5 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Your ROI

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get the word out about your products and build brand awareness.

According to Statista, there will be nearly 4.6 billion email users worldwide by 2025. When you have such a large audience on a single platform, it is vital to design your email marketing practices to offer a maximum return.

This article will discuss the tips you can use to improve your email marketing practices and boost your ROI.

5 Email Marketing Tips To Generate More ROI

There are approximately 306.4 billion emails sent every day, and to stand out, you need to ensure you have robust practices in place. Available tools, such as Mailchimp and Mailchimp alternatives, can help you send your emails to the right person. You will need to optimize your strategies on these tools to boost your ROI. Following are the top 5 tips advised by experts on how to improve your email marketing strategies.

Create A Strong Call-To-Action

The first and most crucial factor that needs to be a part of every email marketing strategy is the call-to-action. The primary purpose of your emails should be to drive traffic from the email to your landing page. This is where the CTA comes in, which is a bridge that connects the email to your landing page. If your email does not convert customers to visit your landing page, there is a lack in your existing strategy.

CTAs are important, but it is vital to note that there should be one big, bold, and beautiful CTA instead of multiple smaller ones. Experts do not advise this because multiple CTAs could distract the reader, resulting in the email being left or deleted.

Focus On Personalization

Personalizing an email for a specific customer segment can help you build a relationship with them and improve your chances of converting the recipient to a potential sale.

Recipients respond better to personalized emails as compared to generic ones that are sent in bulk. While you cannot expect to write a unique email for each person on your list, other ways can promote personalization. These include:

  • Shortcodes that are replaced with the recipient’s name when the email is sent
  • Creating unique email content based on location
  • Customized subject lines
  • Segment your email lists based on behavior to create a strong email

A/B Testing

The chances of you getting the perfect email in the first go might not be possible. Experts believe that you should incorporate A/B testing in your email marketing strategies. A/B testing in email marketing pertains to creating two or more emails about a specific topic and sending it to a group of people, testing which email provided the better result.

These can be as small as using different subject lines and changing the color scheme and email design to suit different audience segments.

Moreover, this data can then be used to keep improving the content and design of your email, sticking to the one that produces the best result for you.

Keep An Eye On Your Data

Data is the biggest asset your organization has, and keeping track of this data is paramount for business growth. Similarly, there are several data metrics when it comes to email marketing. These metrics will allow marketers to understand the performance of their email and how they can improve it.

Some key metrics can include open rate, unsubscribe rate, click rate, etc. These can help you determine the performance of your email and any improvements you can make to your existing email plan

Keep Your Mailing List Clean

Often, we are so focused on how our emails look and their content that we overlook an essential aspect of email marketing. Your email list should be regularly cleaned and updated to have accurate results for your email marketing campaigns. Keeping inactive subscribers or dormant email accounts can increase costs with no return on investment.

Next, set up a re-engagement campaign. It is advised to compile a list of email accounts that have not opened your emails in three months. If there is still no response, it is time to remove them from your email list.

Wrapping Up

According to a recent evaluation, the average global click-through rate for all social networks was 1.3% in 2020. This is a clear indication that the only way you can convert your potential customers is by creating an email marketing campaign out of this world. Failure to properly plan your email marketing strategy can lead to loss of money, resources, and potential clients.