Octomoves Rope Review: Please Don’t Buy Octomoves Rope Until You Read This!

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Are you tired of your current exercise regime?

Do you want to move your body in a new way?

Octomoves is a brand producing a series of ropes with the belief that a rope flow revolution is coming. In a bid to make exercise fun, Octomoves has four ropes developed with special features to target specific goals.

Let’s talk about rope flow.

Rope flow combines body movement and mind focus to develop rhythm, strength and coordination. The movement not only uses your upper arms and shoulders but targets the entire body through a range of motions.

The brain is challenged to support the synced movement of each side of the body, moving in time to create a flow of energy. The mental focus involved produces a ‘flow state’, essentially landing you ‘in the zone’.

It’s thought that just 5 minutes a day of rope flow brings noticeable physical and mental benefits.

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Octomoves review

Octomoves is the rope brand that has taken the fitness industry by storm. Through the practice of rope flow, Octomoves promotes the range of benefits that introducing this niche exercise to your lifestyle brings.

Handcrafted in Europe, Octomoves was founded by a fitness trainer, movement instructor and surf coach Rokas Bakstys. The ropes increase balance, flexibility and coordination with free training modules provided to help you navigate the discipline.

The brand promotes itself as a fun way to train while improving mobility, joint health, brain function and reducing mental tension through the flow state. The flow state is a positive psychological mindset where you become wholly immersed in an experience. It brings energy, intense focus and involvement to the activity at hand.


✅ Handcrafted in Europe with attention to detail

✅ Provides free training modules accessible via the Octomoves website and Youtube

✅ Further training courses at a reasonable price

✅ Different rope characteristics

✅ 4 ropes to choose from for different levels

✅ A fun way to exercise


❌ Pricey, but still high value for money

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Why choose Octomoves?

It’s understandable that you might think a homemade rope could give the same benefits as the OctoRope. While you may be able to develop similar moves, actions and coordination, you simply won’t get the major benefits that Octomoves supplies.

OctoRopes are ultimately superior to ropes. Crafted from dedication, passion and great attention to detail, these ropes are the highest quality, the heaviest and the most sustainable. They are designed for use on a range of surfaces, so won’t become damaged or worn when used on rough surfaces like concrete, but still will last for quite a while.

The one-size-fits-all design means that you can adjust the rope to the perfect fit for you by simply tying knots to shorten it. All ropes are 9ft (270cm) in length. Adjusting the length allows you to learn different tips, tricks and methods.

The one size length encourages you to play around with it, adjusting the length to learn new tricks and movements, as well as progressing from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced.

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4 main features of Octomoves

#1 Handcrafted in Europe

A major feature of Octomoves is that the ropes are manufactured and built by hand in Europe. Extensive detail is considered with each rope to ensure the greatest possible quality.

Ropes are durable, designed for purpose, and made with custom materials so that they may be knotted with ease.

#2 Rope characteristics

The characteristics of each rope type are categorized by:

  • Weight
  • Braid
  • Thickness
  • Aerodynamics
  • Orbital force

These specifics help you to determine which rope you need, based on your own personal goals.

The Phoenix and the Black Swan V2 weigh 480g and are the heaviest ropes available. Both are made with a soft double braid to create intensity with each move. As the heavier options, these are recommended for more advanced individuals and athletes for use in everyday training.

For a lighter rope, the Flowzilla weighs 450g and the Funky Zen 330g. In comparison, these ropes are designed with a tighter braid for faster movement through the air. The two are ideal for beginners or those just getting back into rope flow.

Introductory level ropes are vital in welcoming you to rope flow with a certain ease, while still maintaining incredibly good fitness benefits.

#3 One size fits all

The fact that OctoRopes are one size fits all is ideal. All Octoropes are 9ft in length (270cm) and can be tied in knots to match and challenge the practice. In playing with knots, you can learn different skills without buying a shorter or longer rope every time you fancy a challenge.

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How does Octomoves work?

Octomoves supplies ropes for training purposes that lead to a number of health benefits from the first use.

Firstly, the rope forces the shoulders to use a full range of motion, from flexion, extension, internal and external rotation. In working the shoulders this way, many have found a reduction in both shoulder and lower back pain.

For instance, in performing the figure 8 movement with the ropes, the hips open and the movement releases tension in the back caused by bad posture. It also wakes up the glutes and the core, resulting in a whole body movement.

Successful rope flow requires a good sense of coordination. Each side of the body must work in sync to gain rhythm. This challenges your mind throughout, allowing you to leave other thoughts behind and focus purely on the rope.

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Getting started with Octomoves

The first step to getting started with Octomoves is to choose your rope. There are four types available:

To help kickstart the process, Octomoves has a 60-second series of questions to help determine the rope you should opt for. The quiz begins by establishing whether you have rope flowed before.

It continues with questions about your primary fitness goal, your values when it comes to the rope (expense, best experience etc.) and your preferred method of practice.

