Speechelo Review: Does It Convert Any Text Into Speech?  

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Do you want to know about Speechelo? How its work? Is it worth buying? Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the field of IT these days. Speechelo is software that you can use to convert text into speech using Artificial intelligence. You may doubt it’s working as there are various fake software claims big goals but give you nothing.

I am sharing my honest Speechelo review for people who wants to learn more deeply about Speechelo before purchasing. As you know, videos are used for communication and variously delivering messages. If you design a video and don’t like the voice you add and want to change the language, then Speechelo can help you.

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Imagine if you designed a video but did not select an excellent voice to speak. People don’t listen to what you say due to poor voice quality or improper pronunciation. Voice matters when you talk about videos; they are used to attract listeners. If your English speaking is not good, you want attractive voices for your video, want to record stories, the Speechelo is the best solution to fulfill your needs.

People need text-to-speech software for many reasons; it is important to use the correct voice for videos because people may lose interest if your video is robotic, boring, and has a rough tone. You have to select a voice your audience wants to listen to and have a slow, balanced, and exciting tone.

Quick Speechelo Review:

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Stoica Bogdan & Vlad Christian


$47 one-time (Click Here To Get The Best Offer)

What Exactly Speechelo All About?

Speechelo is software that converts text into speech and voiceover software that gives a natural effect to your text. With the help of Speechelo software, you will be able to perform great voiceovers in beautiful voices.

Using Speechelo, you can quickly convert any text into a real and natural voice. You can also select male and female voices required as per your need. In this software, you can select 30 different languages for your voiceover, so you select voice as per your need that fits your task. You can give your text attractive and good quality effects in just three clicks like videos, social media, and websites.

Creator Of Speechelo

Speechelo was created by a marketing guru named Stoica Bogdan and an intelligent coder named Vlad Christian. It is cloud-based software designed by their team to help people with voiceover. They both are experts and earn millions by working in their field and designing other online programs.

Thousands of users are using the Speechelo software all over the world and also have various advantages. The customer service is available 24 hours, and if you have some issue at any time, you can contact them.

About Working Of Speechelo:

Speechelo is easy to use software through which you can give a new voice to your text in no time, and its working is simple.

There are three steps you should follow to complete your voiceover tasks. Here are these steps:

1st Step (Upload The Text)

In the first step, you need to upload text you have to convert into speech into the software, and after scanning, exclamation marks are added to the text that gives a natural effect to the voiceover.

2nd Step (Select Language)

In Speechelo software, you have 30 various voices you can select as per your requirement. If you buy Speechelo pro, you can get 100+ voices you can select.

Step 3 (Convert The Text And Preview)

Your text to speech takes only 10 seconds, and you can listen to the voiceover. There is an option on the screen right side. Then, your text is ready to use.

Speechelo is built up by artificial intelligence and gives your task a new and natural effect.

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Why Should You Buy Speechelo?

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Here are some reasons why you should buy the Speechelo.

To Increase Your Sales

If you want to increase your sales, you should buy the voiceover software. It also allows you to perform multiple voiceover tasks easily and instantly. You can preview the voices and select as you like.

To Enhance Views

If you want to attract viewers for the video you design and want to engage viewers for your upcoming video, it is the best software you can use for voiceover.

To Increase Subscriber

By using high-quality and genuine voiceover, you will be able to attract more subscribers, and they always get notifications when you upload a new video, and you will be able to earn more. The ranking depends on the viewers and subscribers.

To Saving Money And Time

Now don’t need to hire a freelancer for the voiceover task and wait. You can perform voiceover tasks in less time and money.

Features Of Speechelo


The software allows users to change lots of things that improve the quality of their text. With the latest feature, you can convert videos into captions. When you start the video, Speechelo explains the text and shows the captions that make your work easier. It is helpful software. In the case of multiple languages in the text, it automatically understands the voices and performs tasks. I have tested this feature to create videos for Midas Manifestation and made some money from them as well.

Convert Voice

The best reason why users buy the Speechelo? There are various voices to select that are real and give a natural effect. You can upload 700 words at a time, but the pro version option is best if you want to increase the limit. There is no limit in the pro version; you can convert text to speech as much as you want.


Another valuable feature of the software, you can convert the text into multiple languages. Speechelo includes 23 languages you can select. That is a rare and valuable feature. So, now you can convert your text into speech in various languages. You just need to add text, select voice, and access voiceover.

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Cons And Pros Of Speechelo


The Voice Is Not Real

Speechelo consists of a human-like voice, but it’s not perfect, the software is made by using new technology, but if you listen to it, you will notice the difference between a human voice and a software voice. So, if you are an expert and need to work with perfection, the Speechelo program is not fit.

Free Trial Is Not Available

Softwares based on artificial intelligence offer free trials before buying, but Speechelo doesn’t consist of any free trial. It is a complaint people mainly report about the software, and maybe the creator is confident about the software.

However, on the other hand, Speechelo comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with its working, you can claim a refund within 60 days.

Words limitation

The Speechelo standard version allows converting limited words at a time. So, in the standard version, you can only convert 700 words at a time and can’t convert the text once. This is the issue raised by many people about Speechelo.

