The Lost Superfoods Reviews: Is This Book Really Effective or A SCAM- Price, Benefits, Complaints, and Review!

Nowadays, it appears as though people have become so engaged in new trends and procedures that they have forgotten how things were done in the past. Nobody considers emulating the practices of our forebears, particularly when it comes to preparing and preserving food.


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Here is the value of the book Lost Superfoods. People a century or more ago were more self-sufficient than the average American is now. They possessed medical gardens, smokehouses, wells, charcoal purifying systems, root cellars, and traps for wild game and fish in their backyards.


The Lost Superfoods by Art Rude, Lex Rooker, Claude Davis, and Fred Dwight is an excellent resource.The book includes more than 30 recipes for long-lasting survival foods, as well as stockpiling suggestions that readers may instantly implement. Throughout the book’s 270 pages, readers are introduced to a variety of traditional dishes and techniques.


What is The Book of Lost Superfoods?

The Lost Superfoods is a 270-page digital resource that teaches users how to cook a range of healthful, shelf-stable, and nutrient-dense meals and methods to share them.The material is organised in such a way that anyone, including people with no prior cooking or hoarding expertise, can utilise it, according to the official website.


With the use of colourful images and easy-to-follow directions, the authors clearly and carefully explain everything in the book. The book offers over 126 previously unknown survival foods and food preservation techniques, making it a valuable resource for everyone.


Notably, each food’s nutritional information is included in the book. This allows readers to determine the specific macronutrients their bodies obtain from the foods in the book, such as fat, carbohydrate, and protein, as well as how much more they require.


According to the official website, the main goal of The Lost Superfoods was to provide three, six, or even a year’s worth of long-lasting superfoods to as many American households as possible. This would allow them to endure a natural calamity like a hurricane or a widespread interruption like a pandemic.


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What Is So Special About The Lost Superfoods?

The Lost Superfoods guide is unique in that it concentrates on foods that may be stored without refrigeration for extended periods of time. As a result, it is a more realistic emergency nutrition resource than other cookbooks. Almost no one remembers the meals mentioned in The Lost Superfoods handbook.


Individuals should keep these natural foods in mind, according to the author. Unlike modern survival foods, they are authentically prepared and kept to retain their freshness for years. Additionally, they do not require the costly freeze-drying method that only a small percentage of Americans can afford.


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These meals can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three years without spoiling. This indicates that in the absence of electricity, food doesn’t spoil. Furthermore, these superfoods are affordable to make and preserve for rainy days.



What Users Discover About Superfoods That Have Been Forgotten

In spite of the fact that the recipes in this book are not pricey or distinctive, they are truly unique. Some of the foods featured in The Lost Superfoods guidebook are already in the user’s kitchen or are easily recognised. Other “forgotten” or lesser-known lost ingredients are absent from today’s meals.


A Google search for a few of the components used and where to get them is recommended by the author. It also teaches readers about various meals and their possible pairings. Kudzu starch, biltong, Tarhana, and pemmican are all discussed in detail, as are the origins and historical significance of each of these products.


Photographs Accompany the Information

According to this adage, one image is worth a thousand words. The photo-supported content in The Lost Superfoods cookbook sets it different from other works of similar genre. The entire book is illustrated in colour. These aren’t photographs of the finished product that have been digitally altered. As a result, they show real progress and express skill by creating pictures that keep people engaged and focused.


In general, these colourful pictures help readers follow directions and compare their products to the author’s. As a result, they can determine whether they are on the right route.


