Contours RX Lids Reviews: Do Not Buy Contours Rx Lids By Design Untill You Read This!

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Contours RX Lids Reviews

Men and women alike face concerns with beauty and how they look and appear when they take a good look at themselves in the mirror or step outside for an occasion or even want to go on that beautiful first time date with a friend. The instant care of oneself begins with that consciousness we assume right from our years growing up as a child and progresses even to the point where we get old. Sometimes we don’t think they should bother but for some people, it is really a huge bother when we don’t entirely look just the way we want to and even better.

The nature to which we completely care for ourselves goes down to the roots of our existence as human beings and even serves as a pointer to the kind of value we place on our bodies and that of the people around us. We love to dress neatly with well ironed clothes, good looking shoes, a wonderfully made hair accompanied by whatever other beautiful accessories we wish to wear like our designer bags or brand named ear-rings and necklaces.

For women, this beauty extends even in more diverse manners than we think and sometimes matter even more. A lot of care isn’t just given to the bodily appearance but over and above, the face, its contours, outline and texture. This gives way to the use of makeup or application of light foundation, eye shadows, external eyelashes and many more. And on some occasions, the idea and need to appear beautiful extends to getting surgeons to do the work and make the changes we are unable to make ourselves and with these different products.

But as some people will agree, our face carries 60% of our beauty, hence why it’s the most cherished part of the body. Beyond all that we do to make changes to the face with the makeup and more, special attention is usually given to the eyes which account for a good portion of the beauty that comes from the face. Despite the ageing process we all undergo as human beings and the formation of wrinkles and other gyros the process comes with, we find a way to still look young and maintain that beauty.

Sometimes, it doesn’t come that easy and not everything makes the necessary difference we need. We get old and with the weakening of the different parts of our bodies, we also develop hanging or droopy eyes, a case where the upper part of our eyelids start to fall over our eyes. This starts to give our face a different appearance but not to worry, here’s where CONTOURS RX LIDS BY DESIGN comes and maybe after all other trials have not worked.

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CONTOURS RX LIDS BY DESIGN are very easy to use, safe and efficient pieces of corrective strips applied to hanging and droopy eyes or eyelids medically called ptosis or upside down ptosis. They serve to uplift the eyelids and restore them back to their original look responsible for the beauty we once had or were born with. They are also non-invasive, super thin and transparent which makes them really hard to notice when they are being used.

They are packaged with 80 corrective strips within smooth, sleek, compact and friendly packs when picked up and are capable of lasting for over a month, though they cannot be reused. They come with some extra strips used as a tester and practice kit and also within the package are a pair of tweezers which help the user apply the corrective strips and place them correctly within the eye frame and provide you with that wonderful instant result.

They also come with organic-based adhesives on both sides of the lids. You do not have to worry about getting or applying synthetic adhesives and whatever effects they may come with. The lids are completely stuck to the eyes and do not suddenly fall off even with motion or rigorous action. The organic nature of the adhesives gives them the ability to be disposed by the body without distorting your eyes

CONTOUR RX LIDS BY DESIGN is also hypoallergenic unlike other pieces of material used with the eyes. Some other cheaper ones cause reactions with the substances they are made up of. They can either cause excessive scratching or itching of the eye or they make the user cry or produce more tears than usual. CONTOUR RX LIDS BY DESIGN bypasses all that owing to the little reactive ability of the material used and serves to just restore your eyes to whatever state it was before.

All these qualities serve to make sure that in the process of restoring the beauty of men and women alike, especially to their eyes and faces, this happens with little to no complaint and utmost care for the eye even as a delicate structure of the body. This also allows for continuous usage with almost non-existent risks to the body. CONTOUR RX LIDS is the effective and easy to use solution you have been looking for, best suited for most eyes with particular note to the 5mm type. Although some eyes are generally bigger than others and may need higher corrective strips, those of 5mm serve the greater population of people.

CONTOURS RX LIDS BY DESIGN is a revolutionary beauty design like none other and with a lot more qualities this review will explore in detail. Keep reading

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The CONTOUR RX LIDS BY DESIGN bear a lot of features and qualities that make them sought after and one of the best out there.

