Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews 2022: Does It Worth It?…the smart backup light

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Having to deal with darkness is not something everyone would like to do. As humans, we require light to enable visibility. Also, light comes with the feeling of safety, and activeness.

For some reason, having a light around the house is a good way to indicate the presence of human beings and indicates security. In addition, people with the fear of darkness will require a backup light to keep them from the fear and anxiety of darkness.

For obvious reasons, we may not have a power supply 24hrs of every day. This can be a result of many things. Power outages and disconnections can be some of the reasons for the outage. In addition, natural events like storms, blizzards, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes can be another reason for power outages.

Power outages can be quite dangerous. Hurricanes, storms, and blizzards cause power disruptions in the United States every year. Most American households will be left in darkness for hundreds of hours, leaving them exposed to harm (Surge Emergency Bulb Review).

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Tripping and falling in the bathroom, rolling down the stairs, and fire accidents caused by lit candles can all result in these injuries. Do not be caught off guard. In a Blackout, you can instantly stay secure. The Surge Smart Bulb that always stays on might save you a lot of money, especially when there is a power outage.

Again, we may require lighting in places without metered connections. Whether it is your favorite camping program, or you would like to go fishing, there will also be the need for an emergency backup plan when it comes to lighting.

My Personal Experience (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

As a father of three, I have to do all within my power to keep the home safe and well-lit. We often experience power outages and Jenny my last daughter has a strange fear for darkness.

Jenny will never leave my side once it is dark. She would not do any errands. Even with our traditional light sources, she still had a reason to complain. For her, it is either the big lamp does not last long, or the blue light does not feel right. When we missed charging any of the lamps, we do have a hard time putting Jenny to sleep.

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For this reason, we have many bulbs and emergency lights around the home. They served but we kept looking. The blue emergency lights feel cold. For lamps, we had to add charging them into our schedule. When it came to positioning them, there was one challenge or the other.

All these challenges ended when I found Surge emergency bulb. It fits directly into our bulbs, and we do not have to worry about charging it. In addition, when it comes to positioning, it serves well. Just like our regular light bulbs, it lights the rooms well and Jenny no longer has problems running little errands at night.

What this review tells you (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

This review is a personal review on the Surge emergency bulb. It tells you what it is and how it works. We have only compared it to many products out there.

Again, you will see the features, benefits, and specifications of the Surge emergency bulb reviews. The reviews also cover where and how you can secure one for yourself at a discounted price.

The reviews also cover frequently asked questions, what other customers are saying about surge emergency bulbs, and the guarantee policy of the product. Reading these reviews will leave you informed so you get to make the best choice.

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What exactly is a surge emergency? (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

A surge bulb is an emergency light source designed with adequate technology to provide enough light. Surge bulbs use LED technology and built-in batteries. It comes with a dual function. With the switch mode, you can turn on the bulb with the switch so can decide when you want it on and when you want it off. This is necessary as people’s preference certainly differs.

In addition, surge bulbs also have the emergency mode. Surge bulbs are smart and can detect darkness and switch on automatically. This feature is one of its distinguishing features.

Since, power outages are unplanned events, getting around to get alternative light sources can be challenging but having a surge bulb saves you the stress.

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This signifies that the Surge Bulb is a rechargeable light bulb that automatically turns on when the lights are turned out. During a power outage, the Surge Emergency Backup Light uses sophisticated technology to keep your home lit. You will see what you have been missing in terms of disaster preparedness lighting with these lights. (Reviews of Surge Emergency Light Bulbs)

Surge bulbs can be used anywhere a standard light socket is present.

This LED Bulb includes the previously described Surge Switch Technology, which allows normal light operation during power outages. A rechargeable internal battery powers it. The battery recharges during normal use, so you do not have to worry about running out of juice.

It comes in a sleek design that mimics the original light bulb. It also comes with a hook so you can get the best by placing it in the right position.

Surge emergency bulbs come with cutting-edge technologies that can you give you a light for up to six hours. It is simple to use and requires no installation whatsoever. Its design gives the best output.

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If you stand a chance of having a power outage, you should get this product. You will require the bulb to keep the house lighted and discourage foul play around your home.

Again, if you stay with or have people with the fear of darkness, surge emergency is a necessity. Its emergency mode can bring the lights on automatically once it senses darkness. By the way, surge bulbs have 100% accuracy when it comes to detecting darkness.

This implies the surge bulb is for everybody. You will need it for one reason or the other. Consider a fishing or camping night. The switch-mode of surge bulbs will enable you to have a safe time and you would not have to worry about darkness.


