Tunisian Philanthropist Kamel Ghribi brings aid to jumpstart Tunisia’s economic recovery

Italian based Tunisian Financier Kamel Ghribi, President of GKSD Investment Holding and Vice President of the San Donato Group, met with the Tunisian Minister of Tourism, Mohamed Moez Belhassine in Milan to discuss opportunities for collaboration. The Minister was accompanied by the Tunisian Ambassador to Italy, Moez Sinoui,  the director of Agricultural Investment Agency Dr. Faouzi Ben Jdira, director of the Foreign Promotion Investment Agency Tunisia, Dr. Abdelbasset Ghanmi, general manager – Foreign Promotion Investment Agency Tunisia, and its Italian representative Bilel Dardouri.


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Philanthropist Ghribi has already been noted for his generosity towards his homeland, organizing a full “Leave no one behind” campaign last summer in favor of Tunisian hospitals, which were severely constrained by the Covid-19 pandemic. His commitment is relentless and he continues to lead the tightening diplomatic relations and commercial collaboration between Italy and Tunisia. During his meeting with the Tunisian delegation, Mr Ghribi stated “… the importance of streamlining bureaucratic procedures to avoid unnecessary complexities hampering and discouraging potential investors. The process for increasing FDI needs to become more dynamic and agile in order to become a role model of efficiency in the administrative sector.”


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The other topics touched upon various sectors in which to develop projects such as: tourism, health, infrastructure, education, agricultural production supply chain, that will boost Tunisia to achieve economic recovery and sustainable growth in the next twelve months to come.

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