Fleximounts Shelves Review – What You Should Know?

Things to consider before buying

There are certain factors to consider when it comes to purchasing the suitable garage shelf. There is no gainsaying that these garage storage shelves are not so cheap, so it may be too much of a risk to just buy any random one and eventually wasting money. Before going out to buy your storage shelf, you should consider some factors in order to get the shelf that best matches your needs and lifestyle.

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There are hundreds of storage shelves in form of different sizes, shapes and colors to choose from; that alone is enough to overwhelm and confuse you. However, here are the major factors to help you make the optimum choice:


Since the main purpose of a storage shelf is storing things, it is not surprising to mention weight capacity as one of the most important factors to consider. This factor is dependent on your personal lifestyle. For instance, if you prefer storing light stuffs that you don’t need regularly on shelves, you might not really care about the weight capacity of the shelf. On the other hand, if you want to place some kinds of heavy appliances that you don’t intend to use anytime soon, you should pay attention to the weight capacity of the shelf in order to prevent the occurrence of an accident. In the same vein, if you’re getting a shelf for your workshop or any industrial purpose, you should search and go for the type that has a higher weight capacity. Reviews of Fleximounts in Amazon.




Another important factor to consider before buying a storage shelf is the overall size of the shelf. This includes the height, width and weight. The weight of the shelf determines how mobile it will be. If you have plans to keep the shelf fixed in a particular position for a number of years, this may not be an issue. However, if you’re the type that likes to spontaneously change the position of fixtures while carrying out your monthly cleaning, you should go for something that does not weigh much. This is because, the heavier the shelf is, the harder it is to carry or move around. When the shelf is too heavy to be moved around, you have no other option but to disassemble it before changing its position. This also means that you still have to go through the stress of reassembling it again.

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Aside the shelf itself, there are other accessories like hooks that makes the shelf even more useful. If you’ll like to store a wide variety of things on the shelf, you might want to search for those shelves that have different compartments that can fit different types of stuff. You should check for the shelving method that would best suit your plans for the shelf. You can read review about Fleximounts in Thegadgeteer.


It is essential to consider the assembly method of the shelf. There are different types of shelves with varying methods of assembly. While some shelves may be very easy to put together, others may take several hours to assemble. Availability of tools matters a lot here because some types of storage shelves require lots of tools before they can be assembled. So if you only have a rubber mallet in your toolbox, it would be a wise idea to go for those types of shelves that are boltless and require lesser tools to assemble. But if you have enough tools, you can make use of your tools to assemble the shelf.

Also, there are some storage shelf types that require the skills of an expert before they can be assembled.If you have an expert around you, this may not be an issue. However, if you have to wait for days to find an expert to help you, you may want to buy shelves that are less complicated to assemble.



This is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Apart from checking for the weight capacity, assembly method or size, it is important to check the prices of the shelves according to budget. It should be noted that the price doesn’t always have to match the exact amount of money you have or that you can afford, it can be lower. You don’t have to buy the latest design of shelves, what matters is the function of the storage shelf you are buying. If you don’t need much space, you should buy medium-duty storage shelves instead of spending more money of heavy-duty storage shelves.


Another factor to consider is safety measures and regulations. It is recommended to get storage shelves made out of fire-resistant materials like galvanized steel. Storage shelves made out of plastic or wood can easily be destroyed in case of a fire outbreak. However, if you stay on an island or somewhere that is at very low risk of a fire accident, you can get wooden, glass or plastic storage shelves.

Also, in the case of overhead storage shelves, the material out of which the shelves are made greatly affects performance and effectiveness. Steel is the most preferred material when it comes to longevity of the shelf. It even gets better, when the steel is coated and refined, it makes the storage shelf last much longer. Review about Fleximounts by Emily reviews.

Brand name and reviews

Just like any other product, looking into the name of the brand gives more information about the product as it helps you with what to expect. In the market, there are different companies with different quality standards. Although there are some unpopular brands that offer great quality, it is advisable to patronize those well-established brands in the market. The fact that these top brands are competing for the larger share of the market keeps them on their toes and makes them constantly improve their quality. They also compete with promotion offers, you can use this to your advantage and save money.

