Is SEO still Necessary?


Search engine optimization SEO has always been around. This is a loosely used term that literally means to improve your search engine rankings by Google and make your website stand out in the search engines. Everyone wants their website to rank high in search engines, but is SEO still a tool to get them there?

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SEO background

Over the years, webmasters have seen that if they improve their websites, they will see better results in search engines. By the way, Google was not born. The major search engines were Altavista, InfoSeek, Snap, Lycos, Excite, Hotbot, Luxmart, Ask Jeeves and many more. 30 were good. Now a handful are popular and one is really good (Google). Webmasters (before the existence of internet marketing companies) saw that if they give more and more to the search engines to promote the optimization signals, they get even better ranking results.

Is SEO still important?

So if you are still associated with the wrong SEO / internet marketing company, chances are you are throwing your money away or worse, hurting yourself in the process.

That being said, Google is definitely still looking for websites that are search engine optimized with their content and source code, including page titles, header tags, and more. URLs included. These are the signs that are found on your website. Where there has been recent abuse, these are external signs that are found not only on your website but throughout the Internet.

SEO – The big picture

The right way to look at today is to take a broader picture of Internet marketing as a whole. SEO is just one tool in a real marketing company’s toolbelt. Content marketing has become mainstream, although it is a term many people are still unfamiliar with. The idea is to create more valuable content that keeps readers engaged with your website. Longer visits from your readers, lower bounce rates, more page views. These are all signs that Google is searching for that are often overlooked. A good SEO strategy should include content, marketing, conversion goals and other metrics so that ultimately the website owner gets more leads.

Your style

Since SEO is a loose-use term, some internet marketing companies may still call it SEO because that’s what business owners are demanding. But strategies should be more content based and the principles used should cover more of the Internet marketing labels.

Is SEO still relevant?

SEO matters, and strategy matters more than ever. This is an essential component of successful digital marketing efforts, and it can be the difference between attracting a lot of website traffic and getting lost among billions of other sites on the Internet.


SEO is changing rapidly – and it can be difficult to keep up with all the trends and updates. But one thing is for sure: search engines will continue to reward high-quality content, and you need SEO agency to make sure your audience sees the content. This answers the question “Is SEO still relevant”

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