City and Guilds Functional Skills – Compared to Edexcel

The Edexcel and City and Guilds Functional Skills qualifications are both awarding bodies for Functional Skills. It is important that all people considering taking these courses know about these differences before enrolling on either qualification to ensure that they take the one that best suits them. This article will compare both qualifications side by side with an aim to help you make your decision.

What Are City and Guilds Functional Skills?

City and Guilds Functional Skills are courses for people who lack formal qualifications. It can help them learn how to use a computer, read and write English, speak in public, use maths for everyday situations, and learn other skills that will help them get their first job or move into further education.

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 is probably the most popular subject, with many colleges, universities and employers insisting that students/employees hold these qualifications.

The courses are offered at Entry Level 3 through to Level 2 (the equivalent of the old GCSE grades A*-C) and can be completed by people aged 16 years or older.

What are Edexcel Functional Skills?

Edexcel Functional skills are qualifications that provide a combination of specific functional skills qualifications alongside GCSEs. There are three levels available for online study: Entry Level (the equivalent of the old Entry Level 3), Level 1 (the equivalent of old GCSE grades D-G) and Level 2 (the equivalent of old GCSEs grades A*-C).

The courses are offered at Level 1 or Level 2. All students can study English language, maths and ICT as part of these qualifications.

City and Guilds vs Edexcel — Which Qualification Is Better for You?

Both City and Guilds Functional Skills and Edexcel Functional Skills are excellent qualifications, with the resulting certificate being the same for each awarding body. However, some people do have preferences as to the awarding body they use and they can make this decision, once ready to complete exams. The entry requirements, assessment methods and grading criteria for each are the same. Below are some points that will help you to decide which qualification is best for you:

Entry Requirements

  • City and Guilds: There are no formal entry requirements for City and Guilds Functional Skills courses.
  • Edexcel: There are no formal entry requirements for Edexcel Functional Skills courses.

Assessment Methods

  • City and Guilds: The City & Guilds Functional Skills qualification is assessed through examinations, which can be completed at an accredited examination centre or online.
  • Edexcel: Edexcel Functional Skills courses are also assessed through exams that test knowledge and understanding of the subjects. These examinations can also be taken online.

Grading Criteria

  • City and Guilds: Whether you completed Functional Skills Maths, English or ICT, you will need to achieve a 75% pass rate.
  • Edexcel: The pass rate for Level 2 English Reading is 65%, English Writing 63% and Mathematics 59%

Final Thoughts

Choosing between City and Guilds Functional Skills and Edexcel Functional skills can be difficult because they are both excellent qualifications. However, the grading criteria for each are different. As a result, people who want to take these courses need to make sure that they choose the qualification that is best suited to their needs.