Nerve Shield+: Is Nerve Shield Plus Legit to Use? Before Buy Read Warnings, Complaints and 30 Days Report!

According to the official website, Nerve Shield Plus is a 3-in-1 all-natural supplement. It contains specially selected herbal ingredients and vitamins. These are combined to target specific nerve-related problems and inconveniences such as tingling, stabbing, and burning nerve pains.

It promotes better sleep quality, increased energy levels, and fluid movement. Each 60-capsule bottle provides a 30-day supply. Nerve Shield Plus should be taken two times daily. To avoid side effects, it is important to not exceed the recommended dose. Take the capsule between 20 and 30 minutes before you eat. This will ensure that you get the best results.

Nerve Shield Plus has 12 ingredients. Most of the ingredients are vitamins. Nerve Shield Plus should not be taken with chromium supplements. You should not use the product if your child is under 18 years old. Before you take this product, make sure to consult your doctor if you have diabetes or high blood sugar. To be safe, you should consult your doctor before using this product, even if there are no other health issues.

If you are allergic to dairy, soy, wheat, or egg, the Nerve Shield Plus supplement should be avoided. This product is also processed in the same facility. This supplement is meant for adults only. Like all other therapeutic products, keep them out of direct sunlight. Nerve Shield Plus should not be used as a substitute for any medication. This supplement is not intended to replace a meal.

Nerve Shield Plus has a video that allows you to see the product in action. The video can be a bit confusing at times, so we are here to review everything in the Nerve Shield Plus promotional video.

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Nerve Shield Plus


Product Name Nerve Shield Plus
Main benefits Helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and  depression
Ingredients L-Arginine
Dosage As Prescribed on Bottle or Consult Your Doctor
Precautions Not for pregnant women and Children
Price Check Official Website
Administration Route  Oral

What’s This Nerve Shield Plus?

Neuropathy refers to nerve damage. This can be caused by an imbalance of vitamins or toxins, as well as old age. This condition is most commonly characterized by excruciating pain in nerves, tingling, and a stabbing sensation. This condition is common among people all over the globe, but many people ignore it until it gets worse. It is important to take care of this condition before it becomes too late. You can also incorporate supplements into your daily routine to prevent nerve damage.

Nerve Shield Plus relieves discomfort and protects nerves from damage, as the name implies. This supplement can be used to relieve nerve damage symptoms such as burning, tingling, and prickling. This supplement, according to Nerve Shield Plus’ official website, helps repair damaged cells and protect them in the future. It is therefore useful in relieving neuropathy and protecting against it.

Nerve Shield Plus comes in 60 capsules. If you take the capsules daily, one bottle will last for 30 days. The official website states that you can take 2 capsules daily to relieve neuropathy symptoms. You should not exceed this amount as it could cause adverse health effects.

Nerve Shield Plus is a multi-faceted solution. Nerve Shield Plus can help reduce the chance of nerve damage-related death, hospitalizations, and even amputations. Nerve Shield Plus can help relieve the unpleasant sensations of nerve damage, such as electric shocks and pains, prickling, crawling, pains, cramps, stabbing, burning sensations, and numbness.

The manufacturer of Nerve Shield Plus says that this happens as an enzyme builds up over time. The reason is discussed in more detail later.

It can help with memory problems, and it can boost self-esteem. An impending condition can reduce a person’s ability to live. This supplement can reduce the burden on the individual and prevent the inevitable emotional decline of the entire human race. Nerve pain and disorders are complicated subjects.

People can feel desperate to find relief for what seems to be an ever-increasing pain.

The Nerve Shield Plus supplement can help improve your quality of life and stop some complications from getting worse. This does not mean you should not consult your doctor before using this product. Nerve Shield Plus may be able to help in many ways. However, you should consult your doctor before you take this product.

How does Nerve Shield Plus work?

Before you can understand your money, it is important to fully comprehend the mechanism of action for any supplement. Let’s now see how Nerve shield Plus relieves neuropathy.

Prevents Myelin Sheath Damage

The myelin sheath protects nerves from any damage. It is vital to ensure nerve function, and any damage can cause severe pain. Nerve Shield protects the nerve sheath and protects it from harmful substances in the blood.

