Ronn Torossian On Essentials of email marketing

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Public Relations executive Ronn Torossian says that email marketing is a kind of direct marketing that uses mass or personalized mails to inform customers and convince them to take a specific action. Done right, email marketing can convert one-time buyers into loyal customers. A proper email marketing funnel can generate leads and increase sales. Email marketing is measurable. Given below are some elements of effective email marketing.

Design – Emails can appear confused and cluttered. The designs of email messages need to keep up with technological developments. Creativity and interactivity in the design of emails play a major role. The design should be simple and clean, with the main message and the CTA appearing in a viewable area when the mail is opened for the first time. Most emails are opened on mobile devices, and the use of bold, contrasting colors will attract attention to the CTA.

The email list – Email lists can be purchased from publishers and online databases. An email opt-in bar can be installed across the top of a business website’s homepage. It should be easy to spot. This will lead to an increase in subscribers. But irrespective of the source of the list, it will become inaccurate over time. Cleaning up the list from time to time is critical for the success of the emails. This can be done with the help of an email validation tool. The list should also be segmented to categorize people who are at different levels of interaction with a business.

A compelling subject line – The chances of an email being opened increase if the subject line is brief and catchy. An email may have an amazing body, but if the subject line is not interesting, recipients will not open the mail.For instance, Warby Parker used the line, ‘Uh-oh, your prescription is expiring’ to lure customers to buy glasses.

Frequency and follow-ups – It is better to avoid normal working hours for sending emails. Recipients should be given at least 1-3 days to respond to emails. Following up before that will make a business appear intrusive. Following up with people who do not respond to initial emails can be tricky. It is beneficial to create categories of subscribers, and then to decide on the type of mail to be sent out to subscribers of different categories. If recipients are bombarded with emails they will choose to unsubscribe.

Content – The length of the content appearing in an email is crucial. There should be ample content to get the main message across, but if it is too long, it might risk losing recipients. The content should ideally be written from the customer’s viewpoint, and unfamiliar technical terms should be avoided. Real examples that show how recipients are likely to gain from the mail should be used generously.

Ronn Torossian is a NYC based entrepreneur.

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