Inductivv Reviews: [New Update] Don’t Spend a Dime Until You Read This Inductivv Headphones Reviews

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This Review explores a suitable alternative for you to enjoy all your audibles without plugging your ears shut. This alternative is safe, high tech, and provides a high-quality audio experience.

If you are in love with your playlist and can’t help but have your earbuds or earphones on most of the time, but are also wary of the negative side effects on your ears and hearing, then this Inductivv Review will reveal some interesting high tech alternatives for you.

Having the ears plugged-in to listen to music or some podcast and generally audibles, have always been the norm and popular brands of earphones have all concentrated their efforts around and, in the ears, to bring music lovers the best audio quality.

Over the years, earphones have given way to earbuds with wireless technology but one thing remains unchanged plugged ears. Also, some reports have begun to observe a pattern of hearing problems that may eventually progress to hearing loss. The culprit, excessive and inappropriate use of earphones.

This challenge has become the singular stimulus for tech companies to get to work to discover other ways to enjoy music and other audibles without harming our ears.

The result of this has yielded the Bone Conduction Technology, a safe, quality, and high-tech alternative to earphones. At the forefront of this innovation is a growing brand of Bone Conduction headphones known as Inductivv.

This Inductivv Review gives detailed information about Inductivv, its components, how it works, and why it can be a safe alternative for those who have chosen to preserve their hearing.

What is Inductivv Headphone?

Inductivv is an open-ear wireless sports headphone and audio device that uses the growing Bone Conduction Technology to provide users with superior audio quality without plugging the ears shut. With Inductivv you can now enjoy hours of music without damaging your ears.

It features bone induction technology that creates vibrations to transmit sound through the bones of your face (jawbones and cheekbones) directly to the inner ear. The wrap-around design makes it extremely lightweight, and flexible and provides a custom and secure fit.

The Inductivv design is sleek and classy, appealing to both fashionistas and tech enthusiasts. This audio device is primarily created to harness the conductive ability of the facial bones while reducing the risk of hearing disabilities caused by excessive and improper use of earphones that plug in the ears.


What Are Bone Conduction Headphones? (Inductivv Reviews)

Bone conduction headphones are a relatively new product to hit the market. They are incredibly innovative, providing a listening experience unlike any you’ve experienced before.

The thing that makes these headphones so unique is their design. Instead of going inside or covering your ears like other products, bone-conduction headphones rest on your cheekbones, leaving your ears open so you can pay attention to other sounds.

This feature allows you to listen to music, podcasts, and more while also remaining aware of your surroundings.




Inductivv Headphone Specifications

  • Model: Open ear Duet
  • Type: Open Ear Wireless headphones
  • BT version: 5.0 EDR
  • Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Connection distance: > 10 metres
  • Microphone sensitivity: -42dB
  • Battery: 120mAh
  • Playtime: ~ 5 hours (80% volume)
  • Call time: ~ 6 hours
  • Standby time: ~ 2000 hours
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Charging voltage: DC 5V
  • Bone Conduction Sensor: 2pcs
  • Battery: Li-polymer

Updated Features of Inductivv Headphone

  1. Zygomatic bone conducts the sound. Replacing traditional air conduction of sound, thus maintaining the original sound and avoiding the effects of air noise on the sound.
  2. Open ear design. Replacing the traditional in-ear design, it releases the ears and is not tired for a long time. It does not affect the normal operation of the ears while enjoying music, especially when there is a dangerous signal on behind, it can be heard in time.
  3. Made of titanium alloy.It replaces traditional cheap iron wire, it will instantly return to its original shape after being folded or stretched, even folded hundreds of times, it will remain undamaged.
  4. Ear protection.Bone conduction allows sound to pass directly into the auditory tuberosity without passing through the ear canal, greatly reducing the burden on the ear.
  5. 120mAh large-capacity battery. High battery capacity with a standby time of 2000 hours. And fast charging time.
  6. Lightweight design.It greatly reduces the burden on the ears and is very suitable for wearing during various sports.
  7. Bluetooth 5.0 technology.The sound is high audio quality, the transmission is more stable and has no lag, and it is compatible with most Bluetooth devices.
  8. Sweatproof design. The thickened waterproof seal protects against sweat and light rain.
  9. Soft silicone. The material that touches the ear is upgraded to make it more comfortable to wear.
  10. Noise reduction technology.Reduces the surrounding noise and improves the sound quality. It is recommended to keep the surroundings quiet during a call and increase the speech sound, otherwise, it may be misjudged as noise by the headset.

