Pros and Cons of Living in XXII Carat

The XXII Carat is one of the most fascinating places to live in Palm Jumeirah. These 22 breath-taking ultra-luxury villas have made news countless times for their exclusive, private and picturesque surroundings. The XXII Carat is an all-in-one package; with luxury, comfort, position/location, facilities, and modern interior designs.

Nonetheless, questions surrounding the internet indicate that people are wondering if all the glitters in XXII are gold? Are you wondering too? Here is a brief survey of the pros and cons of living in XXII and things to consider before investing full time to own a villa there. Fasten your seat belt as we are about to take a ride.


Pros of Living in XXII Carat

  1. Serenity; The villas have got to be ranking real good for something right? Well, serenity and serendipity are one of them. The XXII Carat is a community of peaceful, quiet, and mature affluent individuals. You are 80% unlikely to hear some discomforting music or have to cope with a nosy neighbor. It is sited in a neighborhood of the rich who love alone life. As such, many people consider it a dope place to find some quiet and live without disruptions.
  2. Unbelievable sea view: Next on the perks of living in XXII carat is the amazing seascapes which have an almost surreal look that can bring peace to the soul. Living in XXII carat means you can enjoy the amazing views; enjoy dope portraits background, and reunite with nature at will.
  3. The XXII Carat has a great location: Palm Jumeirah is one of the most desirable places to live in Dubai and these beautiful edifices sit right in the heart of it. You also have access to most of Palm Jumeirah’s iconic buildings, hotels, malls, and some of the most frequented tourist centers. You can easily access basic amenities too.
  4. Space and Luxury: the XXII is very spacious on the inside. Some of its interiors range from ruby – over 15, 000 Sq. ft; Emerald – over 18 sq. ft and so much more. The interiors also have modern designs that can lighten the countenance of even a dead soul.
  5. Tight Security; The XXII Carat has a formidable security system that improves livability and safety in the area.


Cons of living in XXII Carat

  1. It is expensive! Living in XXII carat is like combining the cost of living in Palm Jumeirah with that of owning a villa in that town. Things are relatively more expensive and if you do not have a fat pocket, you may end up spending more than you bargained for.
  2. Public transportation is mostly bus lines and taxis as there is limited Dubai metro access in the area. However, there are interconnected roads for private users which once you get a hang of, will make commuting easier. More so, most people have a car so why not just drive down rather than hitching a bus?
  3. Some of the areas are still being developed and may come with some construction dust and subtle manufacturing noise, so do well to inspect the desired property and be sure you can handle it before concluding the deal.
  4. Fewer greens and vegetation: One of the perks of living outside main cities is that the air is pure, the pollution is less and the greens make the atmosphere more pleasing. Due to its urban taste, urban apartments are more concerned about maximizing space than maximizing greens.


Living in XXII feels like an everyday holiday waking up to the best views and enjoying the best life; however, do well to have some money handy because luxury is pricey. Read more on the official website