Recipes of Various Types

There are around 120 recipes in The Lost Superfoods cookbook, some of them are as follows:

  • Homemade Spam Recipe for Doomsday Rations
  • Japan’s Elite Assassins Make Month-Long Missions Using This Superfood
  • How to Make Bread on a Stick
  • Three-Year Shelf Life for Viking Survival Food
  • The Native American Tradition of Making Pemmican
  • Producing Delectable Biltong with a Shelf Life of One Year
  • Aaruul—The Superfood that Aided the Mongols in their Ascendancy to the Gates of Vienna
  • Ghee, Boiled Butter, or Clarified Butter Production
  • A Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Bark Bread (3 Methods)
  • Making Homemade Bread from a Can Making Beef Jerky
  • How to Make Delectable Lard That Will Keep for Two Years (and 5 Tasty Recipes)
  • Cooking a Poor Man’s Steak or Canning Amish
  • Stroganoff with Mountaineer Making and Smoking Tuna Sausages de Kielbasa
  • Indigenous Superfood That Saved the American Colonists in 1619

This list is not exhaustive and is intended to serve as a sampling of the recipes contained in the cookbook.


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What’s in The Lost Superfoods?

Art Rude claims to have undertaken extensive research into the long-lasting diets that aided our predecessors’ survival. Among them are the following:


US Doomsday Ration — A Cold Conflict-era superfood intended to feed the US population during the war. According to history, the US government invested considerable resources in designing the secret ration, which was offered to adults for less than 37 cents. However, it is now possible to produce or duplicate it at a fair cost. The ration does not spoil quickly under ideal conditions. Additionally, the ration is small enough to fit easily into a bug-out bag.


Superfood from Leningrad During the Second World War — The bulk of Europeans died of famine during the historic Leningrad siege. People had to find unique techniques of storing food during times of scarcity. Traditionally, it was prepared using cow feet, although it can also be prepared with affordable, fresh meat. According to The Lost Superfoods preservation process, you can store wonderful meals for years without refrigeration.


Healthy Fats – Fats are required for the body to function properly. It contains butyric acid, which promotes nutritional absorption. Additionally, it guards against infection in the intestines. Additionally, the omitted superfood can help you convert potatoes into delightful, nutrient-dense recipes. According to legend, the superfood benefited Swedish farmers in surviving months after their road was blocked by an avalanche.


The Great Depression Superfood, according to Art Rude, saved thousands of Americans from famine during the Great Depression.It’s tasty and keeps for up to two years if left unrefrigerated. Furthermore, lard is a nutrient-dense source of fat that may be used to make soap, cure burns, and cook.


In the 1800s, bread with a long shelf life was popular — It is descended from the Canadian Cree Tribe. It’s high in carbohydrates and takes around a half hour to prepare. Additionally, it has four substances that are commonly available.


It is a Civil War Food Miracle since it is made entirely of food leftovers. Proper preparation can assist you in avoiding the expense of acquiring fresh food on an as-needed basis.


Preservation of Cheese – The vast majority of Americans consume cheese. As a result, it’s advantageous to discover how to make and preserve your scrumptious cheese. The Dutch of Alkmaar are responsible for the cheese’s secret preservation method.


Superfood Black Plague Vitamin deficiency was the leading cause of death in the United States throughout the Dark Ages. Many people’s lives were saved by a superfood made from everyday components like dried wheat berries. Food that is high in nutrients yet also simple to make and keep.


In the event of a power outage, the book The Lost Superfoods offers advice on how to keep refrigerated food fresh. During a blackout, Art Rude shows his readers how to get by on the contents of their refrigerator. How to avoid canning issues and how to make food in economical buckets are also covered extensively in this book.”


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The Lost Superfoods Pricing

Lost Superfoods can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer’s website, according to Art Rude. You can access the digital copy of the book immediately after purchasing it. However, the physical version of the survival book may take several days to arrive at your location. For the actual copy, there is a shipping and handling fee. If you’re not satisfied with Art Rude’s work, you can get a refund within 60 days.


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It is easier to deal with disasters like pandemics, tornadoes, tsunamis and drought when there is a sufficient supply of food, according to Art Rude. It is a survival guide for the worst of nature’s tragedies, titled The Lost Superfoods.


With this book, readers can learn how to preserve food without using any chemicals or expensive equipment. As a bonus, it includes superfoods from every dietary category to ensure that you get the right balance of macro and micronutrients.


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