Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental Formula Reviews: Natural Pet Care works Legit or Scam?


The most popular pets are animals and especially dogs and cats. Most people accompany themselves with animals as pets, making them revise them from worries through their naughty moves. But taking care of them is complicated since they need special care and attention. Maintaining this care keeps them healthy, safe, and happy, corresponding to your hygiene.

Do you think healthy food, water, and a comfortable sleeping area are all required? They need something more about how a vaccine supports your pet’s health the same way healthy routine care helps. The review is about one such routine care called Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental water additive solution. It is made to take care of the oral hygiene of your pets, which allows them to get closer to you. It keeps them protected and extends their living years.

Keep reading to know how to improve the vitality and health of your pet.

Product Name

Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental


Pet oral care


Felix + FetchTM

Main ingredient

Aloe vera, green tea, potassium sorbate, and more.



Usage route

Oral solution


1 teaspoon a day with 8 OZ water.

Side effects

No harmful effects reported


Dogs and Cats


$32/bottle (minimum)

Purchase access

Official Website only.

What for Fresh Dental is?

Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental is the natural flavorless liquid solution that improves your pets’ dental health and fresh breath. The formula is made especially for dogs and cats with natural ingredients that strengthen the teeth, gums, and freshen breath. The manufacturer claims that the recipe is Vet formulated and is paw parent approved to control the bacteria and tartar in their oral region.

Using this solution to the pet’s drinking water will allow your pet to attain improved energy levels, digestive health, and life span. The Fresh Dental formula breaks down toxic plaque and tartar in the mouth of your pets and makes them remain active without any internal complications. The solution enriches the lives of your furry friends by eliminating the harmful bacteria that spreads quickly through the oral region to the abdomen.

Fresh Dental is reported to be the more thoughtful way of enhancing the pet’s health by strengthening their teeth and gums and improving their eating comfort. It also supports the further process of improving their digestion and preventing any disgusting smell from their mouth and licks. The solution is made in the USA with safe ingredients following the exact manufacturing standards that ensure the safe dosage.

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How does the Fresh Dental solution works? What are the ingredients added to it?

The poor dental health of your furry friend could impact their life expectancy. It could be the early sign of internal problems caused due to harmful bacterial infections. Lack of cleansing the oral area of your pet might allow the bacterial plaque and tartar build-up, which leaks into the body through gums. It rapidly spreads throughout the body and starts affecting the heart, kidney, liver, and causes external signs like poor gums, teeth, and bad breath.

Adding a spoon of Fresh Dental solution to pet drinking water supports healthy gums, strong teeth, and the active life of your funny companion. Hence, the Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental formula is discovered with natural ingredients that take care of your pets’ oral health. The unique combination of natural Fresh Dental ingredients includes 100% natural extracts proven clinically.

Cetylpyridinium Chloride: It whitens the teeth and stops the growth of plaque-forming bacteria.

Aloe leaf extract supports healthy teeth and eliminates plaque and tartar with essential nutrients.

Green tea extract: This extract has anti-inflammatory effects protecting gums against diseases.

Sodium Benzoate: It freshens breath and cleanses the bacteria causing bad breath.

Potassium sorbate: Minerals that support bone mineral density to support teeth, gums, and overall health.

There are also other powerful nutrients included in the formula that help them attain desired results. There is 8 FL OZ of Fresh Dental solution, and every drop of it is free from dairy, soy, corn, and other artificial colors.

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Why choose Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental?

Unlike other pet care routines, Fresh Dental formula is made unique and natural that might support your pets’ health. Here is the list displayed to state the special features of the Fresh Dental formula:

  • It is all-natural and contains no chemicals. The Fresh Dental water additive naturally fights the plaque build-up on gums and teeth.
  • It is completely odorless. Your pet never notices anything different.
  • The formulation is made in the USA with natural extracts and is made powerful without harm.
  • The solution is formulated by a Vet with more than ten ingredients that support your pets’ clean and healthy mouth.

Some Fresh Dental Benefits:

Improves health: Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental solution helps to support healthy digestion and dental health of the pets. This vital care supports the natural health of the liver, kidneys, and other organs that keep them active.

Eliminates plaque build-up: The effective ingredients in the solution are clinically proven to destroy the plaque and tartar. It is better than the toothbrush and other conventional methods of your pet’s oral care.

Supports teeth and gums: After adding this solution to their routine, the nutrients prevent infections in the mouth and maintain optimum health of gums and enamel.

Freshens breath: The natural fresheners in the formula active works to clean the bacterial colonies and improve the breath of dogs and cats to smell clean and fresh.

Safe and stress-free: The Fresh Dental solution is made free from artificial additives and is made 100% natural. It might not harm your pets anyway and makes them enjoy this stress-free cleaning method.

Health support: Apart from oral health, the Fresh Dental solution makes your pet active and energetic. It prevents fatigue and gives better comfort and longevity to your pet.


  • The Felix+Fetch Fresh Dental formula is available on its official website only with better deals. It also ensures the legit purchase.
  • It is necessary to follow the daily dosage and instructions before using the solution. You are not advised to exceed the dosage.

Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental solution! Purchase and Pricing policy!

If you are interested in supervising your pet’s hygiene, this Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental solution might be the right option. The purchase costs are affordable with a simple one-time fee.

30-day pack: Get one bottle for $39/each with minimum shipping cost and save up to $21.

60-day pack: Get two bottles for $34/bottle and $68 in total with FREE shipping and save $37.

90-day pack: Get three bottles for $32/bottle and $96 total with FREE shipping and save $53. (Special Promo 2022) Get Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental Special Deal Today

You can also subscribe and save up to 25% with purchase.

Remember that there is a 30-day return and refund policy applicable. Return the bottle, attach information with your return and send an email to hello@felixandfetch.com to claim the refund in 7 to 10 business days.

Directions to use Fresh Dental formula!

For best results, using the recommended dosage daily is advised. Add one teaspoon of Fresh Dental water additive to 8 ounces of drinking water.

It is flavorless and safe for dogs and cats. Drinking this mixture, pets attain fresh smelling breath and healthier teeth and gums.

Any constraints? Is it safe?

The Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental water additive is safe and odorless for puppies and cats. It can be used for any breed, and it delivers the optimal results only with the recommended dosage.

  • It is made for all dogs and cats 12 weeks and older.
  • Not advised to overdose. If exceeded, please visit a vet as soon as possible.

What do Fresh Dental Parents say? – Verdict!

Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental water additive is a complete pet care solution that lets your pet enjoy the benefits of optimum dental care. This double-strength formula prevents dogs and cats from bacterial plaque and ensures 12 hours of fresh breath that makes you accompany them without any hesitation. Thousands of pets Pawrents reviews have been reported, and there have been no adverse effects claimed so far.

People like Kristen M, Vanessa T, and Lisa O have thanked Fresh Dental solution for improving the lousy breath and destroying the annoying smell. Also, Lauren W specifies that his 60-pound boxer is happier after Fresh Dental consumption than before. You might see people recommending Felix + Fetch Fresh Dental formula for your pet’s health and care.

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