Reasons for Choosing Lobbytrack for a Secure Workspace

Ensuring security is the most important part of the proper work environment. Since the measures required to keep the premises safe vary based on several factors. As you have to get it done anyway, finding the right firm makes a huge difference. We are going to talk about a popular firm that specializes in providing the level of security your firm deserves. So, let us get started without further delay.

What is so special about Lobbytrack?

Lobbytrack is a prominent name in this category. It has already gained a spot among one of the best firms for managing visitors and booking space-like tasks. All those who are looking for meeting room booking software at its best should consider this one without giving a single thought. And there are several reasons for that. This firm offers several features that would just simply your experience in managing things at the workplace when it comes to managing visitors and arranging space for a meeting and other works like that.

Talking of their latest accomplishment, they have just completed the development of two-factor and single sign-on authentication facilities. This one comes with a lot of benefits for you, as well as your visitors or employees. Let us talk about its benefits for the users first. The 2-factor authentication and single sign-on feature are available on the Lobbytrack web application and Employee mobile application. If the users/visitors have already registered on Okta or similar identity management applications, they can use those credentials to sign in through the web or mobile applications of Lobbytrack.

And the admins have several benefits of this feature as well. This amazing feature lets the admins add an extra layer of security by 2-factor authentication with the help of emails and passwords. Taking a look at the objective of Mr. Sandeep Jolly, you will find that this firm is highly serious about developing secure solutions that are well-suited for a wide range of workplaces.

The best thing about 2-factor authentication is that it is available with and without okta. Its application is really simple. Once the admin activates this feature through the web application of Lobbytrack, the users would need to complete two-factor authentication in order to sign in. First, the users would need to enter the password and then a unique code will be sent to their email IDs. There are several workspaces where you have to ensure extra security. And that is exactly where this feature suits the best.

Lobbytrack works the best in many ways. Now their most basic application for visitor registration and space booking works with the modern-day advanced enterprise applications. This application is now compatible with all the advanced features like automation, software for virtual events, controlling online access, etc. This one is readily able to serve an array of your needs.

Benefits of 2-factor authentication

There are several benefits that make 2-factor authentication one of the most reliable options right now. It adds an extra layer of security that enhances trust and ease among users. Apart from that, it works well in reducing help desk costs. You would be surprised to know that the majority of calls in these cases are related to password changes and other things associated with that. But two-factor authentication eliminates the need for changing passwords so often. That is why it contributes to reducing overall help desk costs.

A little bit about Lobbytrack

This company was founded in 2007 by Jolly Technologies. Jolly Technologies is a firm specializing in delivering software solutions that are either desktop or are cloud-based. Those software tools are intended to help you with event management, tracking assets, managing visitors, etc. With such a background, Lobbytrack offers features that work the best for managing hybrid workspace. They offer software solutions that come with several advanced features, unlike conventional solutions.

Features like pre-registration of users, safety questions, check-in features that are touchless in operation. In order to provide an even better and more secure environment, the facility for criminal watchlist screening, essential alerts, emergency evacuation, etc. is also available. With over a million users of software solutions from Jolly Technologies, it is definitely able to deliver the best results for your security-related needs.

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