Septifix Tablets Review: Tablets For Septic Tank Treatment

As the name suggests, Septifix tablets are designed to address all your septic tank issues and let you save a little fortune every year by preventing the cost of septic tank maintenance. Moreover, these tables are environment-friendly and oxygen-releasing.


To learn more about these tablets, read this article till the end.


Product Name Septifix Tablets
CrePlease Richard V.
Made of ●        Aerobic bacteria strains

●        Oxygen releasing compounds

●        Ph balancing compounds

Major Benefits ●        100% safe

●        Reduces offensive smell released from clogged tanks

●        Helps to dissolve clogs and sludge build up

●        Extend smooth functioning of your septic tank

Septifix Tablets Price $69 Discounted Price Available
Made in USA
Money-back guarantee 60 days money back guarantee
Availability USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Where To Buy Septifix Tablets?



An Overview of Septifix Tablets

Septifix is advertised as a comprehensive treatment for all your septic tank issues including build up clogs, sludge, corrosion, noxious odor, and more. Also, customer reviews tell that this treatment will also cut the high maintenance charges that you spent to maintain your septic tank every year. Please note that most of the liquid waste from the kitchen and bathroom goes into the septic tank, which is why it is mandatory to maintain your septic tanks for proper functioning. However, it often becomes impossible to keep a check on its maintenance, additionally, the maintenance charges can put an extra burden on your budget. That is why Septifix tablets are advertised as a full-spectrum solution to all your septic problems. And you do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on its maintenance.




Thanks to the creator of these tablets, Richard V., who created this incredible service. This is a complete service to prevent any septic issue to occur, such as corrosion, sludge, cold, or odor. In addition to this, you do not need to pump away the septic garbage and endure the ugliest odor. Each specific pill contains almost fourteen strains of bacteria that are fused with other ingredients. All these components work in synergy to prevent bad odor and improve the pH and oxygenation level of tanks. Plus, we cannot overlook that these tablets fully end your expenditure on maintaining septic tanks. Unlike other septic services, this requires only one-time payment with no subscription or additional charges.




How do Septifix Tablets Work?

Having said earlier, septic tanks need enough pH and oxygenation level to function properly. That is why this treatment is purportedly designed to maintain a pH balance in the septic tank and release enough oxygen in it to prevent smell and dissolve clogs. In particular, each Septifix tablet releases almost 10 liters of oxygen that reacts with hydrogen sulfides in the tank to prevent noxious odor.

Besides, each pill contains around 10 billion aerobic bacteria strains and other ingredients that synergically work to prevent corrosion of septic tanks, pipes, tubes, valves, and other parts. The treatment performs an anti-corrosion function due to the neutralization of acids that are naturally present in water.   Additionally, these bacterias and pH neutralizing ingredients work together to create an ideal environment for bacteria growth ultimately reducing the grease buildup, sludge, clogs, and other harmful pathogens.


Septifix Tablets Ingredients List

According to the official sales page of these tablets, each tablet is made of non-toxic ingredients. Besides, the tablets contain no harmful chemicals that may cause any danger. The key ingredients used in these tablets are mentioned below,

  • 10 billion Aerobic bacteria strain
  • Oxygen-releasing compounds
  • Ph balancing compounds


The Story Behind Septifix Tablets

In particular, the Septifix tablets were discovered by a person named Richard V who is also the proprietor of a plumbing business. More precisely, he was running the plumbing company in nine different states and supervising more than 200 people. The main motive of developing a treatment that can truly resolve all septic issues without harming the environment initially came from providing plumbing services to his clients. With that specific goal of helping his customers and providing them with better and improved services, he launched this unique septic treatment in 2014.

The formula of these septic-maintaining tablets is devised after thorough research of a crew of professionals. For creating an incredible formula, Richard purportedly teamed up with 14 experienced researchers and an esteemed institution in 2011. With the help of this crew of highly professional researchers, Richard developed a natural and environmentally-friendly way to improve the functioning of septic tanks. According to an estimation, these pills are cost-effective and can reduce the expenditure of almost $10,000 that you spend to repair your septic tank every year.

