Aira Cooler Reviews: Don’t Spend a DIME Till You Read This Air Cooler Report


Summers can be a terrific time to go out and have fun, but if one is stuck at home, they are going to feel awful if they don’t have a good air conditioner. Aira Cooler is a revolutionary portable air conditioner that promises to improve life. Read this review to learn more about why this is such a great product.

What Exactly Is Aira Cooler?

The Aira Cooler is a portable air conditioner promoted as a low-cost solution to summer heat and poor air quality.

This is a little, quiet appliance that may be utilized in any part of the house. It is useful for cooling small to medium-sized rooms as well as humidifying the air. It runs on water and has a rather efficient filter.

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How Does It Work?

This device may simply take the place of a standard air conditioner. Furthermore, there is no need for a specialist to set it up, which affects how much people will end up paying for it. After people install it, charge it, and fill it with water, all they have to do is program how cold they want it to be. Most people will place Aira Cooler on the floor or over a desk, but it can also be hung.

The filter can also protect people from dust and other pollutants in the air. The air quality will also improve significantly as a result of this. Simply change the filters every six months or so because they will become clogged with dust and unclean.

Technical Specifications

  • Plug interface: Micro USB
  • USB Humidifying Spray Desktop Cooling in 6 Colors
  • Colors of the Aira Cooler: white, green and pink
  • Rated power: 3W
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Input current: 1A
  • Material: Electronic components + ABS

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  • It instantly cools down the ambient temperature.
  • It’s highly portable.
  • The air in the room won’t be dry because it’s also a humidifier.
  • It can improve the quality of the air.
  • It doesn’t use a lot of electricity.
  • It will not cool the environment as well as a traditional air conditioner.
  • It will not operate as well in large rooms.

Main Advantages of the Aira Cooler

The Aira AC has a lot of great features. The Aira Cooler is a compact, light, portable device that will blow the mind. The following are the major features that we mentioned in our Aira cooler review:

Adds moisture to dry air in order to humidify it: During the summer, the air is constantly dried out, losing moisture and freshness. A lack of humidity in the air causes chapped lips, nosebleeds, coughs, and snoring, among other respiratory ailments.

However, with the Aira Portable Air Cooler, the air in the house will no longer be dry. The air will be moist, allowing for a regular intake of fresh air.

Operation is simple: The Aira Cooler’s ease of use is one of its best features. The Aira Cooler is an easy-to-use gadget with simple controls. It is created in the most basic of ways and operates in the most basic of ways. There will be no complications or annoyances.

Portable: Previously, air conditioners were large and cumbersome, taking up a lot of space and making mobility difficult. The Aira Portable Air Cooler, on the other hand, is a slim, light, and sensitive gadget. It is easy to transport. It is unrivaled in terms of portability and durability. It can be kept in any room of the house or transported with people to work.

There are no enmeshed cables: The device includes a simple power cord that does not knot. Fill it with water, install the filter (which should be replaced every 6-8 months), and turn it on after plugging it in.

Noiseless: There is no unwanted noise because the Aira Cooler runs quietly. This cooler is noiseless, thus not interfering with sleep or concentration. People won’t even notice it’s on while it’s running. As a result, it’s great for sleeping, reading, or doing focused work without interruptions.

Easy to Setup: It is simple to install. It’s simple to set up and only takes a few minutes. All people have to do is fill the tank with water, wet the filter, and insert the plug into a power socket. One will be enjoying icy-cold air from the Aira Cooler in thirty seconds.

There are three different fan speeds: Blasting a lot of cool air on not-so-hot days is a waste of electricity (and, therefore, money). As a result, this energy-efficient personal air conditioner features three fan speeds to help people save money in the long run. The three fan speeds accessible are Breeze, Cool, and Chill Mode, and people can select any of them depending on the current cooling needs. According to some Aira Cooler reviews, customers can have their Aira AC personalized.

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Travel-friendly: Because it is lightweight, portable, and compact, this air conditioner is ideal for travel. This ensures that regardless of the circumstances surrounding where one is heading, one will always be cool and won’t have to be uncomfortable due to any barriers. This versatile air cooler will accompany people wherever they go, regardless of how frequently they need to change locations.

