Effective Ways to Design a Tattoo That Works with Your Scars

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There’s no denying that all bodies are beautiful. However, not everyone loves the look of their body, and some feel low on confidence when out and about.  This is mainly when your body has visible scars and other blemishes on your skin since you may struggle to maintain your confidence levels.


Even though we understand how you feel, visible scars should never turn your life into a living nightmare. To regain confidence without going through a lot, it is in your best interest to cover the body scars with art. Yes- visiting a tattoo artist to cover visible scars is a surefire way to regain your confidence.


But that’s not to say you should settle for any tattoo design you find and still expect it to work wonders for your scars.  You need to find the right design to help you embrace your skin and honor your personal story.  Here are three tips to help you design a tattoo that works with your scars.


  • Know the Kind of Scar You Have

The scar on your skin determines the design and ink you will end up using. That’s why you should take it upon yourself to understand the kind of scar you have, as it makes it easier to plan for covering tattoos. Among the different types of body scars you can cover with a tattoo include acne scars, surgery & tummy tuck scars, stretch marks, and regular scars.


If you want to cover scars from acne, be sure to go with designs that draw attention away from scar patterns.  Things tend to be different with stretch marks since it is best to consider the depth and breadth of the patterns rather than working against them. In short, you need to understand the kind of scar you have before deciding on anything.


  • Find a Reputable Tattoo Artist

Body scars differ in so many ways.  Furthermore, tattoo artists have unique styles they relate to with their clients. Even though you may have the best scar tattoo ideas, everything will be of no use if you work with the wrong artist. Since scar tattoos need more effort, time, and precision, go out of your way and find an experienced artist you love. The secret lies in checking out their portfolios to determine what they bring to the table before booking an appointment with any of them.


  • Prepare Yourself in Advance

Even though it may seem obvious, we can never overemphasize this point enough before getting a scar covering tattoo. Ample preparation before the D-day is mandatory to ensure you are ready for the tattooing process.  Be more than ready to go for a couple of consultations and set realistic expectations.  Remember to give your body enough time to heal and learn to exercise patience since rushing things over can cost you big time.


In Conclusion

Scar concealing with a tattoo is undeniably the perfect way to bring back your lost groove.  Either way, you need to get the details right from start to finish before paying a visit to your tattoo artist.  The more information you collect, the better the outcome of your scar tattoo.