Wisconsin card sorting test online

The modern primary education places high demands on children. The workload of the curricula and the fast pace at which the knowledge is acquired require from the child maximum concentration and initial knowledge of certain types of activities. In other words, a child needs a high level of mental, social and physical development.

Unfortunately, practice shows that children do not know how to cope with test tasks and have difficulties in this area.

How to teach them to perform non-productive tasks, to cope well with solving tests? Introducing the great offline game “Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) Variant: Cards”. This is a wonderful game for developing mental abilities and preparing the child to handle the school material as well as possible.

Wisconsin Card Sorting Test online is a psychological test in which children must learn to properly sort one card with the other four, and the signs of this are different. The game is designed to signal a wrong result. In this case, the child must think about what to change so that he can solve the test correctly. Maybe a different rule needs to be applied? The creators of this wonderful test game have set three rules by which proper sorting is possible. For example, by number, color or shape. The child must determine which of these three rules should be applied in the particular case.

To make the game even more useful for mental development, its creators have made sure that the rules are constantly changing. In other words, adaptation is difficult. In this way, the goal is for the children to apply their creativity as well as possible in order to do well with the test.

The intellectual preparation of the child for school includes the formation of all forms of thinking – imagination, perception, attention, memory, as well as mastering the means of cognitive activity – ability to classify, summarize, schematize, model, consciously acquire knowledge and their application in non-standard tasks.

In this case, the wonderful offline game “Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) Variant: Cards” can be of great help.

With the help of such tests, information can be obtained about the level of intellectual and creative development of each child, to identify gifted children and to predict their further development. Currently, many scientists, researchers, teachers pay special attention to the special, purposeful development of intellectual functions, teaching children the technique and technology of mental actions and processes of cognitive search. A great example of this is the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) Variant: Cards.

There are 60 questions, and the result is displayed as soon as the test is completed. The number of correct and incorrect answers as well as the time for conducting the test are also taken into account.

The game is designed to track the best resul tor the highest score and display it at every level. As well as being extremely useful, this offline game comes in wonderful color palettes to choose from.

The creative thinking is one of the unconditional values recognized in world culture. Help your child reach their full potential with the wonderful offline game “Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) Variant: Cards”.

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