Engineered Tax Services CEO Julio Gonzalez Appointed to NUE Capital Board of Governors

Entrepreneur will help minority CPA firms and support first minority-owned jet ownership program


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – MARCH 10, 2022 – Julio Gonzalez, CEO and founder of Engineered Tax Services, America’s leading tax specialty practice, has been appointed to the Board of Governors of Network of Untapped Entrepreneurs (NUE) Capital, a group of fund managers, industry visionaries, and leading athlete influencers dedicated to closing the racial wealth gap in the United States.

“I’m very pleased to be named to the Board of Governors of NUE Capital,” Julio Gonzalez said. “I’m proud to be associated with an enterprise committed to enabling minorities to have access to capital, mentors, and expanded resources. This is a very exciting honor for me, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and help the underestimated.”

NUE Capital was established by Founder and Managing Partner Robert V. Smith, a former Division 1 athlete, and sports superstars Dikembe Mutombo (NBA), Julius “Dr. J” Irving (NBA), and Ray Lewis (NFL), with the help of Africa-centric financier Richard Hoffman. In the wake of the George Floyd protests, corporate America and institutional finance leaders have pledged billions to bridge the racial wealth gap. NUE Capital acts as a strategic partner to deploy this capital by creating projects to assist underserved, underrepresented, and underestimated communities through impact investing and social entrepreneurships, often delivering potent “influencer capital” as a differentiator to elevate projects and drive awareness and change.

“Julio’s vast tax expertise is a valuable addition to our Board of Governors and to NUE Capital as a whole,” said Robert Smith. “He can make a substantial difference in our black and Latino communities by introducing long-term tax strategies and wealth preservation techniques. Now we can offer green energy, tax incentives, and cost segregation analysis to minority-owned businesses and strengthen their balance sheets. In addition, Julio will be instrumental in supporting the launch of two new initiatives that will be key to us winning this game.”

First, as a member of the Board of Governors, Julio will be guiding the implementation of NUE Wave Aviation, the first minority-owned jet ownership program in the United States, so that NUE Capital can offer the benefits of jet ownership to its strategic corporate partners and to minority-owned corporations. Second, Julio will be helming another initiative, NUE Financial, where he will share with minority-owned CPA firms specialty tax techniques such as cost segregation and R&D tax studies, formerly only available to the ultra-high-net-worth market; Julio has made it his lifework to make these tools of wealth preservation and enhancement available to the American middle class.

In April 2021, Julio’s company ETS received an award from the National Minority Business Council that cited its role as a prominent minority-owned business in the United States. Last year, Accounting Today named Julio as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Accounting; he was one of very few Hispanics included. This January, Julio was cited as one of Florida’s top 50 Hispanic business leaders by the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

About Engineered Tax Services

Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS) is the only licensed engineering firm providing specialty tax services to CPA firms and their clients. As advocates for America’s small and mid-sized businesses, ETS helps CPA firms add value to their client relationships by offering sophisticated strategies like cost segregation, the research and development tax credit, and other specialized tax credits and incentives, allowing them to retain more working capital and drive profitability.



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