After a research of almost three years, the team successfully developed a natural remedy to keep your septic tank clean and maintain its functioning properly. They identified that septic tanks need a proper level of pH and oxygenation to function properly. That is why they fused fourteen different strains of bacteria in each Septifix tablet. In addition to this, to install these tablets in your septic tanks, you do not need any professional assistance or a plumber. You can easily use Septifix tablets yourself and fix all your septic problems in just a matter of days. Importantly, the service gained a high acclamation of its users and it has been already trusted by more than 21,000 regular customers till present.


What Can You Expect By Using Septifix Tablets?

While using Septifix tablets, you can expect the following things,

  • Septifix tablets provide you the solution to all your septic problems and quickly fix them.
  • Once you start using these tablets, you do not need to spend money on repairing and maintaining your septic tank.
  • The tablets protect your whole plumbing system from corrosion or any damage.
  • With these tablets, the oxygen level of your tank will be significantly improved.
  • The tablets purportedly reduce the odor-causing effects to prevent noxious odor to come from tanks.
  • The tablets promised to reduce the discharge of hydrogen sulfide odor by releasing more oxygen.
  • The tablets do not cause any damage to the environment.
  • The tablets also promise to run your whole plumbing system smoothly preventing any leakage, sludge, or clog.
  • The tablets contain special properties to destroy anaerobic bacteria like e-coli or salmonella and other harmful pathogens within your septic tanks. Please note that these bacteria can cause many health problems.
  • This septic treatment is truly a revolution as it promises to clean your tank from the bottom up and remove all the sludge buildup in it.
  • It keeps your plumbing system fully safe.
  • Specific tablets contain the pH neutralizing ingredients and oxygen-releasing bacteria strains to boost the functioning of tanks and prevent clogging and corrosion with long-lasting effects.
  • Each Septifix pill contains around 10 billion strains of aerobic bacteria that stimulate the growth of bacterial colonies in your septic tank for improved functioning.




Salient Features of Septifix Tablets

  • Septifix tablets are 100% safe and free from any sort of harsh chemicals and toxins.
  • Each Septifix tablet is environment friendly because they release zero dangerous chemicals in the environment.
  • To use these tablets, no special handling or professional help is required.
  • Every pill is made in the United States at a GMP-certified facility.
  • The tablets provide comprehensive septic treatment for all your septic problems.
  • The tablets are designed to release free oxygen to the environment that reacts with hydrogen sulfate and prevents noxious odor.
  • Septifix pills bring more long-lasting results than any other septic cleaning product currently available in the market.
  • This septic treatment is quite economical as compared to other treatment or maintenance charges.
  • Septifix helps you to save a significant amount of money that you spend on the maintenance of a tank every year.
  • Septifix tablets come with a 60-day money-back guarantee so your investment is fully backed with a refund policy.


Septifix Customer Reviews

Right after Septifix tablets’ launch, the formula gained the public’s attention for its legitimate formula that truly works. As a matter of fact, septic tanks are a necessary component of every household for collecting the liquid waste of the kitchen and bathrooms. Also, we can’t deny the fact that septic tanks are prone to many problems such as occasional clogs, sludge, leakage, corrosion, and much more. In addition to these problems, the septic tanks also start eliminating noxious odor due to any underlying issue.

Above all, to keep functioning properly, they need proper maintenance. But thanks to Richard V who has developed truly an amazing formula that aims to solve all these problems at one time. To know whether it truly works as it has been advertised by the creator or not, we need to study the customer reviews. As the formula has already been hundreds and thousands of people who have also shared their success stories. The surprising thing about these reviews is that none of them shared any negative feedback of experiencing poor results. In fact, most of the customers humbly thanked Mr. Richard for creating this incredible formula.


Are Septifix tablets legit or just overhyped?

Septifix tablets are the result of constant hard work of more than three years. The idea of creating these tablets originally came to an owner of a plumber company. After that, he gathered a team of fourteen highly professional researchers who researched for almost three years and thoroughly investigated each possible aspect and effect of these tablets. And finally, the company launched their product with a guarantee of money back policy.

With the combined efforts of fourteen specialists and Richard V, they formulated a unique and highly effective formula to not only repair your septic tanks but also maintain their functionality to avoid maintenance charges. According to its official sales page, the formula has already helped more than 21,000 people. As per the sales draft of the company, around 87% of customers are regular buyers. In short, these facts truly show the legitimacy and effectiveness of tablets.




