Eco Fuel Reviews: Does Eco Fuel Saver Work or Cheap Device Scam? Please Don’t Buy an Eco Fuel Chip Until You Read This!


The cost of fossil fuels is rising by the day. This cost is transferred to individuals and businesses. To help reduce the costs, Eco Fuel was created.

In a nutshell, EcoFuel is a filter that can be installed on any vehicle, plane, or boat. It reduces fuel consumption by up to 35%, and for older model cars, it can save up to 50%.

Utilize a vehicle’s ECU (electronic control unit) power for Nitro OBD2, increasing horsepower and torque outputs. A performance chip protects the engine from future damage. And the fuel saver for Eco OBD2, which is reducing gas consumption per mileage.

According to the official website, the Eco Fuel filter can be used for all vehicles produced from 1996 onwards. Ubertech Eco Fuel can be purchased directly from the official website for $43 plus shipping.

Importance of a Good Filter

A fuel filter is important for your engine’s health, and It can be the difference between an engine that is functioning at optimum levels and in bad shape. Overtime It is important to change your car’s fuel filter. This will improve the health of your engine and save you from costly repairs and reduce the amount of fuel you use and the money spent on fuel.

How it works

According to the device creators, Ecofuel technology is based on quantum physics, and the inspiration comes from Nikola Tesla’s coil. Once the fuel passes through the filter, it creates a magnetic field from the turbine that starts. This separates and reorganizes the fuel molecules making them burn more efficiently.

It works by remapping the vehicle’s computer ECU. After driving for about 200km, it will adjust itself according to the driver’s habits and keep readjusting and modifying the ECU to increase the engine performance.

Benefits of using Ecofuel

As fossil fuel prices go higher, you need to find ways to get more value from your money. The eco fuel has several benefits, including:

  • It saves on fuel. You can use less fuel more effectively. You can boost the power of the engine since the filter allows the fuel to have optimum efficiency. The filter can also prevent the fuel injectors from clogging.
  • It protects the engine extending its lifespan. The filter removes dirt and other particles that can cause damage to engine parts.
  • It lowers fuel consumption and puts money back into your pockets.
  • It can be used on all kinds of vehicles produced after 1996, including planes and boats.
  • It is easy to install on all types of engines.
  • It also reduces emissions which is good for the environment. Clogged fuel injectors lead to harmful emissions as there is not enough air in circulations. This also reduces the efficiency of the engine.

It protects fuel injectors and pumps from contaminants. For the engine to function efficiently, it needs to have clean fuel. A lot of contaminants are present in the fuel, and it can be harmful to your engine. The filter removes the fuel’s contaminants, increasing efficiency and allowing the engine to function at optimum levels.


Features for Nitro OBD2 (engine power)

  • Yellow (gasoline)
  • Red (diesel)
  • Up to 35% more power
  • Up to 25% more torque
  • Nitro chip tuning is easy to use


Features for eco OBD2 (fuel economy)

  • Green (gasoline)
  • Blue (diesel)
  • Up to 15% save fuel


Function An economy chip tuning box
Support For gasoline and diesel engines
Software Update No
Certification EC
Language English
Package contents 1 eco fuel filter

Purchase Ecofuel

This summer, consumers who want to save money at the pump can order an EcoFuel on its official website for $43.00 each. Savings are offered when buying in multiples:

  • Purchase 2 $43.00 10% discount
  • Purchase 3 $43.00 15% discount
  • Purchase 5 $43.00 Each with 20% discount

For an additional $13.00 at checkout, customers can add a 3-year warranty.

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Contact Information

Customers that would like to ask questions about the EcoFuel filter can reach the company by email at:


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