Surge bulbs stand out from their contemporaries with features that are simply stunning. Below are some features of surge bulbs:

Built-in rechargeable battery: irrespective of the sleek and bulb-like design of surge bulbs, they come with a built-in rechargeable battery that can serve up to 6 hours when charged fully. The battery is charged automatically by itself once you plug it into a live socket with electricity. Despite their capacity, the bulbs are very light and durable.

Affordable: a product like this can cost much more, but a surge emergency bulb is not a product you have to pay for through your nose. It is quite affordable and more than that, it is a good use of your money.

Environmental friendly: the surge emergency bulb uses LED technology and uses a lesser amount of electricity than conventional lamps and electrical bulbs. In addition, when compared to other solutions to a power outage, it has no negative effect on the environment.

Unique modes: the surge emergency bulb either can be controlled by a switch or can use its Ebulb technology to automatically switch on and off in response to light and darkness. This feature is so cool that many people are grabbing this product for their homes.

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Simply because it is worthwhile and will pay for itself tenfold in the event of a power outage. Power outages pose a threat to one’s safety. Power outages can occur for a variety of reasons: wind, rain, ice, you name it and it’s likely caused one.

Squirrels are responsible for 11% of all power disruptions. We have all had the unpleasant sensation of waking up in the middle of the night to find the lights have gone out. Bathrooms and stairwells become dangerous to navigate without lighting.

They pose a fall danger for elderly persons, turning minor falls into deadly catastrophes. Some householders use alternatives such as candles and flashlights. Candles, on the other hand, are not bright enough are cause many fire incidents.

Flashlights may only emit a single focused beam and are frequently corroded by battery acid. You will need an emergency backup light that safely illuminates the entire room if your lights go out.

For hours at a time.

The Surge Emergency Backup Light comes in handy in this situation. It provides you with security and peace of mind. When your power goes out, having quick illumination promotes protection and minimizes worry and anxiety. It is as simple as changing a light bulb to get ready for storm season or the next power loss. A couple of these are required in every home and business.

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The advanced built-in batteries power surge bulb LED lights. This produces sufficient light to light up your house. The batteries of the bulb are charged automatically as they are plugged into light sockets.

What is the best place to use the Surge Emergency Light Bulb? (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

The Surge Emergency Light Bulb may be used anywhere; simply screw it into the socket and you are ready to go! You can put it to use in Entrance,

Staircases, Bathroom, Sheds for outdoors, Outside, Garage, etc.

This way you do not have to worry about charging your bulbs and you can use them as your regular bulb.


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Benefits of Surge Emergency Light Bulb? (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

Affordable: people hardly come by good messages these days. However, what is scarcer is coming by an affordable and good product. The Surge emergency bulb does so much and yet costs less than a hundred dollars. Read on to see the exact price.

Easy to install and use: you do not require an electrician to install this device in your home or office. This bulb fits into conventional light switches. This way, a surge bulb can be used as both a regular bulb, a rechargeable lamp bulb, and an emergency bulb with an automatic switch-on once the light goes off.

Little maintenance: the surge bulb charges itself automatically once it is plugged into a light socket. It is also very, durable, light, and portable. You can take it to wherever you need.

Portable: having a portable product ensures you do not miss out on it anytime you need it. You can take your surge emergency bulb to your office, a camping program, or a fishing night. It also comes with a hook so you can always find a good place to position it.

Long-lasting batteries: with the surge emergency bulb, we are talking about 6 hours straight light supply after a complete charge. This should be sufficient if you are using a surge emergency bulb for power outage problems.

What distinguishes Surge Emergency Light Bulb from the competition? (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

Emergency Surge Light Bulb fits into your existing light socket, so you do not have to worry about finding another one.

Emergency Back-Up Surge the light bulb battery lasts for almost 6 hours, so you will be in the dark until the light comes back on.

The battery in your Surge Emergency Light Bulb recharges itself. You do not need to do anything; simply screw it in and you are ready to go.

There is no need for any form of installation. All you have to do now is plug the home safely light into your outlet and begin saving money.

Designed to last for more than 25,000 hours.

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How to Use Surge Emergency Bulb (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

To use the surge bulb, you do not require any pro knowledge or technical skill. It fits well into regular light sockets so you can always pluck it in.

For the different modes, you can switch between its automatic mode and the regular rechargeable lamp with a switch.

