Big Full Lash Reviews: Is it Worth? Check User Updates and Side Effects!


Big Full Lash Serum Reviews!

EYELASHES are the external hair grown over the edge of eyelids that protects the upper and lower eyelids. It covers the eye against debris, dust, and other pollutant factors affecting the eyes. These lashes are sensitive to being touched. Moreover, they also represent the beauty of eyes when they are thick, long, and luster, especially in women. Women started using eyelash extensions to improve their beauty.

But a natural is always good than something is worn externally. Hence, several eyelash conditioners exist in the market to increase the length and health of lashes. Though most of these products promise to include natural and organic ingredients to support the results, it might not be sure that there don’t exist any side effects. Fortunately, there comes the Big Full Lash advanced serum to enhance the natural health of eyelashes and make them grow long in a few days, as reported.

Product Name

Big Full Lash


EyeLash growth


Luxe Beauty Labs

Main ingredient

Biocapigen, Bhringraj oil and more.

Usage route

Eyelid liner


Apply to eyelids 1-2 times/day

Side effects

Not reported so far


$39.00/each (minimum)


60-day Refund Guarantee

Purchase access

Official Website Only.

Let’s get deep into this Big Full Lash Eye-lash Serum Reviews to uncover the facts and formula behind this formula.

What is Big Full Lash?

 Big Full Lash is an advanced eyelash conditioner and activator serum that helps make longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. The creator of this advanced formula is Zoey Carlson of Luxe Beauty Labs, who considers caring eyes the most important part of a beauty routine. She made this Big Full Lash serum a 30 second routine with 100% natural ingredients and formulation techniques.

The efficacy of this proprietary blend delivers vital nutrients and blood flow to the eyelids, improving natural nourishment. It thus supports the “ROOT REJUVENATION,” which offers thick, full, and strong eyelashes by keeping the follicles awake. The formula helps wake up the anagen phase of follicles for managing youthful-looking eyelashes. This Big Full Lash liquid serum is easy to use, and it feeds the follicles directly during each application with better absorption.

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Why Choosing Big Full Lash is a Smart Option?

Big Full Lash eyelash conditioner is made UNIQUE than other conditioners existing. The creator specifies the salient features of the Big Full Lash serum, ensuring the product’s legitimacy that produces the desired results safely.

  • Big Full Lash energizes and conditions the eyelash to improve the sparse eyelash.
  • The natural ingredients’ effects in the formula extend the follicle life and strengthen each lash.
  • The serum comprises 100% natural ingredients, including peptides, biotin, and folic acid.
  • Using it regularly helps reduce breakage, thinning, and falling out.
  • The foremost thing about this Big Full Lash (BFL) is it works within two weeks of its usage.
  • This BFL eyelash conditioner can be used both day and night, resulting in no irritation or burning sensation.

These are the Big Full Lash Ingredients Making It Effective to Use!

The Big Full Lash Eyelash Conditioner is claimed to be created with 100% natural ingredients researched and tested in the laboratory. The Big Full Lash ingredients are natural and organically sourced, which helps in availing the effortless results of the ROOT REJUVENATION method in a few days.

There are no chemicals, stimulants, or additives, making the serum highly efficient in providing safe results.

Capixyl: It is a biomimetic peptide that increases the follicles and makes the hair stick to them longer.

Trifolium Pratense flower is a red clover extract that helps promote healthy hair and natural growth. It also smoothens and adds volume to the hair and prevents shedding by maintaining healthy hair follicles.

Camellia Sinensis leaf is extracted from green tea, which improves eyelash follicles and keeps them fuller and longer. It also restores moisture and luster.

Bhringraj Oil is an Indian ayurvedic herbal extract that provides nutritional benefits and promotes hair growth and strength.

Biotynoyl Tripeptide-1: It helps fortify the eyelashes and makes them look fuller and darker without damage.

Biocapigen: It helps protect eyelashes against breakage, shedding, and thinning. It allows the user to find noticeable results in healthy eyelash growth.

Arginine: It is an essential amino acid that gives long-looking eyelashes. It improves capillaries and blood flow to the follicles, nourishing them for better growth.

Ginseng: It helps provide longer, thicker, and stronger eyelashes.

