What to Do After a Car Accident in Seattle


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Car crashes are inevitable, and they can happen to anyone, anywhere, especially in busy cities like Seattle, the largest city in Washington and the 14th most popular metro area in the US, with a population of 787,995. It is also the home to the state’s highest car accidents and traffic fatalities.

With the increasing rate of car accidents, it’s vital for the drivers to know what steps they should take to protect themselves and recover the maximum compensation for the damages after a car accident in Seattle. Compensation? Yes, you heard it right. According to the laws, if you’ve suffered injuries or any damages, regardless of how major or minor they are, due to the fault of someone else, then you’re entitled to get full compensation for your suffering. However, you should involve a Car Accident Attorney in Seattle immedietly after the car accident.

#1: Stay Safe

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After the car accident, immediately get out of the car and check for your and your passenger’s injuries. If you’re on the highway, it’s vital to move your car to the side of the road so the other cars on the road at high speed don’t collide.

#2: Get Medical Help

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If you’re feeling pain or suffering any injuries, immediately call the Seattle emergency services to send medical aid for you or the passenger. Because some injuries require swift treatment otherwise, they can result in permanent disability.

#3: Call 911 


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After the car accident, if you’re in a condition of using your phone, then you should dial 911 and report your car accident to the police. Speak to the responding officers and tell them everything that happened. After talking to them, you should ask for their badge number so you can collect your car accident report later.

#4: Gather Evidence


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Evidence plays a critical role in car accident cases. Because in order to receive the compensation, you need to prove the liability of the at-fault driver, which is only possible with sufficient evidence. So, after the car accident, take the following steps to collect maximum evidence from the accident scene.

  • Using your smartphone, take pictures of your damaged vehicle and inquiries
  • Take pictures of the other vehicle and accident scene
  • Collect contact detail, license number, and insurance information of the opposite driver
  • Talk to the eye-witness and collect their contact details
  • Take pictures of the surroundings and look for any CCTV cameras

#5: Seek Medical Attention


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After the car accident, you must visit the nearest hospital immediately, even if you’re not severely injured. It is essential for your health as some internal injuries cannot be felt right after the car accident, and only a doctor can diagnose them. In addition to that, you’ll need a complete medical report to file a car accident lawsuit and negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Also, follow all the procedures, i.e., therapy sessions and routine checkups, that your doctor prescribed.

#6: Document Everything 

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Documentation is crucial in a car accident case. If you’ve got a car accident lawyer, then he/she will handle all the paperwork for you and file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Otherwise, you need to document everything on your own and submit it while filing the lawsuit.

#7: Contact Seattle Car Accident Lawyer


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After seeking medical assistance, it’s vital to contact a professional Car Accident Attorney in Seattle as soon as possible. Though, hiring a car accident lawyer after a car crash is not a legal obligation but is a wise decision.

Most people think seeking legal representation is expensive; that’s not true. Most car accident lawyers in Seattle work on a contingency basis, so you won’t have to pay any upfront fee. You’ll be only charged a certain percentage of the compensation amount after winning the case; otherwise, no fee.

A dedicated car accident or personal injury lawyer has years of experience, knowledge of the law, and complete know-how of how car accident settlement works. A car accident lawyer can greatly help you in the following matters,

  • Correct evaluation of your damages (Physical injuries, property damage, emotional trauma, loss of wages, etc.)
  • Proving liability of the at-fault driver
  • A comprehensive investigation of the case
  • Handling insurance companies and all the paperwork
  • Negotiation maximum settlement
  • Going to Trial if needed

Final Verdict: 

Justice delayed is justice denied. If you or your loved one has suffered from a car accident that wasn’t your fault, then you should not wait for too long and contact an experienced Car Accident Attorney in Seattle immediately. They have been helping car accident victims and their families for many years. You can also schedule a free consultation by dialing 1-800-418-8282 today!