Choosing the forest wallpapers for different rooms and condos

The tree wallpaper is a fresh escape from commonness – let’s see how we can use them

In the age of global urbanization, it is understandable and natural for a person to be attracted to nature. To great delight, forest wallpaper, click here, seems to bring the sun and a fresh stream of wind into the apartment, giving positive emotions to everyone in the room. Indeed, forest wall murals, or even more specific tree mural wallpaper, are considered universal by interior designers.


Consequently, forest mural wallpapers can be chosen for any apartment design style, for any room, regardless of its purpose. However, you still have to make a conscious choice – if you stick the first ones that come across on the wall, the poorly chosen forest wall murals can break the harmony and spoil the room’s appearance. Therefore, the choice of forest scene wallpapers must be approached thoughtfully.

Choosing the style and color


Speaking about the universality of the wallpaper: the forest theme is universal, but that does not mean at all that when choosing wall murals with trees, it is not necessary to take into account the overall design of the room since the style of interior design, in any case, dictates its own rules.

Undoubtedly, tree wall murals depicting a pine forest or a birch grove will look ridiculous in an oriental-style interior. However, the Bamboo forest mural will look much more harmonious in this case.


Correspondingly, the rainforest depicted on the wallpaper will perfectly fit into the interior design in Art Nouveau style. Another example – for a classic style, you need a perspective that will create a path that goes into the distance – a forest of slender coniferous trees is precisely appropriate for this task, making the room visually more spacious.



The color scheme of wallpaper with forest motifs largely depends on the chosen plot. The autumn forest, especially if the deciduous trees dominate it, is full of bright colors like burgundy, gold, or yellow. Such wallpapers will adorn a room decorated in warm colors, especially if the designer prefers country style.


On the other hand, traditional forest colors are green (the color of foliage), brown (the color of tree trunks and branches), and blue (the color of the sky). Such a palette will fit into the color scheme of most rooms, decorated in beige and brown tones. However, for rooms where the furniture, walls, and curtains are made in cold shades, it is better to choose a wallpaper that depicts a forest in the fog or a winter forest embraced by snow.

For each room – its own approach

The choice of wallpaper must be made taking into account the room in which they are supposed to be used:

A living room

It is not surprising that most people pay special attention to the design of this room. A forest wall mural is a simple, spectacular, and relatively inexpensive way to give the living room a unique look, creating a wonderful atmosphere inside. You can glue the forest wallpaper on the wall by yourself, and they will serve for a long time while also helping to hide minor irregularities if there are any on the wall.

The choice of the wallpaper plot depends on the style of interior design, the color scheme of the room, and its area. If the room is pretty small, it makes sense to stick on one of the walls, for example, the wall opposing the front door, the “Road in the Forest” wallpaper: it will give the impression that the room ends further than it really is. For spacious rooms, wallpapers with macro elements are more suitable, where leaves, twigs, or needles are captured in close-up: they will create a warm cozy corner.

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It’s an excellent idea to wallpaper the living room with a picture of a tree standing alone or in a group of trees. Such plots are the best way to create the effect of presence. But for this, additional actions should also be taken. For example, installing wicker furniture at a short distance from the wall with forest wallpapers or placing a rug with a high green pile in front of this wall will help you to make a corner of nature visually as a part of the room. You can also do a magical 3D effect by taking a real birdhouse and attaching it to the tree depicted on the wallpaper.

The location of the wallpaper also matters. So, if wallpapers are behind the TV, it is best to choose a wallpaper with a hidden pattern so that it does not distract attention. The classic of the genre – the Birch Forest wallpaper – is perfect for this purpose.

A bedroom

Forest murals are usually glued behind the bed in the bedroom, although you can choose another wall. The choice of the plot will depend on what mood you want to create in the room. The riot of colors of the spring forest will help keep the feelings fresh. On the other side, the forest and the lake will provide tranquility and spiritual harmony. If the illustrator managed to capture swans on the surface of the water, then this will be a hint of the tenderness of feelings and fidelity of the spouses. Such wallpapers are also suitable for a young girl’s bedroom full of romantic dreams.

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A children’s room

Forest wallpapers for children are in demand, as they help to turn the kids’ room into a corner of wildlife or even create the impression that children are in a fairy forest. The rainforest is suitable, for example, for a young adventurer who dreams of traveling. The forest and the lake will perfectly fit into the interior of the nursery, where the young dreamer lives.

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Magic forest wallpapers are best suited for a kids’ room, but more specifically, the plot should be chosen, taking into account the gender and age of the child. Cartoon wallpapers are more suitable for toddlers’ rooms and teenagers. It is better to prefer nature in a fantasy style.

Utility rooms

You can stick forest wallpapers not only in living rooms but also in the kitchen and bathroom. The dining group is the kitchen’s ideal place to place forest wallpapers. A sunny forest will create a pleasant mood for breakfast and diners. Also, It is no less enjoyable to eat, “meeting” the dawn in the woods. The wall behind the bathtub is usually reserved for wallpaper in the bathroom. Again, the foggy forest will come in handy here.

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You can always find suitable wallpapers with forest motifs for any room in the apartment. Forest wallpapers, selected while considering the general style of the room’s design and colors, will fit harmoniously into the interior.

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