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Product Name Keto Prime (USA)

Location United States

Side-Effects – NA

Rating ★★★★★


Why choose Keto Prime?

In this article we go into detail about how Keto Prime Pills will help you reach your weight loss goals. This product is made with natural ingredients that are only available through a doctor’s prescription in the USA.

It is a ketogenic supplement which helps increase ketone bodies to promote fat burning and supports energy production for the body and brain. Ketosis is a natural process (our bodies have been doing it for millennia), where our liver produces ketones from stored fat when blood sugar or glycogen are low.

What is Keto Prime Cost?

Keto Prime is a patented and proven ketogenic weight loss supplement containing the active ingredient beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB. It is the only product in Canada that provides you with extended release BHB, along with vitamin and mineral chelated minerals, which are essential to help your body produce BHB.

It helps you lose weight by converting your body into a fat burning machine. It also stabilizes your blood sugar levels to keep you full and energized throughout the day. Studies have shown that taking this supplement when on a low-carb, keto diet can cause greater weight loss than dieting alone.

What are the necessities of the product?

In this article, we go into detail about the unique features and benefits of the product. Quality ingredients: it contains only the highest quality ingredients that have been proven to safely help with fat loss.

The patented active ingredient is BHB which comes from natural sources like coconut oil and is also found in breast milk. This product distinguishes itself by being one of the only products that provides you with extended release BHB (as opposed to people taking too many pills at once).

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Keto Prime also contains a vitamin and mineral chelated minerals which are essential for your body to produce BHB (and if your body does not get enough these minerals, it will not produce enough ketones).

Highlight the core issues:

The primary issues many people face when trying to lose weight are controlling their appetite, and energy levels. Keto Prime Pills helps control appetite by keeping your blood sugar stable, so you can feel full for longer.

During the day this amazing weight loss supplement provides you with a sustained level of energy, so you can keep working out or staying active without being tired.

Natural ingredients used in the product:

BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate): BHB is produced in your liver and is used throughout your body for many processes. The primary role of BHB in your body is to help produce energy as it influences the mitochondria in the cells of your body.

Vitamin and mineral chelated minerals: They are essential for your body to produce BHB, so make sure you take them with Keto Prime Pills.

How does this weight reduction formula work?

The active ingredient in this product comes from coconut oil, which contains MCT or medium chain triglycerides. These molecules are made up of shorter fatty acids which are absorbed into the body very easily.

These facts are more easily metabolized than longer chain triglycerides and help provide energy for your body and brain (for cognition, long-term memory, etc).

The process this supplement uses is called esterification, which is an addition to or removal of a molecule from a ketone source. If you take BHB, the liver will create this metabolite from BHB when it comes into contact with these ketone esters.

So in effect you are taking extra fat out of your diet and putting it back again as energy. This can lead to less weight gain on a low carb diet.

Benefits of the product:

Keto Prime can be taken on a ketogenic diet and is ideal for anyone, especially those who are physically active but who want to lose weight and gain more energy. Keto Prime Cost is unique in that it provides you with a sustained level of energy and keeps your blood sugar levels stable.

Product dosage:

You should take one 500mg capsule of this supplement per serving with a full glass of water. Best results are achieved when taken on an empty stomach.

The patented formula is designed to release the BHB over an 8-hour period, so it can be taken with a meal or before bed.

Product usage:

The product should be stored at room temperature in order to maintain the active ingredient. As with any supplement, it is important to read the product label before use in order to get full information about any potential side effects and interactions.

This is intended to be used as part of a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle. It should not be used instead or in addition to your prescribed medication or treatment process.

What are the side effects of the product?

The product ingredients have been used in many other health and wellness supplements, so there are no known side effects to taking this product. The product is free of gluten, soy and dairy, which makes it safe for most people.

Keto Prime Reviews have no known side effects. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended to consult your doctor before taking this product. If you suffer from kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes it is recommended that you do not use this product.

Where to buy Keto Prime in USA?

We recommend buying this amazing weight loss supplement from the official website to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product with all of the features listed above.

The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are unhappy with their product for any reason, you can contact them for a refund or exchange.


Product user FAQs:

What is BHB?

BHB stands for Beta Hydroxybutyrate, which is a ketone body (a type of chemical produced in your liver) that helps you burn fat and make energy.

It is the active ingredient in this product and what really makes the product unique is that it provides extended release BHB which comes from coconut oil MCTs.

Customer reviews:

Feedback from customers that have been using this product has been very positive. The patented formula of the BHB can provide you with extended release energy, preventing caffeine jitters, which is especially important if you are just starting out on a low carb or ketogenic diet.


Keto Prime can be taken on a low carb diet and during exercise which will lead to weight loss. It also helps with brain function and boosts your metabolism. The product can be especially useful for those who have been on a diet but have lost muscle.

Studies show that MCTs help your body start burning fat again, which makes this product a perfect supplement before and after weight loss to keep you in the right frame of mind.

How do I take it?

You can take 1 capsule with a full glass of water. Best results are achieved when taken with food or at night before bed. The product formulation is designed to release the BHB over an 8-hour period, so it can be taken with a meal or before bed if you prefer.

It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans who wish to promote weight loss through diet alone.

Ketosis: This will help you go into a state of ketosis whereby your body produces more ketones on a low carb diet, which is even better for weight loss. Ketosis means being in a fat-burning state in which your body has utilized fat for fuel instead of glucose or sugar.


Keto Prime has become one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market and is designed to help you lose weight while you are on a low carb or ketogenic diet. The product helps to provide you with energy while you are on a diet because it delivers BHB directly to your liver where it is turned into the energy source, ketones.

MCTs can be used as part of a health and wellness treatment but should not be relied upon for medicinal purposes, especially if you take any prescribed medication. It has been designed by a team of experts as a product that will help users maximize the ketones they are producing in the liver and use it all effectively.

BHB can also be used to help your body’s reactions to insulin and other hormones.