How Difficult Is It For Aquaculture To Survive Cyclone and Hurricane?

The term aquaculture involves fish harvesting, both freshwater and saltwater. It means all the water conditions have to be right, like the water and food supply.  But, not all things are at the hands of fish breeders, as they can’t control the weather, especially when it comes to natural calamities like cyclones and hurricanes. They are known to be destructive and that hampers a lot of aquatic life. Not only that but human lives are also connected to such things because many people are economically attached to fishes and fish-related industries. They suffer like anything, as economical dependency is involved in this matter.

Let us now go into the deeper section of these aspects where you can understand the impact of such havoc storms on the fish harvesting trade.

Effects of Cyclone and Hurricane on Aquaculture

  • Commercial and economical

A fish harvesting industry has a lot of money invested, and when strong winds destroy all the paraphernalia of the harvesting, then it is a huge loss. Not only that, there are several elements of Mother Earth that are uprooted and they fall directly into the pond or the water bodies, accommodating the fishes. That create a lot of turmoil inside the water and obviously, a lot of things get destroyed in the meantime. Not all fishes are capable of withstanding sudden changes in the water condition. You can know about them in detail if you visit

Like any other industry, a lot of people are associated with this field and any loss means they are on the verge of losing their livelihoods. In short, a lot of people’s lives are at stake when such storms occur.  As a result, it takes a lot of time to recover from the loss and when things get back to normal, following an eventual process, fishes become pricey. Whether they are for further aquarium purposes or even for consumption, they are heavy on the pockets and will burn your wallet for sure.

Consumers suffer indirectly because of the storm effect, and the business persons, associated with aquaculture are the direct victims of such adverse things. Despite such a weather forecast, they can be shifted to safer places but that doesn’t change the fact that they are going to lose a lot of fishing opportunities. Such scopes are involved with money and many families, who are solely dependent on the fish will be losing out on such things. There will be financial problems like collateral damages and this is actually not something that anybody can prevent.

  • Ecological

Fishes, on the other hand, will lose their habitat, there will be a lot of mess. Many fishes lose their life as well, so they are the first and foremost ones to get affected at the cruel hands of nature. Their absence will create a lot of problems in biodiversity. The entire ecosystem underwater will collapse for a while and it will take time to recuperate.

This is mostly because when such massive things happened, like the storms, not only fishes are dying, many other aquatic creatures like shrimps, snails, and other things also die. They all take an active part in the ecosystem of the water and everybody has a designated role to play. So, their death ensures the topsy-turvy situation in the environmental system that nature had predestined.

You have to be aware of all these facts so that you know the importance of the fish. The main thing is that fishes are vulnerable and we need to take care of them. Though we can’t protect them all the time, especially at times of such natural calamities. Still, we should make more people aware of the importance of the fish and other aquatic creatures.

There are marine aspects as well that you should know. Due to such storms, there are many coastal areas that are flooded with destruction. Not only fishes but many other marine aquatic creatures like snails, corals, and other things are also killed mercilessly.

Fish catching is also a part of fishkeeping industries as there are many fishes who can’t breed in captivity and it is the wild species that are captured and sold. So, many people work in the seashore exclusively for this purpose. They get heavily affected by such circumstances that is no longer in anybody’s control.

Is There Any Prevention of Such Natural Calamities? An Explanation

The short and crisp answer is no, as nobody can prevent storms and thunders ever. The only thing we can do is to use some advanced technologies that can act as a shield against those destructive things. There will not be any such things overnight, because such things will take time to be made. Till then, we should hope facilities that can lessen the harmful effect of such storms.

Another fact is, the weather all over the world is changing to a great extent. Climate change has become a global concern for the last few years. There is so much we can do to protect our earth but we can’t stop natural things from happening. Rains are natural, Tsunamis are natural, and so are cyclones and hurricanes.

We can only work on the infrastructure of aquaculture so that the effects are not as harsh as it is now. Similarly, even if there is any destruction and casualties, we should be able to repair everything soon and that should be our prime focus. Only this way we can ensure a better future for all the people who are depending on aquaculture. Some of them are doing it out of passion while some are doing it just to earn money.

The growing numbers of fish loving people will always stay true to their pets and they will be really upset if anything occurs to the fish industry. The professional breeders also keep on supplying the fishes to the aquarists and if they don’t get enough fish samples, they can’t be catering to others. It is as simple as that and there is nothing to be done by anybody for that matter.