodontist picture progress of your smile on a regular basis. This you will do every 14 days so that they can track your progress and make changes where and if necessary. 

How fast is AlignerCo treatment?

The average treatment using at-home aligners would take between 4 to 6 months from start to finish. Of course, the major determinant of the length of treatment is the severity of your ailment. Surely, more difficult cases naturally take longer to resolve but if you choose AlignerCo, your therapy will probably last 4 to 6 months.

This treatment duration is the lowest anyone can expect from AlignerCo and that is provided they stick to the recommended treatment plan. For example, you will be required to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily or 10 hours at night depending on your treatment plan. If you do not follow AlignerCo’s instructions of use as best you can, then you can expect your treatment to certainly take longer.

The treatment regimens for most invisible at-home aligner brands last approximately six months. This would mean that AlignerCo falls comfortably within the treatment duration of the industry average. The most popular invisible aligner brand – Invisalign, which is an in-office aligner, takes much longer – 12 to 18 months, to complete treatment. This is because in-office treatment generally tends to be more severe cases of misalignment.

AlignerCo, before and after treatment

Your 4 to 6 month journey to straighten your teeth with AlignerCo is unique. Each person has unique preferences and AlignerCo offer solutions to meet those demands. Before you begin treatment, you will be presented with the opportunity to choose between day or night treatment. There are difference in the two plans that every candidate should be aware of.

The main difference between these plans is when and how long you wear them. The standard daily treatment duration is 22 hours while the NightOnly plan is only 10 hours. Because you’re wearing them for shorter periods in the NightOnly plan, the duration of treatment is longer – approximately 8 to 12 months. Since it takes longer and will need more aligners, the NightOnly plan is also significantly more expensive. 

So, yes, with the NightOnly plan, you don’t get to wear aligners around all day long but at the expense of a longer and more costly treatment. In terms of tray design, these two alternatives are practically the same. That is, whether you choose the nighttime or daytime therapy, you may expect your aligners to be built the same way. But you’ll definitely be needing more aligners for the night only therapy.

After treatment

Your treatment timeline is over and you’ve achieved the beautiful smile that AlignerCo promised. So, now will youlive happily ever after? Not so fast. Your teeth won’t remain in their new position so easily. Remember, they were forced to shift by the pressure from the aligners, now that the pressure is removed, they will naturally tend to return to their old positions. This is where retainers come in.

The goal of retainers is to maintain your teeth’s new position once they’ve been straightened. Retainers are often used at night; simply wear them before going to bed, the same way you’ll use a nighttime aligner. But first, immediately after treatment, you must wear your retainers at all times for the first few months.

Must you wear your retainers? Yes. It is a critical part of the treatment because your teeth can easily shift afterwards as the bones of your jaw where they’re embedded are still soft and flexible at this point.

When do you stop using retainers?

Initially, AlignerCo recommends that you wear retainers every day for 4 to 6 months. This is a necessary step in ensuring that your treatment is stabilized. During this period, you’ll wear your retainers for 20 to 22 hours each day. Don’t worry, retainers are just as invisible as aligners and are molded to match your new teeth and prevent them from moving. So you can wear them all the time without anyone noticing. Like aligners, retainers are removable and you should take them off when you’re brushing your teeth, eating or drinking. 

After the 4 to 6 months of wearing retainers round the clock, a night only retainer regimen may suffice to maintain your teeth and you can safely switch up. However, you may be required to wear retainers every night for the rest of your life. The basis for this is that as one gets older, the teeth tend to shift forward and inwards. Wearing a retainer every night can help avoid this.

Do you get an unlimited supply of retainers?

No you don’t. AlignerCo gives you only one set of retainers with your first aligner pack. These, you will need to replace every 6 months since you’ll be wearing retainers for a long time after treatment. It is important to consider how you’ll be able to afford them consistently for as long as they’re needed. AlignerCo offers their Worryfree Protection package which is a set of 12 retainers for $599. 

How much does AlignerCo cost?

We have already established that AlignerCo has some of the cheapest aligners available. The standard AlignerCo comes with a variety of payment plans;

  • The SmileAdvantage: This treatment package covers your impression kit, aligners and retainers and costs $1145. If you can afford an upfront payment for AlignerCo, then this is probably the best option for you.
  • SmileFlex: SmileFlex goes easy on those who may not be able to make a single upfront payment. Here, you pay a monthly fee of $110 for a total of 12 months. The cumulative cost is $1320 which is slightly more expensive than the upfront payment but more convenient. 
  • SimeFlex Easy: Here, you make a down payment of $275 and a monthly payment of $95 for 11 months. The grand total is $1320.

If you’re going with the NightOnly plan, expect to spend more. It also comes in three packages.

  • NightAdvantge: An upfront payment of $1345 gives you the complete package of impression kit, aligner and retainers.
  • NightFlex: The cost of this service is $125 per month for a total of 12 months. At the end of the day, you would have paid $1500.
  • NightFlex Easy: This plan is only $105 every month for 11 months but there is an initial deposit of $345. It comes down to $1500 in total.

If you buy any of these plans before finding out that you’re not fit for the therapy, be rest assured you’ll get a complete refund. 

AlignerCo vs. Byte

Byte is an at-home aligner brand in the same category as AlignerCo. Byte’s unique selling point is their “HyperByte” device which uses high-frequency vibrations to hasten the treatment process and make it more comfortable. Byte’s average treatment time is 4 months and unlike AlignerCo, offers a lifetime warranty, meaning that you’re smile is forever secure with them. Byte’s treatment costs $1895 for their standard aligners. Although they have more experience and provide superior overall value, they are $700 more expensive than AlignerCo.

AlignerCo vs. Invisalign

Invisalign offers in-office treatment. It is a more radical approach to treatment, and significantly costlier. The cost of Invisalign treatment can be as much as $8500. You get personal attention with Invisalign and you’re face to face with your dentist. Here, sever cases of misalignment can be properly managed. Your dentist or orthodontist can use other attachment as part of your treatment to achieve more complex tooth movement. 

The duration of treatment with Invisalign is also longer, on average – 18 to 24 months. On the other hand, if you have a minor tooth misalignment, a more economical provider like AlignerCo can help and achieve it within 6 to 8 months.

AlignerCo vs. Straight My teeth

Straight My Teeth is a very similar brand to AlignerCo. They offer at-home aligner treatment at affordable price. However, unlike AlignerCo they do not provide any virtual oversight monitoring during treatment. They promise treatment within 4 to 6 month and they don’t give you a refund if you order their impression kit. Their standard kit costs 699 pounds.

AlignerCo vs. Alpha Veneers US

Alpha Veneers offer an alternative to aligner treatment. If you want a different form of treatment for your smile, clip on veneers are not permanent and can be worn every time. Like aligners, they are molded according to your mouth and fit perfectly into your teeth, transforming them completely. They come in different shades and color options and are good for hiding discoloration, chips and cracks. The cost of the regular Alpha veneers  $899. 

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