Improved Blood Circulation

The Nerve Shield Plus supplement ensures adequate blood flow to all body organs. It helps to keep your nerves healthy, and oxygenated.

Increases Cell Regrowth Rate

Cell regrowth is vital for maintaining the nervous system and overall health. This supplement encourages cell regrowth and maintains nerve health.

Reduces Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can cause severe pain and lead to neuropathy. This inflammation can be soothed and eventually relieved by the Nerve Shield Plus supplement.

Sneak Peek at Nerve Shield Plus Ingredients

Nerve Shield Plus Supplement’s all-natural ingredients include many herbal extracts as well as essential vitamins. These ingredients have many benefits, not only for neuropathy but also to improve overall health.

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Ingredients Nerve Shield Plus

Nerve Shield Plus is safe to use because it contains natural ingredients. It contains two main types of ingredients: vitamin and herbal.

Herbal Ingredients


This component serves the primary purpose of controlling blood pressure, preventing heart disease, reducing inflammation, controlling blood sugar levels, and treating erectile dysfunction. Because it takes time to repair damaged cells and tissues, diabetic patients are more susceptible to neuropathy. It regulates blood sugar and helps in tissue and cell repair.


Feverfew is the main ingredient in treating and preventing allergies, migraines and headaches, stiffness and respiratory illnesses, as well as intestinal problems. It has both anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

Chinese Skullcap

This compound is used to control blood sugar. This compound can cause blood sugar levels to drop to dangerous levels if it is used excessively. Nerve Shield Plus supplement has the Chinese skullcap in the correct amount to prevent blood sugar levels from dropping dramatically.

It can also be used to treat gastrointestinal problems and respiratory problems.

Oat Straw

Scientists refer to oat straw as the Avena Sativa plant, which is primarily found in North America and Northern Europe. It is a cereal grass species that is grown primarily for its seeds. Oat straw is made from the stems and leaves of the plant. It is high in iron, zinc, and manganese. Oat straw offers many benefits.

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Higher brain performance
  • Improved moods
  • Boosts body defense mechanism
  • Inflammation is reduced
  • Increase blood flow

Passion Flower

There are many benefits to extracting passionflower plants. It can help with anxiety and insomnia symptoms. It can also treat irregular heartbeat and menstrual problems. To provide relief, passionflower extract was traditionally used on burns.


Vitamin B2

Nerve Shield is a supplement that contains Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin. It aids in tissue repair. It offers many benefits including:

  • Acne prevention through an improved skin condition
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Treats burning feet syndrome
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • Improves blood condition

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is produced by the body in response to sunlight. Vitamin D3 is also found in certain foods, which plays an important role in our bodies. These three benefits are:

  • Increases body’s resistance to diseases
  • Helps prevent depression
  • It aids in the loss of excess fat.
  • Treats bone disorders and improves bone formation

Folic Acid (vitamin A9)

Folic Acid’s primary function is to create new cells. Folic Acid protects cells from DNA alterations that could lead to cancer.

Thiamine (vitamin A1)

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is a vitamin that helps the body to break down starch and produce the energy it needs. It protects against various cancers, including cervical cancer.

The supplement also contains the following main vitamins:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6

What to Expect from Nerve Shield Plus?

Nerve Shield Plus offers many benefits beyond nerve problems. This formula contains many ingredients that target blood sugar to maintain healthy levels. People are often unaware of sugar fluctuations and are therefore at high risk for developing diabetes. They only learn about it after the disease has progressed. It is therefore highly recommended to use a dietary supplement that reduces nerve pain and regulates sugar levels.

Nerve Shield Plus also provides vitamins, minerals, as well as other nutrients necessary for healthy body function. Because people who have poor diets are often affected by nutritional deficiencies, this supplement is extremely beneficial. This supplement is not required if you do not want to take a multivitamin pill.

Nerve Shield Plus does not treat any medical condition. It’s a preventive supplement that protects your body from the severe side effects of nerve pain. Talk to your doctor if you have already been diagnosed with this disease. They will be able to create a treatment plan that suits them.

To get faster results, you should always follow the recommended dosage. A high dose of a supplement will not make it work better. Each capsule of Nerve Shield Plus has been carefully formulated to ensure that the ingredients are safe for adults. It is possible to take it higher than recommended, which could cause harm to your body. Avoid experimenting with dietary mixes, even if they come from herbal sources. Combining supplements with medicines, food, alcohol or caffeine could lead to serious health problems.