However, if you like the software, you can also upgrade the version to pro that allows you to convert words without any limit.

Hard To Earn Money

If you think you will be able to earn money with the Speechelo giving people voiceover service is not easy. Many freelancers do voiceover much better than software in a natural human voice. However, I have made some voiceover videos for Bioenergy Code and made some money with them. That mean general public didn’t find them robotic voices.

Your client will identify the difference if you sell your service online using the Speechelo software. There is a difference between natural human voice and software voice. Technology gets advanced but still can’t beat nature.

So, if you sell the voiceover by using Speechelo software, you may get less money or no money.


Save Money And Time

If you are preparing a video presentation, you can utilize the Speechelo to assist you in creating voiceovers instantly. Sometimes you are in a hurry, and it’s not possible to hire any freelancer or do recording at once because humans can make errors. Using Speechelo, you can save time and money.

If you hire a freelancer for the voiceover, you need to pay more money than the Speechelo. So, it also saves money by giving you a replacement to perform voiceover tasks.

Speechelo is reasonable

Speechelo is available at an affordable price, and people can buy it. You don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars, and for the Speechelo standard version, you have to pay once and use it for a lifetime.

It is much more reasonable than any freelancer you hire monthly.

Instant VoiceOver

The reality is that there is a difference between the natural human voice and the software voice. Software can’t give you a natural voice but help you out to perform bulk tasks.

If you need to perform a bulk of voiceovers and have many videos and content, Speechelo is really helpful. It can’t give you a perfect human voice but perform voiceover quickly.

Speechelo Is ClickBank Product   

Speechelo is a ClickBank product, and that is a positive thing. The reason is that ClickBank is a trusted place where you can do online transactions without any fear. So, it is risk-free software in which you can invest your money as your information and money are safe.

Additionally, if you don’t like the service, you can easily claim a refund.

Is Speechelo Scam Or Legit?

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Speechelo is a 100% legit program, and it’s not a scam. It is helpful and well-designed software that helps the user to generate content for various purposes. The software also includes many positive responses from the users that show its worth.

Speechelo is natural and legit that helps lots of people worldwide. Many people give a review; it is a scam, but it’s not true. Not everyone can earn by using Speechelo because it is software that converts text into speech. It’s not a perfect platform from where you earn without putting in no effort.

Difference Between Speechelo Pro And Standard Version

Speechelo consists of two versions, standard and pro:

Languages And Voices: Standard version involves 30 voices and 23 languages, but in pro, you will get more than 100 voices.

Limitation For Words: Standard version has a limitation of 700 words at a time. On the other hand, in pro, you can convert unlimited words at a time.

Access: The standard version has a limit to set a voiceover frequency, but in the pro version, you can access for long hours and use premium voices.

Business License: When you buy the Speechelo pro version, you will get a license to sell your service. You can sell your service to the customers and earn a profit.

For Whom Speechelo Is Suitable Or Not

Speechelo is a valuable and easy to use program; you should find the software helpful if you are one of them:

  • Freelancer
  • Company owner
  • Video marketer
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Social media marketer
  • Videomaker
  • Content writer

Not suitable 

Speechelo is not suitable for people who want to earn tons of money using the software.

The people who are experts and want perfect human voices should avoid buying the Speechelo software.

The people who are freelancers and want to earn money by providing software voiceover should avoid buying the software because your client will identify the difference and can reject your work.

Price Of Speechelo

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As I mentioned above in this Speechelo review, you can choose between two versions: Standard and Pro.

Speechelo standard version is available for just $47, and it’s a one-time payment. For the Speechelo pro version, you have to pay $47 every three months. You get both versions at a reasonable price compared to freelancers at a monthly cost.

You can only upgrade the standard version to pro if you buy the standard version first. After buying the standard version, you will allow to access the pro version. Pro version helps you to enhance your business and earn money.

My Last Words: Speechelo Review

Speechelo is software that converts text into speech and helps you add voiceover to your own choice to make your video attractive. Artificial intelligence is something that is upgrading and enhancing from time to time. There are various types of software available for voiceovers, but Speechelo is one of the best software.

The Speechelo software is a much better option than other voiceover software available. Many people are conscious about how their voice sounds during designing videos for YouTube or other social media platforms.

So, if you want to increase your viewers, subscribers and make your video popular, you should buy the Speechelo to improve the voice quality of your videos. Additionally, the software comes with a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee. In case of any issue, you can have your money back.

So, that’s all from this Speechelo review. I explained everything in detail about the Speechelo software. I hope you will now be able to make a decision.

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Is Speechelo Cloud-Based? 

Yes, Speechelo is a cloud-based software. Everything is available online; you don’t need to download or install anything. With an internet connection, you can utilize the software anywhere using a computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.

What Are The Languages Included In The Speechelo?  

The Speechelo standard version includes 23 languages:

  • English
  • Danish
  • French
  • German
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Romanian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Arabic

Will I Get Notification About Any New Update? 

Yes, you will get a free update about any new version or tutorial. So, you don’t need to worry about new updates.

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