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Do you have a need to rekey locks? Are your locks not as protective as you need them to be? Finnegan Locks in Edison, NJ, is here for you.

Knowing how each type of lock is constructed is crucial because each lock is different. Locks are generally used in homes or light commercial buildings. A door lock consists of four parts: a bolt, a box, a cylinder, and a strike plate.

Knowing how things work in the homework is valuable to any DIY-er. You can fix minor problems yourself if you understand how the pieces of a door handle and lock work together.

No matter what kind of door, knob, handle or lock you have, don’t worry if it’s sticky or faulty. Rekeying your locks is no problem for Finnegan Locksmith Edison.

If you need to rekey locks or you’ve decided to increase security around your home or office, get expert advice on the best solution. Reach out to the team at Finnegan Locksmith Edison, NJ.

When You Need To Rekey Locks

There are times when it is important that you rekey your locks. This will provide more protection and security for your home and offices. We have highlighted various vital moments when or reasons why you need to rekey locks.

When moving into a new property

The first thing a new owner should do after purchasing a new property or home is rekey the locks. The process of rekeying a house isn’t complicated or time-consuming. You would not have to spend a great deal of money on it, but it could potentially save you considerable trouble in the future. An old key cannot be used after a lock has been rekeyed. A new key must be used instead. When moving into a new home, this is perfect for those who want to ensure that the previous owners cannot regain access.

Lost or unreturned keys

Rekeying is common for businesses and homeowners who have given out keys that have not been returned. The most common cause is a pet sitter who did not return the house keys. Employees and contractors may also be at fault. Often, a rekeying service is considered when keys have been given out but not returned.

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When a roommate leaves

The residence should be rekeyed when someone moves out. Doing so will prevent them from returning. After someone moves out, rekeying the locks is not rude. No matter what their terms were. When someone moves out of a place, a locksmith can rekey the locks. With this, you can rest assured that they cannot get into the house unless they are invited in. Whether you are rekeying your locks for security or financial reasons, our specialist locksmiths can assist you. Please contact us for assistance.

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At Finnegan Locksmith, our major focus is on offering you the best door locks and key services. You can have our residential locksmiths attend to you at the comfort of your home. Our auto locksmith can work on your car. Also, we have commercial locksmiths who can help you rekey locks for your business when the need arises.

All our services are available to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You can reach out to us at any time of the day or night. We will respond to you and swiftly provide professional assistance to you. Contact us now to help you rekey locks.

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