  1. REVOLUTIONARY QUALITY: These lids are made very differently from any other and provide proper user-friendly and quality feeling for the user. They are very comfortable and easy to use without interference and worries from its usage. This feature allows it to be used by any and everyone irrespective of experience though it would be good to practise with the test pieces to allow for the best utilisation per specific user.
  2. YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE: It’s one thing to look beautiful and it’s another to do so while presenting a young look when you take a step outside. With it comes a lot of wonderful and self-uplifting compliments and even at times flattery. This is just the corrective strip you need when you want to go on that lovely date with that very attractive man or woman or step outside in grand-style for that big sized occasion you want to see with a jaw-dropping reaction just as you step in.
  3. THIN AND TRANSPARENT: These corrective strips are very thin and transparent so not only do they restore that beautiful face but also do so without being noticed or causing that obstructive feeling. Somehow you may not even remember that you have something up in your eye and you get caught on with not just looking beautiful but staying that way and really effortlessly.
  4. INSTANT CHANGE: The CONTOUR RX LIDS BY DESIGN comes with instant change which occurs just the moment you put it on. You don’t have to apply it and wait for minutes or hours before the result presents itself. The change is as instant as it comes and remains constant as long as it stays on. So even if you happen to wear them while in a hurry to work or that special event, be rest assured that you would appear as beautiful as you want to be whenever you want to take a pause and admire yourself in the mirror, of course with the compliments already coming in.
  5. SAFE AND EFFICIENT: These pieces of lids are not only easy to use but safe in its application with no associated injury whatsoever. They also do not present with injuries when impacted upon due to their ability to stay in their position with the adhesive used. This also allows for its efficient use provided by its ability to remain steady in serving its purpose at all times irrespective of time and place.
  6. CHEAP: What more can be asked for with the CONTOUR RX LIDS BY DESIGN which are able to serve all these beautiful qualities and are presentable at really affordable prices for people that seek to use them. Its affordable nature also makes them highly sought after and still provides just the quality needed by its users in a very friendly and efficient manner.

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The CONTOUR RX LIDS are pretty easy-to-use corrective pieces providing little to no issues though they need to be practised to accurately fit them, especially for first times. But this process doesn’t take time and it doesn’t require some very specific technical know-how to become a pro at wearing the CONTOUR RX LIDS. Here are the following steps one should take while applying them;

  1. Before you apply the corrective strips, ensure that your eyes are very clean and without extra pieces of materials like makeup, creams, oils and moisturisers or dirt. This can be done with any clean piece of material that would not bring any contamination to the eye but whatever you do, make sure that they are completely dry and safe for use with the CONTOUR RX LIDS.
  2. Then you have to identify a perfect part of your eye for which you can apply the tapes which come with the package. This is done by looking for the folding or crease lines present on your eyelids. When this is done, raise your eyebrows so that you are able to pull up any extra skin that may serve as an interference to the application of the corrective strips.
  3. Alternatively you can close your eyes and pinch the edges of your upper and lower eyelids gently to expose the folding line. This serves a great help to people who already have lined eyelids and find it difficult to identify which crease is correct for placing the strips.
  4. Next, you have to make a personal choice, according to which one you are best comfortable with, either using your fingers or the packaged pair of tweezers. Whichever it is, carefully take a patch and place it on the already identified fold of your eyelid. Then gently twist the tweezers to separate it from the strip and slowly take the tweezers away from your eyes.
  5. Finally, to ensure that the strips stay in its place, hold it down for some time to make sure that it adheres to your skin well enough. After that’s done, the tape will no longer be visible and assume its super thin and transparent nature. If you please, you can still apply light makeup to make it even less visible.

Click here to purchase Contours Rx Lids directly from the official website



  1. Cheap and affordable for use
  2. Provide instant results without prolonged waiting.
  3. Possesses little to no reaction to the eye.
  4. Safe and non-irritating to the eye
  5. Efficient to use
  6. Super-thin and transparent



  1. Requires some level of practice to get acquainted to its usage
  2. It cannot be reduced and therefore would need to be replaced
  3. Not suitable for continuous use as they lose their stickiness and transparency after sustained handling.