You should also check for the reviews that these brands get on the internet. This also serves as a guide as it gives you a map of the strengths and weaknesses of the brands you are planning to buy from.


How many types of garage shelves do we have?

Overhead Garage Rack

Nobody has enough space in their garage, regardless of how large the garage might be. Installing an overhead garage rack is an effective solution to this problem of insufficient space. It does not consume floor space as it is attached to the ceiling of the garage. The major disadvantage of this type of garage storage is that you can’s store things you’ll be using frequently because it won’t be easy to always climb a ladder to take things from the rack.

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Wall Shelves

Wall shelves have always been popular. They are not only used in the garage, they can be used in the kitchen and even in the bedroom. They are much more affordable than other types of garage shelves as they are simple furniture. The main drawback, however, is the fact that they cannot be used to store heavy things as they are not usually very thick.

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Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets are used to store things that need to be used regularly. They facilitate arrangement of tools and other items as they are easily accessible and relatively sturdy. You don’t have to climb a ladder to pick up a file on your garage cabinet. Apart from being easily accessible, garage cabinets have the capacity to store a relatively larger number of items. However, the price of garage cabinets is on the high side. These are garage floating shelves:


Free Standing Shelves

This type of shelves is also very popular. The shelves may be made of wood, glass, plastic or even steel. Free standing shelves can be bought from shops or even made at home. They are very affordable and have lots of room for storing items. The only form of shortcoming is the absence of doors or covers, making the stored items vulnerable dust and dirt.

What type of garage storage shelf is the best?

The type of garage storage shelf that works best for you depends on your personal lifestyle and preference. If the items you want to store in a shelf are items you use regularly, it is advisable for you to get a wall shelf of free-standing shelf. But if you want to store items that you only make use of once in a blue moon, you can get an overhead garage rack. If the items you want to store are sensitive and need to be kept orderly at all times, like files or books, you can go for the garage cabinet.

However, except for items that have to be used regularly, overhead garage shelves are most effective. This is mainly because they do not occupy floor space and they can take on several types of items.


What tools are needed to install an overhead storage shelf?

Usually, the overhead shelf comes with the number of screws needed. The screws are required to support the weight of the items that the shelf would be carrying. It is important to make use of the manual for installation included in the package. This would help you ensure that you fit the right screw in the right hole. You would also be needing drilling bits, wrenches, a ladder and power drill.


What should be the distance between the shelf and the ceiling?

In order to have enough space to store items on the shelf, there should be, at least, 40 inches between the ceiling and the shelf. Also, having enough space between the shelf and the ceiling makes it easier to maintain the shelf by dusting and cleaning, but if it were choked, it would be a real struggle to tidy up whenever the need arises.

Can overhead shelves be used on sloped ceilings?

Yes, it is possible. All you need to do is adjust the height of the shelf so that one side would be higher than the other, according to the slope of the ceiling. Although this will surely make one side more spacious than the other, it does not negatively affect its usefulness in any way.

Which brand of overhead shelves is the best?

This would have to be based on different criteria. In terms of storage capacity, MonsterRax is the best brand. But where weight capacity is considered, Fleximounts and MonsterRax are almost the same. However, Fleximount’s grid technology has made it more highly rated. In terms of lifetime, weight capacity and cost, Fleximountsis the best overhead garage shelf.

What is the size of Fleximounts?

Fleximount has different models of overhead garage racks. They range from the 4×8 andPro 4×8 to the 3×8 and4x4 models. You can get any of them that best suits your needs. The 4×8 model, which is the commonest adjusts to between 22 and 40 inches. It has weight capacity of up to 600 pounds while the Pro version has weight capacity of 800 pounds.

How do I install Fleximounts?

Installing Fleximounts overhead rack is relatively easy when you follow the instructions in the manual that comes with the shelf package.

The first step is opening the box and separating the different parts. Then, you should secure the four sections of the rack together side-to-side with the nuts and bolts as instructed in the manual. After doing this, you should have a 4×8 platform that will be hung from the ceiling.

The next step involves finding joists and hanging the suspension posts. After hanging the top rails, you can then decide on your preferred height.

The third step is suspending the rack from the support posts. It should be noted that you will need some support to lift the rack. After attaching the center braces and center posts, Fleximounts will be stable and ready for use.

