The Best Features of NextGen EMR Software 2022

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EMR software systems are often seen as a silver bullet for bringing patients to the forefront of healthcare providers. These technology-driven solutions help providers stay on top of patient needs, provide visibility into efficiency, and increase revenue. If your healthcare facility has not yet migrated to an electronic medical records software or is exploring options for another system, then get NextGen medical software which is one of the best products available on the market. The software offers a robust suite of solutions for healthcare professionals.

NextGen’s powerful feature-set can help your practice increase revenue and quality scores, all while improving the quality of patient care. Its customizable, user-friendly interface can get your clinic up and running quickly. In this piece, we will go about the top features that make this software one of the best in its industry.

What do you need to know about NextGen medical software?

NextGen software delivers a comprehensive, integrated electronic health recording platform tailored to meet the requirements of ambulatory and specialty healthcare facilities of all sizes. It helps providers save time and deliver quality healthcare with an increase in patient satisfaction and revenue. The company supports national interoperability to facilitate the exchange of patient data across disparate systems. You can get access to the software’s best-in-class features for efficient, fast documentation. This results in better coordination of care, accurate information, reduced risk, and improved diagnosis.

NextGen software reviews also confirm that the software includes a mobile app to let doctors provide care on the go. There are features that enhance workflow efficiency and streamline communications. In addition to automating day-to-day clinical and administrative processes, the EMR system truly reduces paperwork and centralizes patient health records. This forward-thinking platform is designed to facilitate healthcare professionals, clinicians, and back-office managers as it adapts seamlessly to their workflows.

Top Features Mentioned in NextGen Software Reviews

We have shortlisted the top features of NextGen EMR that users find the most useful and time-saving. Here’s what they chose and why:

Simple User Interface

NextGen medical software effortlessly automates the daily time-consuming processes of practice. Its simple, intuitive user interface makes it easier for users to navigate from one task to another. You can make instant updates and easily conform to patient changes. In addition, the software comes with a variety of custom forms and templates, which users can modify to suit their unique charting requirements. Its easy-to-use charting features require you to spend less time dealing with documentation and avoid the trouble of managing physical files.


The software offers a comprehensive suite of telehealth solutions that enable providers to conduct virtual healthcare sessions. It supports high-quality video conferencing, secure connections, easy appointment starting, and more. Not only this, but patients can also communicate with their providers and make payments online using payment processing partners. NextGen offers third-party invitations and includes hub-and-support functionality. Moreover, it allows providers to set up automated email and text appointment reminders to take the burden off the administrative staff. You can also schedule a NextGen software demo to try out this feature in real-time.

Patient Engagement Tools

Another highly appreciated aspect attributed to this medical software solution is its patient engagement tools. Compared with other EHR vendors on the market, NextGen’s patient engagement tools stand out. There are a variety of features that enable patients to participate more actively throughout their care process. These include contactless payments, custom workflows, and a robust patient portal. The patient portal feature is designed to facilitate communication with patients. It allows patients to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, access lab results, pay bills, makes payments, get follow-up notifications, and fill out intake forms.

Revenue cycle management

NextGen EMR software allows you to improve practice performance, correct operational inefficiencies, and ensure increased revenue collections at the lowest cost. The software has earned perfect-starred user reviews because of its powerful revenue cycle management capabilities. It includes all the tools necessary to conduct the most common medical billing tasks. In addition, this billing solution is integrated with the vendor’s EHR system to facilitate instant clinical data collection. NextGen software reviews vouch for the fact that the software simplifies the process of posting charges and submitting claims.


This electronic health recording platform allows you to exchange patient healthcare information throughout the clinical workflow. It improves financial, clinical, and patient outcomes by making patient information accessible and saving it. The software also integrates healthcare information across various locations and systems to streamline information and exchange for better patient care. All in all, it supports sensitive data access to facilitate accurate diagnosis and quality of treatment.

Overview of benefits

The NextGen medical software platform requires very little build to go live. This is what sets it apart from other enterprise-level electronic medical records and practice management systems. It allows its users to create both the front-end and back-end of the system. You can easily customize the software to make it a perfect fit for your specific practice needs. It supports enough customization to let you better meet the needs of your practice.

Moreover, the software’s fully integrated practice management solution includes specialized content, a patient portal, and a claims clearinghouse. It is designed to adapt seamlessly to provider and staff workflows with easy-to-use functions that fit effortlessly into the provider process. You can access the software from Software Finder.

NextGen pricing details

NextGen pricing plans range between $299 to $549 per provider, per month.

To end

NextGen medical software is a feature-packed electronic medical records solution designed to improve operational efficiency and patient care. The software comes with easy-to-use features, specialty-specific content, and robust billing tools, which seamlessly adapt to a healthcare facility’s unique workflows. While it is an excellent EMR choice for facilities of all sizes, we recommend scheduling a NextGen demo to find out whether the software matches your unique practice requirements.