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How Does Inductivv Headphone Work?

Inductivv Bone-conduction headphones work by transmitting sound vibrations along your cheekbones instead of through the air. It’s the same technique that sea mammals use underwater and composer Beethoven used to make music when he lost his hearing. It all comes down to sound vibrations.

Most of the sounds that reach our ears do so by air conduction. Sound vibration travels through the air, down the ear canal causing your eardrum to vibrate. Your brain processes these vibrations and interprets them as sounds.

But there is another way we can hear things, using bone conduction. This is when sound waves bypass your eardrum and is heard directly by the cochlea, aka the inner ear.

Inductivv bone conduction headphones use vibrations to transmit sound directly to your inner ear through the bones located in your upper cheek and jaw.

Your cochlea, the inner ear, does not realize that the sound is coming from the bones rather than the eardrum. Your brain processes the sound’s vibrations in the same way as if they came via your eardrum, meaning you can hear sound.

With bone-conducting headphones such as Inductivv, you can listen to music or podcasts and the sound is carried to your inner ear directly via the bones in your face without impairing sound quality.



Benefits Of Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphones

  1. Increased awareness of situations

Immersing yourself in the latest playlist or compelling audiobook is a great escape when walking, running, cycling, or playing golf, but it’s a habit that greatly increases the risk of an accident; closing yourself off to the outside world also closes you off to trains, horns, and hollers.


With bone conduction headphones, no speakers are going over or into your ears, depleting your senses. Instead, the transducers sit on your cheekbones directly in front of your ears, leaving your ears completely open to your surroundings.


If you’re cycling around town, you can hear a car behind you, so you can keep a safe distance to avoid an accident.


  1. It is more comfortable to use

Do your earbuds fall out? Are full-size headphones too heavy for your morning run? Most headphones don’t get their reputation for being comfortable. Few things are more annoying than running on a treadmill with your right earbud dangling by the wire.

Bone conduction headphones do away with the drama by leaving your ears out of the equation. For many individuals, it’s a whole lot more comfortable.


  1. Guarantees a great listening experience

Unlike other normal headphones, when you put a pair of headphones into your ears, you cannot hear very well when you are talking or singing. The Inductivv bone conduction headphones allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes whilst being able to sing along and interact with your environment comfortably without any interruptions. Inductivv gives you a unique listening experience.


  1. Clean and hygienic

A recent study of earphones found that earbuds can harbor 119-186 colony-forming bacteria units and this can increase even more if you are sweating! Bacteria just love a warm and wet environment. Open-ear headphones make for an altogether cleaner headphone option.




  1. Remain connected with the environment

The open-ear design of bone conduction headphones means that you can hear everything your friend has to say even whilst listening to your favorite power tune.


  1. Ear friendly

Another bonus of bone conduction headphones is that you have less chance of damaging your hearing. It’s easy to overlook or disregard the harmful effects of playing music too loudly, especially when it’s right next to your eardrums. In fact, like many ills, the negative effects are only noticeable after the damage has been done. Bone conduction headphones lessen the impact on your inner ear, simply because they’re externally mounted.


However, bone conduction headphones can still be problematic for your hearing if you overdo the volume, even though they’re not sitting right in your ears. As is the case with most things it’s a case of everything in moderation, so use your bone conduction headphones reasonably and they should return the favor to your hearing.

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Who Needs Inductivv Headphones?

This design is made for people who wish to enjoy their music and other audibles without putting their hearing at risk. If you are also into working out and keeping fit, you need to engage in all your exercise routines without shutting off other sounds.

With Inductivv Headphones, your ears remain open so you can still relate to your immediate environment. Earphones with cords easily entangle and this reduces their life span. it can be frustrating to untangle, especially when you need to get them in use immediately.

if you fall into any of these categories, or you just love testing out new and advanced tech devices, then Inductivv bone conduction Headphones may be very suitable for you.

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How Well Does Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphones Work?