Your personal results are generated, linking to a page that identifies the ‘perfect match’ flow rope for you, based on the information given.

Just click and you’ll be directed to a page all about that particular rope including its main benefits, reviews from verified customers, and further useful information to help you make an informed choice.

If you’ve made a mistake or want to change your data, you can retake the quiz as many times as you like.

Once you’ve reached a decision, keep an eye out for discount codes. Octomoves currently offers several limited time discounts online.

Upon your ropes arrival, you can access the free training modules to get started on your journey. The system explains what to do, how to use them and movements to begin to master.

With regular usage, you’ll master the movements in no time. The time it takes exactly varies from person to person. Those that take to it quite quickly may be able to get a hang of the patterns within hours. For others, it could be a matter of days or weeks.

This isn’t to say that the ropes aren’t suited to you. In actual fact, as Octomoves recognises, the longer time spent learning the practice, the more your brain is engaging in the activity. The mental exercise is just as strong as the physical side of things.

Octomoves personally recommends that you follow these steps to get started:

  • Name your rope to create a communication
  • Make it official by taking to social media to document your goals
  • Adjust your rope for the perfect fit
  • Practice, practice, practice

Plenty of Youtube videos can be accessed for support by Rokas himself, demonstrating the cardinal laws. You’ll begin by fostering an understanding of the practice and developing an awareness of your surroundings.

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Octomoves vs alternatives

As rope flow has hit the fitness industry with force, there are several brands worldwide providing the ropes for this practice.

To give you an idea of what’s out there, the table below shows comparisons between Octomoves and alternative ropes available from UK brand Way of the Rope and US brand WeckMethod.

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The winning aspect of Octomoves compared with Way of the Rope is the free training modules which are available to everyone. You’re able to kickstart a routine with your new ropes immediately after learning the basics from the videos.

WeckMethod provides a variation of training products, only offering one rope. With Octomoves, the attention is completely focused on rope training. The range of ropes available means you can explore different weights and progress as you gain skills.

Although slightly pricier, the cost of Octoropes balances out with the free training, free shipping, and the driving passion behind the brand. With the hand manufacturing and the special material of the rope, you know you’re going to get a good quality product.

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Shipping & returns policy

  • Free UPS shipping is offered in Europe on all orders
  • €9 for UPS shipping on international orders up to €135
  • Free UPS shipping worldwide for orders over €135

Delivery time generally takes between 2 and 5 days once your flow rope has shipped.

Octomoves offers a 30-day return policy for all orders excluding sale items. The policy can be found on the website and states that any items which were purchased more than 30 days ago are not eligible for a refund or exchange.

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How we tested Octomoves

To reach a genuine verdict, we took into account the major aspects of flow ropes and how Octomoves delivers these essential features.


Octomoves wasn’t developed by just anyone, but a professional in the field of fitness with career experience as a personal trainer, movement coach and surf coach.


All Octomoves ropes are handcrafted in Europe using materials of the highest quality that not only look good but feel good to the touch.


The ropes all come in one size. This is ideal for those who want to customize the length of rope to explore different methods. The ropes can simply be knotted to the desired length, so there’s no need to spend money on multiple ropes. You can stick to one!


The Black Swan V2 is made from a unique naval rope weighing almost half a kilo. This is the heaviest of its kind on the modern market, ensuring your body works at the maximum level. The Flowzilla and Funky Zen ropes are lower in weight, at 450g and 300g for a light and medium force.


Investing in a durable rope is key to getting the most out of your new practice. You want to be able to practice as often as you like, without worrying about wear and tear. The weight and material quality of Octoropes ensure maximum durability.

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What is rope flow?

Rope flow is an excellent mobility exercise. It requires the entire body as well as the mind to move in particular patterns with the ropes. There are many health benefits to the practice of rope flow.

How long does it take to learn rope flow?

The time taken to learn rope flow is different for each person. The process is unique and depends on body strength, mental focus and coordination. Some may get a grasp of it in hours, while others might take much longer to learn.

What happens after I’ve learned all patterns?

After mastering all patterns, you can develop your own practice. There is always room for improvement and the potential to learn new tricks. You can also purchase an advanced course to continue your training.

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Our verdict

After reviewing Octomoves ourselves, we’ve reached a positive verdict. Based on the major considerations factored into this review, we think using Octomoves is highly beneficial to the brain, body and overall mental wellness.

Exercise can be repetitive, downright unenjoyable and easily tiresome when doing the same old routine. If you’re looking for a new challenge, rope flow could be just the thing to get you excited about exercising again.

The significant impact to our mobility and fitness levels plus the complete immersion into the flow state is a gamechanger. Committing to that focus will free your mind of negative thoughts, stress and feelings of anxiety. This is perhaps the most persuasive benefit of all for us, and the key reason to learn this discipline.

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