5 Things to Do Before Using Storage Services in Dubai

Storage services play an important role in keeping your stuff secured for a variable time as per your requirement. There are many providers of Storage Company in UAE, and not all of them meet the standard of safety and security. Hence, it would be best to take a few measures after trusting any company with your important items in Dubai.

Let us look at what you need to do before putting your things in any storage unit.

1.  Decide the Time

When you are using any Storage in Dubai, it is essential to jot down a few crucial points according to your needs, of which one of the aspects is the duration of storage. Since this parameter varies from person to person, companies have varied packages to tackle it.

Hence, evaluate whether you need to keep your items safe for a short time or is it for the long term. This approach will be beneficial in determining a perfect pricing strategy that fits your requirements so you would not end up paying some extra bucks.

2.  Select the Unit

The second step to choosing a perfectly suitable storage service in Dubai is to select the right unit, as many such boxes are available that serve different purposes. For example, if you carry a small amount of stuff to be stored, then a tiny storage unit would do the job.

However, you must choose an open storage unit to ensure that products are stored properly to avoid damage to multiple heavy and large items. Again, it is important to know your needs before choosing the proper storage unit.

3.  Do Proper Packing of Items

The proper packaging of storable items is important as you won’t be aware beforehand of any unfavorable conditions approaching the unit, like climatic changes or any negligence on the part of the service provider.

Hence you must pack each item in carton boxes, specifically the glassware, which is more prone to breaking when receiving pressure from other packages. Furthermore, you should completely eradicate the presence of water to prevent damage to the credibility of the packaging.

4.  Check for Security Measures

Although security concerns like insurance policies are necessary for companies providing storage services in Dubai, it is advisable to be extra careful. You can ensure the extra safety of your products by opting for a self-storage service rather than going for cheaper but a bit more risky open or mobile storage units.

Besides, never trust your stuff with a company with no insurance policy indulged in their legal documents. The company will not be responsible for compensating for any damage to your valuable items.

5.  Label your Stuff

When placing several items in the storage unit, you must put a label on each to avoid problems in their identification afterward. Most people tend to forget where they placed which item, which might confuse them, especially when items come in similar cartons with no other identifying mark.

Hence it does not matter what items you are storing in the unit, do not forget to place a visible label on them.


When using the storage services in Dubai, you must be careful of a few things to ensure the proper depot and security of your valuable items. Many service providers in Dubai extend their assistance to you, but you also hold some responsibility before trusting them.