Inductivv Bone-conduction headphones work amazingly well! They have huge advantages over in-ear and over-ear headphones. Thanks to bone conduction technology your ear canal remains open to hearing other ambient sounds, ensuring you remain aware of your surroundings. The headphones are more hygienic as germs are not transferred from your ear to speakers, as they are with in-ear buds, plus you don’t have the pressure or nuisance of headphones in or on your ear.

Bones conduction earphones allow situational awareness for outdoor safety, a dry and hygienic ear canal for sports, and a completely comfortable listening experience.

Standard headphones work by transmitting sound waves through the air to your eardrums. Bone conduction headphones, however, work differently.

Instead of following this path, they transmit vibrations through your jaw and head bones. Doing this bypasses the eardrums, bringing sounds directly to your cochlea in your inner ear.

Once the sound waves reach your cochlea, it sends electrical impulses up to your brain through your auditory nerves. The impulses that reach your brain through this pathway are identical to those that get your brain through your ears.

Where To Buy Inductivv Headphones (Inductivv Review)

To get the Inductivv Bone-conduction headphones, the company advises that interested users should make their purchase from the Official Website of Inductivv. This decision is to ensure that intending customers get the original Audio device.

Due to the popularity of this device, thanks to its quality performance and positive reviews, some counterfeits may be circulating on online retail outlets and the company cannot guarantee its authenticity.

Links have been made available in this Inductivv Review, to direct intending customers to the secure order page of the official website.




Inductivv Price, Discounts, and Refund Policy

Inductivv is currently offering a Mother’s Day Sale. The implication is that anyone buying during this period can save up to 70% on discounts. Stocks are extremely limited according to the company and sell-out risk is high.

1 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphone ($59.99/each) 50% OFF – $59.99

2 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphones ($53.99/each) 55% OFF – $107.98

3 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphones ($47.99/each) 60% OFF – $143.98

4 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphones ($41.99/each) 65% OFF – $167.97

5 Inductivv Bone Induction Headphones ($35.99/each) 70% OFF – $179.97


RETURNS POLICY – 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your Inductivv – the company offers you a 30-days guarantee on all purchases.  Simply send the item(s) back to them for a full refund or replacement, less shipping & handling.

To be eligible for a return and full refund, your item must be in the same condition that you received it.  It must also be in the original packaging.

To return your product, you should mail your product to:

Inductivv Returns

2345 Vauxhall Rd

Union, NJ 07083

You will be responsible for paying for your shipping costs for returning your item.  Shipping costs are non-refundable. Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you may vary.

For more information, send an email to

Or call +1 833 708 9730





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Pros And Cons Of Inductivv Headphones (Inductivv Reviews)


They Are Helpful for People With Hearing Loss

If you suffer from hearing loss, bone conduction headphones can help you listen to sounds better because they bypass the external and middle ear. So, if your hearing problems are located in these regions, this design is very advantageous.

Useful for People Who Suffer From Tinnitus

Inductivv Bone-conduction headphones can be a lifesaver if you suffer from tinnitus. If you aren’t familiar with this affliction, tinnitus is a condition in which people hear a ringing in their ears.

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They Increase Your Situational Awareness

Like most people, you likely enjoy listening to your favorite songs or podcasts while you go on your daily walk or run. While doing this increases your enjoyment, it also increases your likelihood of getting into an accident if you are wearing traditional headphones. However, with bone conduction headphones, you’ll stay safe and sound since you’ll still be able to hear what’s going around you.

They Have an Incredibly Comfortable and Snug Fit

Do your ears always feel sore after wearing traditional headphones for too long? Or, maybe your padded headphones are too heavy, producing too much pressure on your ears?

With Inductivv bone conduction headphones, you’ll never have to deal with these difficulties again! Since they rest on your cheekbones, your ears and ear canals won’t be involved at all, saving you from all of that soreness and pain.

They Are Completely Wireless

Are you tired of spending time untangling your tangled-up headphone cords? If so, Inductivv bone conduction headphones are a great option since they are entirely wireless.

Simply put them on your head, and you are off and running! No “strings attached.”



They Don’t Cause Ear Infections or Ear-Wax Build-Up

Your current headphones are likely grosser than you think they are! Earbuds’ compact frames can hold quite a bit of dirt and bacteria. When you put these bacteria-laden contraptions in your ears, it can be incredibly harmful, leading to rashes, allergic reactions, and even ear infections.