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Why Nerve Shield Plus Manufactured is it?

According to Thomas Carlswell’s story, Nerve Shield Plus was created by an accident. His mother suffered from nerve pains similar to what many others are currently experiencing. Other things can distract from the pain, such as prickly sensations or other discomforts. Carswell’s mother didn’t notice that she was also feeling nerve pain in her foot.

Carswell’s mother did not know that her mother’s foot was already thinned by the enzyme we mentioned. His mother lost her balance and nearly fell on the counter in the kitchen. Thomas managed to grab her hand.

After a few months of testing, they were unable to determine if his mother had active neuropathy. Carswell was devastated and began to search for answers.

He recalls that he is a senior manager at his local biology laboratory. After three months of intensive research, he quickly found the remedy that his mother desperately needed after all these years. His mother was in worsening condition and there was little time to save her.

This formula was given to him by a colleague who had just arrived from Malaysia. This was a neurosurgeon. MMP-13 is the enzyme responsible for nerve damage and neuropathies. Every person on earth has different environmental factors that can cause the overproduction of this enzyme. He explains how it works and is then given the formula to inhibit this enzyme that can be used to heal his mother’s nerve injury.

He spent all his money to make a capsule with all the ingredients. Then he gave it to his mom. There were no changes at the onset. But she miraculously recovered over time. She noticed that her skin was healing and that she no longer felt any nerve discomfort.

After a few weeks, she was discharged and she began to live a little younger.

Thomas Carswell was the one who started the noble cause to distribute this supplement at a fair price for everyone. This is the basic story. Although we will never know for certain if this is true, one thing is certain – Nerve Shield Plus has something going for them, even though it may not be as effective as some would believe. Let’s now take a closer look at Nerve Shield Plus, scientifically speaking.

Nerve Shield Plus: Benefits

  • This may help to regulate blood sugar, particularly in those with diabetes.
  • This may provide relief for nerve pain
  • May improve sleep patterns
  • May help reduce neuropathy symptoms
  • This may help speed up wound healing
  • May be able to repair nerve damage

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Side Effects Nerve Shield and Side Effects

Side effects of Nerve Shield Plus ingredients are minimal at best. These side effects only occur if you take too much Nerve Shield Plus. If taken in dangerous amounts, one ingredient, the Chinese Skullcap can cause hypoglycemia. It can cause blood sugar to drop, instead of being regulated. If this happens, you could experience severe complications.

Two capsules per day are the recommended dose. You can go lower but not higher. It is a warning. Take care and eat in moderation. If your body allows it, it will eventually work.

Price for Nerve Shield Plus

Nerve Shield plus can be purchased on the official website. This product is only available through this website. It is not available at Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. This is so that you don’t buy fake products from random sellers and waste your money.

Nerve Shield Plus comes in three packages, so everyone can purchase it according to their requirements. You can purchase the product at a discount rate when you buy bulk packages. The cost per bottle is $69 Each bundle comes at the following price:

Three bottles of Nerve Shield Plus are $59 each

Six bottles of Nerve Shield Plus are only $49 each

Order directly from the official website to receive your product at your door. People search online for products but they may also find the product in local shops, where they can inspect them. The risks are automatically lower if you buy directly from the official site. Nerve Shield Plus is best purchased from the official website than buying from local sellers. You are more likely to fall for a scam than get a product that is worthless. Many competitors use the same packaging or name to market their products due to high demand and popularity. When making a purchase, it is your responsibility to check the legitimacy of the source. The original company does not have distributors or partners so you can only purchase Nerve Shield Plus pills directly from them.

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Verdict and Summary Nerve Shield

Nerve Shield Plus wouldn’t have been complete without the research archives at the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The references show that the product’s creators did their research well, but with one problem. MMP-13 isn’t a significant discovery at the moment. It is still being investigated and may not be the source. It is amazing that we are making small progress.

Nerve Shield Plus can be confused as a supplement. Although it was intended to target nerve damage, it failed to address another condition called blood sugar problems. MMP-13 is still being studied, and it is not the best method to treat neuropathy. In any case, even little progress is still significant. You decide whether you want to do this.


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