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Some of the best cannabis varieties have come from Herbies genetics. Here is the list of the best strains to grow in 2022.

Information about Blue Gelato 41

The Blue Gelato 41 marijuana plant is an incredible three-way weed cross that has some of the most delicious weed strains out there. Known for her resin-dipped buds loaded with citrusy and earthy terpenes, this strain has won the hearts of fans on every continent. Tokers who are not new to using cannabis are advised to steer clear of that flower juice, as it contains up to 25% THC.

A strain that is bred by crossing these three well-known strains has been created by Barney’s Farm that yields very high yields, has a pleasant smell and aroma, and is relatively high-yielding .


American legends comprise the entire family tree of Blue Gelato 41. Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet are among the sweet treats she comes from.

Blue Gelato 41 Yield

Beginners might find it a bit challenging to grow this strain but experienced cultivators will be rewarded with well over abundant yields of 700g/m2 indoors and 3000g/plant outdoors.


A great daily strain, Blue Gelato 41 has a powerful, energetic effect that leaves you focused, motivated, and clear headed. Prior to the inhalation of Blue Gelato 41, you will be sure to be relieved of any aches or pains, as well as tense parts of your body.

The amount of THC and CBD in cannabis

Blue Gelato 41 is a highly concentrated strain and should be respected as such. Despite testing showing high THC levels, its CBD levels remain below 1%. THC levels hover in the 20s, and might even reach 25%, as a result of testing.

It Smells And Tastes Good

A creamy treat with a citrusy taste and earthy undertones. These fragrant terpenes are reminiscent of a cool lake of tranquility; taking a whiff of them is like savouring a fruity cocktail.

A Guide To Growing Blue Gelato 41

Female hybrids of this strain are usually under 150 cm (4’11”) tall, as sixty percent are Indica. A plant can easily grow to 200cm 6’6″ (6’6″) if given enough space and time. The plant will grow fast and vigorously, with a lot of branching on the sides.

By the end of October, the flowering time of Blue Gelato 41 is finished indoors. Purple and blue buds are found on many phenotypes, though they are covered with resinous trichomes higher than 25% THC.

  • Increase bud sites by defoliating and training with low stress.
  • Top and mainline your plants to increase their cola production.
  • For both vegetative and flowering stages, 600W HID lights are the best.
  • Generally, THC levels in cannabis are between 25 and 30%, with CBD and CBG levels around 1% and 0.5%, respectively.

Information on the Peyote Critical strain

Exclusive to Barney’s Farm, the Peyote Critical strain was developed by a small team of marijuana lovers. The high levels of THC and CBD in this feminized cannabis variety make it an excellent choice for medical users. It has a dominant Indica genetics. This Indica strain produces a relaxing body high which may leave you feeling either deeply focused or prone to falling asleep on your couch during a relaxing evening.

Peyote Critical produces a strong, physical high, which is what makes it so popular among medical marijuana users. Its THC and CBD levels are high, which produces a strong, physical high. A feminized cannabis strain that is 80% Indica, the effects are usually physical rather than cerebral. Relaxed and almost mystical, the high you’ll experience allows you to remain focused while remaining relaxed.

Peyote Critical Flavor

One of Peyote Critical’s most desirable characteristics is its sweet flavor and aroma profile. Upon tasting, you’ll probably find some wonderfully sweet notes of vanilla, mango, and blueberry, with some earthy undertones. Many describe its aroma as a combination of aged wood and sweet coffee, with a bit more pungent flavor.

An abundance of growth that can withstand the elements

The feminized marijuana strain was engineered to provide a tough plant suitable for growers of all skill levels. Peyote Critical generally produces excellent results, irrespective of location or experience level.

  • The flowering period is between 50 and 60 days.
  • Additionally, the strain is mold resistant .
  • Cool climates are ideal for growing it.
  • When grown outdoors, these plants can reach heights of 180 cm (71 inches), and indoors they can reach 130 cm (51 inches).

The genetics of Peyote Critical provide it with some color

Peyote Critical is a feminized cannabis variety derived from a cross between Peyote Purple and Critical Kush, with each parent adding to its unique qualities. Purple, oranges, and vibrant greens make Peyote Purple’s leaves and flowers a visual delight. Its powerful effects are derived from Critical Kush. This is the result of blending two strains of cannabis, which complement each other very well.

Information about Black Cherry Punch Seeds

There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than Black Cherry Punch, no matter where you grow or keep it. With such a large amount of trichomes surrounding this purple cannabis crop, the smoke is filled with so much THC and other cannabinoids that your body becomes numb, while your mind becomes active and rousing in bliss. This 90% Indica also has an earthy flavor along with its intense berry-like sweetness. The moment you inhale this smoke, you realize what is going to happen over the next few hours.

The Black Cherry Punch strain from Pyramid Seeds is an indica-dominant strain with an aroma and taste that are both sweet and sour. It contains 25 percent THC. Feminized cannabis seeds are also known for alleviating instant pain and boosting moods.


It is thought that Black Cherry Punch was developed from Cherry Pie and Black Cherry Kush. In addition to the purple buds and orange hairs that emanate from those resin-filled flowers, Black Cherry gets her color from these two colorful parents. Black Cherry Punch delivers these benefits and more as both parents deliver relaxing, mood-enhancing effects.


The flavors are enhanced by her cerebral high, which provides an experience that is not only unforgettable, but also relaxing to mind and body.

Cannabis and CBD Levels

A powerful anti-ailment medicine, Black Cherry Punch contains 25% THC and 1% CBD, making it an effective remedy for a host of ailments. Besides high potency, the slow onset of tolerance is also ensured by such a high potency.

Sense of Taste and Smell

The rich terpene profile of Black Cherry Punch provides notes of cherry, earth, and blueberry pie against a woody aroma.

Blooming Time

Black Cherry Punch flowers in just 8-9 weeks, so Northern Hemisphere growers are able to harvest fully mature buds in September.

A Guide to Growing

Black Cherry Punch is a beautiful flower with irregularly shaped buds that are purple in color. HST techniques such as topping and supercropping will benefit this tall variety. For further information, see the following points:

  • A longer veg period and larger pots will increase yields.
  • Bring out the purple color by lowering the nighttime temperatures.
  • Avoid foxtailing of buds by keeping the daytime temperatures low.

You Have Many Other Options!

In addition to these strains, Herbies provides many others that you can choose from. One of the few trusted sources of cannabis seeds, the company has been shipping high-quality genetics for two decades.

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