Stinging nettle: This extract soothes the hair follicles and prevents clogging, thus promoting fuller and longer eyelashes.

There are also extracts like:

Horsetail and seaweed to prevent eyelash breakage, Ginkgo biloba for strengthening it, and saw palmetto to calm the follicles and reduce inflammation.

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How Does the Big Full Lash Serum Work to Improve the Eyelashes? Why is BFL Effective than Other Eyelash Conditioners?

Several eyelash products are available in the market that belongs to pharmaceutical products, including prostaglandins, which result in side effects. While few are claimed to be natural, though they include peptides and natural extracts, there might not be the exact strength required to support the vital results. The formula’s strength results in its performance that entirely depends on the proportion and quantity of the ingredients.

Hence, the Big Full Lash ingredients are entirely natural that are active and efficient in providing synergistic effects to the users. The Big Full Lash formula in the serum delivers essential nutrients to the eyelash follicles and naturally promotes the growth of longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. The Big Full Lash conditions the lashes and improves the eyelids for better nourishment and rejuvenation in creating new hair.

It doesn’t even happen with expensive products, whereas the Big Full Lash Eyelash serum works as a worthwhile conditioner. It provides ultimate support to grow thick, long, and healthier lashes which improves the attraction of the eyes. Also, it is reported to be worked for thousands of women to enhance their eyelashes and positively influence their appearance.

Are the Big Full Lash Users Really Happy? What They Reveal at the User Reviews!

Thousands of women reported their exciting reviews after they started using this Big Full Lash eyelash serum. They have realized that this product delivers promising results with regular usage. Users also experience the incredible transformation from sparse and thin-looking eyelashes into healthy and thicker lashes within 30 days, as claimed by its creator.Screenshot 2022-04-09 141319

How Big is Full Lash Eyelash Conditioner Beneficial? 

  • It has the key to inducing root rejuvenation in users.
  • Provides thicker, longer, and stronger eyelashes.
  • Prevents damage, shedding, and breakage of lashes.
  • Optimizes eye attraction with natural herbs and nutrients.
  • It gets absorbed faster for quick delivery of desired results.
  • The serum works regardless of age or gender.
  • It prevents follicle damage and restores rejuvenation with improved blood flow.
  • There are no harsh chemicals or Big Full Lash side effects.
  • It supports the body’s natural process.


  • Big Full Lash Eyelash Conditioner is found only on its official website for purchase and not anywhere else.
  • The results may vary with individuals based on their body characteristics.
  • People with skin issues or allergies to any ingredients must seek a medical opinion before using it.

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Where to buy Big Full Lash Serum? This question is common to arise in the mind of interested customers. For them, the creator answers that the formula is currently available only on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Buying the serum here offers only the legit product and prevents Big Full Lash scam purchase.

To order the Big Full Lash Conditioner, the user can click the button on the official website, choose the package conveniently and confirm the order after filling out the essential information.

The Big Full Lash pricing is affordable, and no additional charges are included. The manufacturer makes the Big Full Lash purchase simple, secured, and easy to access.

  • Buy 1 Big Full Lash for $49.00/each with $9.95 shipping.
  • Buy 2 Big Full Lash packs for $45.00/each with $9.95 shipping.

But not stopping there, the creator also offers 100% protection for the users’ investment. The 60-day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE helps get back the invested money when unsatisfied with the results. Send an email to the customer support team and claim 100% REFUND without hassles.

How to Use Big Full Lash Serum?

Each bottle of Big Full Lash lasts for a month, and the user can apply the serum twice a day to the eyelids. It gets absorbed faster and delivers optimal eyelash growth results in a minimum of two weeks.

The creator insists that making regular applications results in pinnacle outcomes that excite users.

Conclusion – Big Full Lash Serum Reviews!

The Big Full Lash is an exclusive eyelash prospering formula including the Root Rejuvenation Technology that rewinds your youthful appearance with the fuller and thicker lashes. It is a fast-reacting serum that makes users more attractive without causing any adverse effects. Do you wish to look beautiful in a few days? Then opting for this efficient liquid serum helps abruptly with the easy application for satisfying the desires.

Big Full Lash is 100% safe, and no risks are involved, which motivates users to try the product for attaining healthy and thicker eyelashes.

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