Zorb Ball Competition Fun and Its World Record


Zorb Balls are in very much fashion these days. The main reason behind it is the amount of fun that they can provide at a pocket-friendly price.

While rolling down a hill, rolling along a plain surface, and rolling on water remain the main things in which Zorb Balls are used. Moreover, Zorb Balls can be used in 4 other things as well

Curious to know what they are?

Well then read on as we discuss the 4 things followed by some interesting talk on the Zorb Ball world record.

Zorb Ball Competitions

  1. Zorb Ball race: Zorb Ball races are by far the most fun races that one can take part in. Zorb Ball races are held in special inflatable Zorb Ball Slightly smaller Zorb Balls are used for racing. The competitors get inside the ball and line up at the starting line. At the signal of go, competitors must move the Zorb Ball by running inside it.

Moreover, the fun never ends in one go! There are several laps in one race. Typically, 10 or so laps are run by the competitors. There can be races in which, there is a simple starting line and finishing line. The arenas in which the races take place have an inflatable track and inflatable track sidewalls.

The walls prevent competitors who have fallen inside the ball from going off track. The inflatable track makes sure that the Zorb Balls do not get punctured while running. Now, as even the smaller racing Zorb Balls are not so small after all, the track width is only suitable for 2 balls at a time.

Thus, in one race, only 2 competitors can compete at a time. Furthermore, as always, Zorb Balls for racing can be easily purchased at Kameymall. Moving on now onto the next fun Zorb Ball competition.

  1. Zorb Ball Football: This irritation of football or soccer is also known as bubble soccer. In these games, the players wear special Zorb Balls that are worn like a jersey. While inside this Zorb Ball, the feet remain free to move.

Now, players will have to balance themselves while running and playing soccer at the same time. The Zorb Balls completely nullify the possibility of a hand foul or rough tackle using hands. The game gets pretty hilarious both for the spectators and the players as the game progresses. Zorb Ball football or bubble soccer is so popular that a World Cup was held in 2018 in London, UK.

These wearable Zorb Balls are also used for playing Zorb bowling and Zorb Sumo. Brief explanations of these two games are given ahead.

  1. Zorb Bowling: In this hilarious game, people wearing wearable Zorb Balls become bowling pins. A person in a regular racing Zorb Ball becomes the bowling ball. The people in the wearable Zorb Balls stand in the bowling pin formation. The person in the regular Zorb Ball comes running at the other people to knock down as many people as possible. With 3 games down, the talk about Zorb
  2. Zorb Sumo. For this game, just mark out a regular sumo ring. The competitors wear the wearable Zorb Balls and play normal sumo wrestling while inside the balls.


Among the two competitors, whoever knocks out their opponent first wins. Competitors will be considered knocked out if they go outside the sumo ring.

Those are the 4 most popular Zorb Ball competitions. In case you were wondering, the wearable Zorb Balls can be purchased from Kameymall at the best prices.

Now before you head out for any of these competitions, here are a few Zorb Ball world records you should know about.

Zorb Ball Word Records

  • Longest distance covered: The longest distance that was covered by a person in a Zorb Ball in a single role is 1,870 feet or 570 meters. The record is held by Steve Camp who is from South Africa. Next, have you ever wondered just how fast can a Zorb Ball go? If yes, then the answer lies just below.
  • Highest speed achieved: The highest speed that was achieved by a person rolling a Zorb Ball is 32 mph or 52 Kms. The feat was achieved by Keith Kolver who is a native of New Zealand. These records are fun to read, aren’t they? On that note, here is the last world record for you.
  • Fastest 100 meters: In a 100-meter sprint, the fastest time recorded by a person rolling a Zorb Ball is 23.21 seconds. The record is held by James Duggan. He is from Dunmanway, County Cork, Ireland.

That’s it for the day then. We have reached the end of the line. Happy Zorbing to you!