Can I install Fleximountsmyself?

It is possible for you to install Fleximount yourself but it is advisable to do it with some assistance. Although the instruction manual makes it easy for you to install, lifting the shelf will require additional help because it is heavy and not so easy to lift alone.

What is the price of Fleximounts shelves?

Fleximounts 4×8 overhead garage shelf costs $230 while the 2-piece overhead garage shelf costs $510 on Amazon. The 4×6 heavy duty overhead garage storage shelf costs $180.


Pro’s of Fleximounts shelves



Fleximountgarage shelves are durable and solid. The bolts and nuts are of very high strength and they can stand the test of time. The shelves are made of cold-rolled steel and the angled braces that hold the shelf to the ceiling are strong and capable of holding it. The middle braces help support the rack and prevent it from sagging. The strength of the shelves makes it impossible to doubt its capacity.

The fact that it is made from heavy-duty steel gives it a much higher chance of lasting for several years. Even in the case of a fire outbreak, the shelves are sure to stand strong.


Although most people don’t really pay attention to the appearance of fixtures like these storage shelves, you will definitely be in love with them when you see them. They are usually in colour black or white. Every tiny part of the shelf is intricately designed. Whether black or white, the shelf will look perfect in your garage and give an organized look.

Also, the product is usually packaged perfectly. The shelf will be covered with foam on all sides in order to prevent dents or scratches. There is hardly an occurrence of missing parts in the package.


Fleximounts shelves are very effective in clearing clutter from the garage. Your floor space remains intact and at the same time, you have extra room for your things. You can arrange other things in your free space or even park your car. Even if you buy the 4×8 model, the space between the shelf and the ceiling is more than enough to store your things. The fact that Fleximounts shelves have a good appearance does not reduce their effectiveness.

Customer Service

Fleximounts has a rapidly responsive customer service team. In case of missing parts or damaged parts, you can just contact the customer care representatives via the numbers in the manual. You can be assured of quick rectification. Also, if you have any questions as regards installation, you can call them to put you through without any hassles.


One of the best features of Fleximounts shelves is that it can easily be adjusted to different dimensions. The height is flexible enough to be adjusted up to 40 inches. Depending on the situation, you can change the height to your preference. Additionally, the ceiling braces give you the option of attaching the shelf in a parallel or perpendicular fashion.


Installation Time

Although it can be installed by one person, it takes a whole of time. On average, installing Fleximounts garage shelf can take 5 hours. Regardless of the fact that there is an instruction manual included in the package, one might still need the help of a handy man.

What other companies make overhead garage shelves?

Aside Fleximounts, there are other companies that make overhead garage shelves. They include:

  • MonsterRax
  • Redeo
  • Newage
  • Saferacks
  • Auxx Lift
  • Onrax

What makes Fleximounts stand out?

The weight capacity of Fleximountsmakes it preferred to other overhead shelf brands. While most of the other overhead garage shelves can only hold up to 500lbs, Fleximounts can hold up to 800lbs.

Fleximount vs. Auxx Lift

Auxx lift is a remote-controlled storage shelf. There are different models with sizes ranging from 3×6 and 3×8 to 4×6 and 4×8.The shelves have a maximum weight capacity of 600lbs which is significantly lower than Fleximount’s capacity of 800lbs. Auxx lift has a large platform that is 30 sq. ft. large, this makes it able to accommodate many items. With Auxx lift, you don’t have to bother about the weight of the shelf because you don’t have to lift it up yourself. All you have to do is use the remote control to move it to the desired location, unlike Fleximounts that you need assistance to lift.

Fleximount vs. Onrax

Onrax is a brand that produces both motorized and non-motorized overhead storage shelves of different sizes and prices.

OnraxSL48 4×8 shelf costs $360 while the 4×6 shelf costs $335. As for the motorized shelves, the 4×8 shelf costs $1,850; the 4×6 shelf costs $1,700 while the 4×4 shelf costs $1,450. However, there are still other shelf sizes from the stable of Onrax. The motorized shelves have a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs while the non-motorized shelves have a maximum weight capacity which is the same as Fleximount’smaximum weight capacity.