However, with Inductivv bone conduction headphones, no part of the apparatus goes inside your ears, avoiding ear infections and gross ear wax build-up. These headphones will keep your ears healthier and cleaner than ever before!


A bit pricey

While these headphones are fantastic, they are also pretty new technology, meaning they aren’t very cheap compared to regular earphones. They tend to be pretty pricey but compared to the safety it guarantees for your hearing, it’s a fair price.

They Have To Be Charged Regularly

Like any wireless headphones, bone conduction headphones have to be charged regularly. While charging your headphones may be a slight annoyance, it’s less annoying than untangling your headphone’s wires when they are in a huge bundled mess!

People May Be Able To Hear What You Are Listening To

Since these headphones rest on your cheekbones instead of going inside of your ears, they generally aren’t entirely leakproof. Other people will be able to hear some sounds coming from your headphones, especially if they are close to you or you’re playing your audio very loud.

While passers-by generally won’t be able to make out the exact songs or podcasts you’re playing (unless you have your headphones on full blast), they will likely be able to hear some sound leaks.

Why Is Inductivv Headphone A Better Alternative?

Bone conduction headphones are an excellent choice for many people, but they aren’t for everyone.

If You Have Hearing Loss or Tinnitus

Bone conduction headphones are a fantastic invention for people who struggle with hearing loss or tinnitus; if you suffer from either of these affiliations, there are finally headphones available to accommodate you and your needs.

If You’re a Swimmer

If you are a regular swimmer, then bone conduction headphones may be an excellent option for you.

If You’re a Cyclist, Walker, or Runner

If you listen to music while you’re walking, running, or cycling outdoors, then these headphones are a must-have since they’ll make your outdoor activities so much safer. You’ll never miss the sound of a car, bike, or person headed your way again.

If You Enjoy Listening to Music at Work (or While Working From Home)

If you like to listen to music at work to help you get into your zone, then bone conduction headphones are perfect for you.

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Inductivv FAQs

How does Bone Induction Tech work?

Bone Induction Technology: It features bone induction technology that creates vibrations to transmit sound through the bones of your face (jawbones and cheekbones) directly to the inner ear. The wrap-around design makes it extremely lightweight, and flexible and provides a custom and secure fit.

Can I wear this with glasses?

Work with Glasses: Easy to wear when you are wearing glasses. Getting high-quality wireless headphones with great sound and a built-in microphone is a dream come true for any person who wears eyeglasses.

Can I wear this while working out?

Unmatched Comfort and Stability: The ergonomic design provides ultimate comfort and makes sure that it stays put, no matter what. Whether you are doing an intense workout, hiking, running, climbing, skating, driving, or more and USB-powered makes it perfect for every situation.

Is Inductivv Bluetooth compatible?

Bluetooth 5.0 Connection: Enjoy the hands-free experience. With up to 10m of range, you will never have to reach your device again and again. It effortlessly connects with smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices in no time.

Does this have noise reduction technology?

Crystal Clear Calls: Never let any disturbance come into your way again. With an advanced noise reduction microphone, it optimizes your call and reduces the background noise.

Can you pair multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can. You will have to re-discover which device you wish to use if all of your paired devices are on and within Bluetooth range, but it will keep it in memory.

Is this a size fits?

Yes, because it wraps around your neck more than your head. These will loop your ear and ride on the nape of your neck making them a comfortable fit for almost anyone.

Can this product be used with iPhone?

Yes, these can be used with virtually any Bluetooth-compatible device.

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Final Verdict – Inductivv Reviews

Inductivv is an innovative open ear and audio device primarily designed to bring comfort to the user while protecting the ear from the direct onslaught, especially for those who listen to music with very high volumes.

That said, though Inductivv Bone conduction headphone does not conduct sound like regular earphones, they may cause damage to other structures in the ear if the user is not disciplined enough to use them at moderate volume.

It has other great benefits highlighted in the review such as situation awareness which has become a good selling point for Inductivv.

If Inductivv specifications, features, and benefits appeal to you and you will like to try it out, links have been made available all through this review to take you to the secure order page of the official website.