Septifix Pricing Structure & Discount Details

Six-month supply:

Order six months supply of Septifix tablets for just $69 instead of $99.

Twelve months supply:

Order twelve months supply for just $118.

Eighteen months supply:

Order the best value deal and get eighteen months supply for just $147.




Septifix Complaints

Till date, the company claims to receive only one complaint from more than 21,000 customers i.e. little delay in delivery. Please note that the complaint was registered only during the outbreak of COVID. Due to COVID, many countries enforced lockdowns which badly impacted the courier services. That is why not all but some of the clients reported to get their parcels with the delay of two or a maximum of three days. Otherwise, there is no other complaint registered about the Septifix tablets that may hint at their poor performance or danger risks.


Where to Buy Septifix Supplement?

You can buy the original Septifix tablets from the very comfort of your home without going into any local market because these are available online. For placing your online order, all you need to do is open the official sales page of Septifix tablets and place your order. Their official website is also offering three exclusive discount offers for this batch only. So, you can choose your favorite package and book it by placing an online order for it the right way. While placing your order, always keep in mind to be 100% assured about the website from which you are ordering. To get 100% original Septifix tablets, place your order ONLY on its official website at


Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs

  1. How should I use these tablets for better results?

 The creators claim that it is very easy to use Septifix tablets as there is no rocket science involved in it. In fact, you do not need any plumber or professional help to use these tablets. All you need to do is just throw one tablet and flush it out every month. Please note that one tablet is enough for a normal septic tank that is working properly. However, if your septic tank is already clogged or rusty, you need to use three tablets of Septifix only for the first month. For the second month and onwards, one tablet is more than enough.

  1. In how many days will I receive my parcel of tablets?

 Once you successfully place your online order, you can expect to receive it within just 5 or maxing seven days. The order is directly shipped from the company to your doorsteps via UPS. Also, the official company of Septifix is shipping worldwide so you can book your order for any corner of the world.

  1. What if this septic treatment does not work for my tank?

 At the very first place, the creators of this formula are so assured and confident about their product, so they clearly declared that this situation is not going to happen. According to them, no matter how terrible your septic tank is, the tablets are going to work. Still, if the tablets do not work for your tank or do not work as per your expectation, you can get your full investment back. Because each purchase of the Septifix tablets is stamped with a 100% money-back guarantee. The guarantee lasts for exactly SIXTY DAYS of Your purchase. This means if you request to get your refund at the 23rd hour of the 59th day, your request will be fully entertained and your full money will be refunded the right way.

  1. How are Septifix tablets better than other septic tank cleaning treatments?

 Unlike any other Septic tank cleaning services or treatments, Septifix tablets only provide the utmost comprehensive treatment that resolves literally all the septic problems preventing any of these problems from occurring in the future. Besides, the tablets are oxygen-releasing that can release up to 10 liters of oxygen per tablet. This feature significantly helps to reduce the odor-causing effects of hydrogen sulfides. Additionally, the tablets contain almost 10 billion aerobic bacteria strains that keep your tank clog-free and prevent any sludge from forming. Above all, the tablets are available online all around the globe and come with a SIXTY DAYS money back guarantee.




Septifix Tablets Final Review

Septifix tablets are advertised as a comprehensive treatment for your septic tanks. The word ‘comprehensive’ has been purportedly labeled with these tablets because these are designed to address all the problems of your septic tanks. Plus, the tablets also treated advanced issues such as buildup clogging, sludge, corrosion, and more.

As we all know that septic tanks are prone to occasional clogs, sludge, corrosion, and even leaks, so professional maintenance is always required once a year at least. Thanks to Richard V who has simply invented an incredible service that completely prevents the necessity of maintenance and ceases its high expenditures. Above all, the tablets also prevent the release of noxious odor from your tanks and even bathrooms.

Besides, the tablets are easy-to-use and, most importantly, environment-friendly. Due to the legitimacy and high efficacy of the tablets, it has already gained the trust of almost 21,000 people. With this huge figure, the company claims to receive zero complaints. Still, the company is offering a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you will have FULL TWO MONTHS for experimentation without any fear of loss.

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