Sites like Alibaba: The best alternatives in 2022



Buying products from the right place is one of the biggest reasons behind the tremendous success of developed businesses. Since a business is nothing without premium quality products, enterprises aim to get top-notch quality products imported from local and international traders at a fraction of the price, for this very reason, Sites like Alibaba are popular. Alibaba is one of the biggest suppliers of wholesale products worldwide.

Unfortunately, sites like Alibaba are not always reliable. Alibaba is available to all your competitors and isn’t always precise with sub-niches. Additionally, global delivery is always a hassle. That is why many Alibaba alternatives are available online and are worth considering.

First up on our list is a blooming B2B site. The site took off quite recently but has been one of the top choices instead of Alibaba. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, it is one of the easiest to navigate. The free packages for beginners and growing businesses could be just what you need to get started.

The site boasts of including SEO tools in its search engine to help users get the products you’re looking for. Furthermore, the sellers get to have the spotlight in front of a local and international audience, all thanks to this platform.



Another top alternative to Alibaba is an inexpensive version of the original thing. This site lets wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and even retailers reach a large audience. With this particular site, you won’t have to worry about your time or money as it will let you deal with all parties easily.



This site is one of the few convenient, efficient, and trustworthy ones out there. eWorldTrade lets you search and find your desired products. They may not be perfect in customer service, but they are a site worth considering if you’re a business that’s willing to put in the effort to grow.


Thomas Net

This initiative took place back in 1898 and attained an online presence as soon as the internet was born. The site lets you connect with thousands of vendors with millions of products from all around the world. This platform is great for getting your hands on authentic B2B products.

This site started right along with Alibaba and thus worked pretty similarly. It offered products that are sometimes even cheaper than Alibaba and many other sites. It has millions of products in its catalogs, and it works as a business-to-business and even as a business-to-consumer site.



This site is great to get your hands on newly launched items at wholesale prices. This Chinese wholesale platform offers a worldwide warranty for the products they deliver. This gives you the assurance you need to purchase from international sellers. It has a wide range of everyday and industrial products.


Export Hub

The site alphabetically arranges all your product niches and is great for new businesses. The site caters to the needs of both buyers and suppliers and has a great site. The site can be effortlessly navigated by anyone and help them get the industrial and commercial products they are looking for.

Another top marketplace for China is, this platform is considered just behind Alibaba and AliExpress. The site offers many amazing features like technical searches for enterprises it hosts. It is also one of the fastest-growing sites we see today in the B2B world.



This honk Kong-based site isn’t a top contender since it won’t exactly let you buy products. The site lets you get in touch with your sellers, where you chat for a quote and make purchases at your own risk.

The site does have higher limitations for products; thus may not be ideal for all sorts of businesses. Nonetheless, it does have access to thousands of products and gives worldwide services.


China Brands

One of the biggest alternatives to popular online wholesale platforms is China Brands. It offers a diverse range of products to its users and has an excellent support team.

The support team ensures that the products traded on the site are up to mark and will never compromise on quality. If you’re looking for quality products, this is a safe bet.


Wrapping it up

Online B2B sites are a great way to source your products. Businesses all around the world opt for Alibaba. Although this shows how versatile a site like Alibaba is, it also makes it common to every other business. That’s why it’s always better to consider other sites and platforms that serve the same purpose too.