Moderate Price: Many of Aira cooler’s competitors are much more expensive, but this gadget is reasonably priced. It also saves people a substantial amount of money on their energy bills. It is reasonably priced and may be obtained on the product’s website.

Mood Lighting: This cooler includes a built-in mood light that can be tuned to one of seven different colors. People can choose between a single color and a color cycle mode. The light can also be turned off by pressing a button. When people need some closeness or just want to sleep, this mood lighting sets the tone.

How do I use the Aira Cooler?

The Aira Cooler combines three cooling properties in a tiny package. The air conditioner uses evaporative cooling to cool the room from heated to cool. The three cooling features are as follows:

Evaporative cooling is used to keep the water tank cold. To fill the water tank, pour cooled water into the top of the Aira Cooler. Water will begin to evaporate from the gadget to keep people cool.

Water Filter: The water filter is replaceable and effective, allowing moisture to evaporate, heat to be eliminated, and provide cool air. The water filter is to be soaked in water to cool it down. Evaporation removes heat from the atmosphere, resulting in cold air.

Misting device: The gadget includes a misting device, which aids in its efficient cooling. It comes with a misting mechanism that sprays a cool, relaxing mist that can help with dry skin and congestion.

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Precautions to Take When Using The Aira Air Cooler

Here are some safety considerations to take when using the Aira Cooler:

  • Keep youngsters and dogs a safe distance apart.
  • Keep the cooler from possible fire sources.
  • Check that one is using the proper adaptor, USB cord, and voltage.
  • Clean the device on a regular basis.
  • Don’t put anything heavy in any of the inputs or outputs while the Aira cooler is turned on.
  • If there is an issue with the request, please contact the customer support team as soon as possible.

Aira Cooler Pricing, a well-known e-retailer for tech devices, is currently offering a discount on the Aira Cooler.

Take a look at the official prices:

  • One unit costs $69.99.
  • $125.98 for two units
  • $244.97 for 5 units (best price).

The product comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee that ensures buyers will receive their money back if they don’t enjoy the product, no questions asked.

If buyers desire to return or cancel the purchase, please tell by sending an email to

Policy on Returns

The user will have fourteen calendar days from the date of receipt to determine whether or not to return the product without penalty or expense, except for the cost of return shipping and without the requirement for justification. Unless people have specified differently, the maker will refund the amount of the product using the same payment method used by them at the time of purchase. To return the product, it must not have been used and its original seal or package must be intact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a lot of noise from the Aira Coolers?

The Aira Portable Air Coolers are extremely quiet.

Is it required that I clean or service the unit on a regular basis?

Wipe off the outside as needed with a soft, wet cloth. For maximum performance, the filter should be replaced every 3-6 months. When not in use, remove the filter and allow both the filter and the device to thoroughly dry before storing.

Is it true that the Aira Coolers use a lot of electricity?

No, the Aira Coolers are extremely energy efficient.

Is it possible to buy Aira Cooler from a store?

The Aira Cooler is only available online and in limited quantities.

How should the Aira cooler be set up?

It’s easy to set up; all people need to do is plug it in. Every cooler comes with an easy-to-understand user manual that includes care instructions.

What is the maximum number of individuals who should be able to utilize the Aira Cooler?

We advocate locating a single unit near each individual’s location of employment or enjoyment.

Where should Aira Cooler be ideally placed?

We recommend positioning the device near an open window on a flat surface for maximum effectiveness.

When should I change my filter?

It is advised that the filter be replaced every 3 – 6 months, depending on usage. Extra filters can be found on the official website.

How should I keep my Aira Cooler?

If people are not going to be using the personal cooler for an extended length of time, please drain the water tank and allow the unit and filter to dry before storage.

Conclusion: Aira Cooler

Summer is almost here, and Aira Cooler can be a low-cost answer to having a great time during the season. It’s simple to use and transport, and it rapidly reduces the temperature.