The CONTOUR RX LIDS BY DESIGN are available online only at the official website of the manufacturer. It is much better to derive every piece of information concerning its prices, offers and any additional information from the website at no distribution cost, which tends to increase the prices most times.

Payments can be made via credit or debit card and PayPal. The information provided on the website will be kept highly confidential and not exposed to any third party users.


Here are the various prices at 35% discount by the manufacturer depending on the quantity you wish to purchase;

1 box costs $31.95 with shipping and handling

2 boxes costs $30 per box with free shipping and handling in the United States

3 boxes costs $26 per box with free shipping and handling in the United States


“This is the best eyelid correcting strip I have ever used and I have tried many different products that do not compare. It is thin, easy to apply, transparent and stays hidden naturally. They feel breathable on my eyelids. It’s so comfortable that I forget it’s even there. My only minor complaint for the vendor is to please add more sheets inside the box. No need for the plastic tweezers, I use the metal ones for precise placement. I use these daily and almost out of them, so please consider adding more sheets or have the option to sell in larger quantities. Thank you for this amazing product”

CHR, United States

“I am very sceptical about purchasing these types of products online, so I could not wait to try it. WOW!!! I literally look like I got an eyelid lift. I love it! I like how it is transparent to your eyelid and you can’t really tell It’s there unless you look really closely. You can feel it on your eyelid but it’s not bad at all. I do have an oily face so it feels a little sticky but nothing bad. Maybe using a concealer before applying it will be better. So far, all I can say is, WOW!!! It absolutely changed my look. Love it!!!”

Sandra Judith Guzman, United States

“I just tried these. I was anxious to receive just to see if they work. They do! They lasted all day, and I almost forgot I had them on at bedtime. You can’t see them; they seem to vanish after you rub them in place. You will need to take a pair and practice before you decide to wear them. One eye was a piece of cake but the other took a few times to get placed right. You can pull it off and replace it and it will still stay on all day. I’m sharing my first ones with my sister so she can try them too. 80 in a box is a good buy. I don’t go out every day either. I’m sure you could save a pair and get 2 days out of them if needed.”

Irma Schneider, United States

“Works Great!! My wife loves these, she likes the variety of sizes. She had eye surgery years ago as her drooping eyelids were impacting her vision. She likes the various sizes which are very helpful to determine which works the best. They stay put all day, are invisible and easy to remove. The different sizes allow you to try which size works for you, which is not an option available with other strips.

GRB1, United States

“Wow, these are great even for a 63-year-old male with heavy hooded eyelids with heavy hooded eyelids. I wear contact lens and the hooding adds weight to my eyelashes making my eyes appear to be slightly closed and impacts my vision. I purchased the 8mm strips and after reading the directions gave it a shot this morning. I did not take a before or after picture and I’m a little too self-conscious to post if I had. The results are amazing. I am shocked how easy it was to apply. I don’t think you need to be too precise with the placement when you have heavy hooding.

Russell Moore, United States



CONTOUR RX LIDS BY DESIGN are very safe and efficient pieces of corrective stripes with designs patented by expert medical personnel which are hypoallergenic and latex free thereby producing no irritation to the eye whatsoever. They are produced in the United States with the best quality materials which are tested in different laboratories and guaranteed to be safe for use within the eyes.

How long can you wear the CONTOUR RX LIDS?

They can be applied to the eye for as long as 24 hours, especially when applied to a clean and non-contaminated eye.

How many strips does CONTOUR RX LIDS come with?

Inside a pack are 80 corrective strips that come with a pair of tweezers and a travel case, thereby making it easy to use.

Can CONTOUR RX LIDS be worn with contact lenses?

Very much. They can be used with contact lenses as they are made with hypoallergenic and non-irritating materials. The adhesive strips leave no stain or residue on the skin or lens and leaves whatever surface it touches completely clean.


The CONTOUR RX LIDS BY DESIGN are safe, efficient and easy to use pieces of corrective strips which are very much different from other cheaper ones. They serve very useful purposes with uplifting droopy or hanging eyelids to ensure and restore the eyes of your beautiful face to just the way you need it.

Click here to purchase Contours Rx Lids directly from the official website

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