What are the Pros and Cons of Surge Emergency Light Bulbs? (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)


It does not use a lot of energy.

It has the potential to endure up to 6 hours.

Emergency and normal functions are both available.

The battery is rechargeable.

Turns on and off on its own.

EBULB technology with smart LEDs.

Affordably priced.


The product is not available on the market.

Surge Emergency Light is not available in a physical store.

The official website is the only place where you can get it.

There are only a few left.

Where to get Surge Emergency Bulb (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

The surge emergency bulb is only available online through the official website. Purchasing from the official website is the only way to

Buy at a discounted price

Buy securely without the risk of getting hacked

Enjoy the guarantee policy of the company

Ensure you get nothing other than the original surge emergency bulb

Pricing of the Surge Emergency bulb (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

The surge emergency bulb comes in different packages. This way, you can save even more, get the quantity you want, and find the package that suits your need.

Below are the prices arranged alongside the quantity, and how much you save

8 Surge Bulbs at $336.00, save 67%, and buy now at $109.99

4 Surge Bulbs at $168.00, save 58%, and buy now at $69.97

1 Surge Bulb at $336.00, save 17%, and buy now at $34.95

These stocks are bonuses that are not guaranteed forever, take action now. Click the link to secure your surge emergency bulb.

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Guarantee Policy of the Surge Emergency bulb (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

The manufacturers of Surge Emergency bulb offer a 30-day guarantee for their products. If within 30 days of purchasing this product, you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you can return the product and get a refund.

This guarantee policy sounds too good to be true and one can guess it because of the confidence the manufacturers have in the quality of their products.

Frequently Asked Questions about Surge Emergency Bulb (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

Must I charge the Surge emergency bulb before using it?

Although the Surge Emergency Light Bulb can function without being charged, it is recommended that you charge it for at least six hours before using it.

What are the applications for the Surge Emergency Backup Light?

The smart EBULB technology works best in a single-pole light switch-controlled light socket. There’s only one light and one switch. This means they won’t work in multi-unit switches and dimmers, such as those used in ceiling fans, or single lights controlled by two switches.

When the switch is flipped ‘off’ or if there is a power outage, do these lights stay on?

When there is a power loss, the Surge emergency bulb uses sophisticated technology to detect it. As a result, when they are plugged into the proper power outlet, and the switch is turned off, the bulb will not come on.

What is the lifespan of the Surge Emergency Backup Light?

LED lights have a 25,000-hour lifespan. During a power outage, a fully charged Surge EBULB may provide up to 6 hours of illumination.

Customers Reviews on Surge Emergency Bulb (Surge Emergency Bulb Reviews)

I do not usually write reviews, however… Wow! This bulb is the one item I had no idea I needed. During a recent hurricane that left me without power for two days, I was fortunate to have three brand new bulbs to use. What an incredible lifesaver! You will need these in your life, believe me! Monica

This 60w bulb can light a room, unlike a flashlight or lantern. It is a warm light, not the frigid blue of an emergency light. It is rechargeable, has a portable attachment, or may simply be screwed into a lamp at home to light up when the power goes off. What a fantastic gift idea! Kevin Holmes

During a power outage, it worked perfectly. I placed one in the kitchen and it instantly lighted up the room. The one in the bathroom was so bright that it appeared as if I had turned on the regular light. Tracy Wolfson

It lasted for a year and a half with continuous usage. It provides enough light for a small to medium-sized room. It is an excellent bulb. Mikey 

Very good lighting. It lights well enough. My neighbors mistake it for electricity.

The quality is okay. Winson

This product is real value for money. It is one of the wisest use of money I made this year.  Trikkal

This is an excellent product. Reddy


Having your space well-lit is so underrated. It does not only increase your ability to see and go about your normal routine, it does so much more.

It can help you keep awake if you have to, prevent many forms of home accidents, and discourage thieves from trying out your home. Again, having your home well-lit is beneficial to your health. You do not need to strain your eyes to see.

However, many people will continue having power outages. Many things can be responsible for this. However, whatever the cause, we cannot just sit back and resign to fate when there is something we can do!

Amongst the available options of keeping your home well lit in time of outages, the Surge emergency bulb stands out. It is not as immobile, expensive, and fragile as other options.

Surge bulb presents themselves as a smart solution to the problem of darkness during power outages. It keeps your home/office lit so you do not have to worry about darkness. It works as a regular bulb, fits into regular light switches, and charges itself automatically.

Preparing for a power outage has never been easier, buy your Surge emergency bulb now!

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