The Next Era Of Mobile App Development Is Here: Major trends to watch in 2022

Today, organisations look for the latest technologies and trends to stay in the competition. Mobile application is one crucial space where new trends and technology keeps coming. Mobile apps are very crucial for the success of the organisation, and thus these trends and technologies must be adopted by the organisation. One can hire mobile app development Melbourne company to develop an app with the use of the latest technology.

It is amazing how quickly time passes. Trends come and go, but they never stay the same. New technologies are being developed. Then, most likely, some of it becomes standard, and some of it may eventually become obsolete. However, mobile app development is still a viable option. Not to mention the fact that it is present with all of its elegance and strength.




Mobile apps help companies to increase their reach, increase their sales and grow their business. In current times, customers use apps for buying products/services and for other purposes. 

The mobile apps may not be the same as we are using currently. As time passes, they are going to change in terms of technology, interface, user experience, etc. 

The next era of mobile app development is going to be full of high-technology, and good user experience as the focus would be on allowing people to use apps easily and creating multi-use apps. 

Here, in this post, we will also mention some of the major trends that you must watch in 2022. 


Top 8 mobile app development trends for 2022


  • Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to rule in 2022 and the upcoming years. Today, also AI is used on a large scale, but it is going to grow a lot with the passing time. 

Enterprises are increasingly using AI-powered apps to provide a smarter user experience with fewer resources, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings. Furthermore, users are experiencing a more tailored and in-depth mobile experience than ever before.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

The use of IoT is growing rapidly. The integration of IoT data with mobile apps provides users with on-the-go access to real-time human and equipment data, allowing them to increase process efficiency.

Many big companies are investing heavily in IoT to provide a seamless experience to their users. So, the use of IoT has become a big trend, and this trend is going to stay for many years. 

  • The rise of bots

Chatbots reduces the load of entrepreneurs, and it allows real-time interaction with customers. It is believed that by the end of 2022, around 80% of interactions will be done through chatbots. 

With the use of chatbots, the queries and problems of the customers can be solved in real-time, and the quick solution improves the customer experience. This improves the loyalty of customers towards the brand. Also, converting leads into customers becomes easy. 

Many sectors are enjoying the benefits of using chatbots, especially eCommerce, healthcare, and the IT sector. Thus, the bots are going to drive the next era of the mobile app development market in the upcoming years. You can hire mobile app development Sydney company to use chatbots in the application.

  • AR/VR Technology

AR and VR are quite popular in the entertainment and gaming industry, but now their reach is expanding to other areas as well. Many big brands like IKEA, Instagram and Sephora are already using AR technology in their apps. So, they are able to provide the best user experience, which helps in increasing the conversion rate. 

VR is still not in use compared to other mentioned technologies. So, this is the best time to make use of AR and VR and have an edge against your competitors. 

  • APM and EMM

Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are not new concepts in the business mobile app development process. These two have been inextricably linked in this space for a long time. But they are still in the trend, and these trends are going to stay and help in mobile app development. 

The app performances slow down sometimes due to various reasons. And to keep the performance of your app consistent, APM was introduced. It boosts the performance of your app. 

If we talk about EPM, then it is used for making the app security strong. It also simplifies the transfer of data and applications between mobile devices.

  • 5G wireless technology

5G technology is soon going to enter the mobile app development. It is going to be 100 times faster than 4G technology. 5G is going to change the mobile app development space, but all for good. Big companies like Samsung and Verizon are already working on 5G capable chips. 

Everything will change with this powerful wireless technology, including 3D gaming, data security, and Augmented Reality (AR). The app development process is going to be quick, and also the performance of the apps will be improved by 5G technology. 

  • Cloud-powered applications

Cloud-powered applications are quickly becoming popular, and the major reason behind it is the unlimited space offered by these types of applications. Another reason behind it is the scalability of cloud-powered apps. The other benefits of cloud-powered applications are enhanced productivity, streamlined operations, lower equipment cost, etc. 

  • Accelerated mobile pages

Developers may create feature-rich, hefty websites that load quickly, resulting in high-quality performance and lower bounce rates. As Google integrated AMP listings, the developers can reduce the loading times of the web pages. Also, the accelerated mobile pages also improve the performance of the mobile apps. Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) also help in retaining customers. So, this is the trend that brands should look for. It is already in existence, but its use is going to grow quickly. 


In conclusion, we would say that mobile app development is driven by new trends and technology. Thus, it is important to make use of these trends. We have mentioned some of the popular trends that will rule and drive app development in the upcoming years. Also read some very useful tips for a successful mobile app development.