Wood Heater Performance with The Ease of Gas


There is something to be said about traditional fireplaces. However, despite their efficacy and superior aesthetics, there are still some drawbacks to using wood-burning heaters.

But what if home heating technological advancements now provide a way for you to leverage the pros of wood fireplaces while avoiding the cons? What if you could find a device that gives you wood heater performance with the ease of gas? Here are some heater examples which do just that.

The Cypress GS2 is a free-standing gas fireplace whose design very effectively mimics a free-standing wood heater. As a result, it is simple and straightforward to use. Furthermore, it utilises award-winning burner technology to operate at optimum efficacy while presenting the right aesthetic. And if that isn’t enough, it is also a low-maintenance product.

A replacement for small wood heaters

As mentioned above, the Cypress fireplace uses technology to mimic a wood-burning heater. It uses a high-definition log set known as the Ember-Fyre burner that produces truly stunning dancing flames. Consequently, you get to enjoy the visual and topical effects of a hearty fire without the need to source, store and light wood ever again.

Beyond the visual, the Cypress also provides radiant and convective heat- similarly to wood heaters. Radiant heat comes directly from the flame and firebox and reaches you via a straight path. On the other hand, convective heat is a product of super-heated air that propagates through the room or house from surfaces in contact with the fire.

The primary difference between the Cypress and a conventional wood stove is convenience. Control of the Cypress lies in the palm of your hand. The device responsible is a GreenSmart™ 2 remote control that comes with the appliance. This device allows you to set the temperature, adjust the flame height and change the fan speeds and accent lights using nothing more than the appropriate buttons.

Identical Interiors Yet Different Exteriors

If you want another viable option, consider the Greenfield. This model both mimics the Cypress- the inside is identical- and differs from it (with a different cosmetic appearance), thus offering you an alternative.

The Greenfield has a more traditional fireplace design. It combines an appealing cast-iron framework with clean lines and pleasing proportionality to create an irresistible appeal. Therefore, it serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose.

Finally, both the Cypress and the Greenfield feature a three-sided glass design that allows you a spectacular view of the flames from numerous angles.

Easy Installation

These free-standing gas fireplaces don’t require any additional supporting structures. Therefore, this makes them easier and cheaper to install. Moreover, without a surrounding enclosure, you gain more positioning options, thus opening up numerous design possibilities.

In addition to placement, these two free-standing gas fireplaces also present versatile venting options. Thus, you can have a rear vent or a top-running flue.

The efficiency and advantages of gas fireplaces are proof positive that you can get the best of a wood heater while enjoying the ease of gas.

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