Rangextd Router Review 2022(Update): Is Range Xtd Router Worth It?


It is frustrating to have utilities you can afford become a problem. I have not been this furious before. Since I trade volatility as a retail forex trader, I need fast internet services and I am willing to pay for them. Volatility trading is very volatile. Having a shaky network can cause a lot.

I have talked with my service providers about my need and they advised me to upscale my plan. I paid heavily for this new package and set out to trade. I was wrong. Not only did the network cause me significant losses, but it also made me so angry that I had to step outside to cool off.

I visited a friend, Mark, who is a fellow trader. In fact, he is my mentor. He was trading at the moment so I had to wait to see him. He came out a few minutes later smiling, he had made significant profits from a position I was considering. I was enraged.


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I felt he was lucky because I was also aware he faced network challenges like myself. He asked the reason for my resentments.

After my narration, I was surprised to find out that he no longer battles with the internet as he now has quick access to the internet. He also shared how effective he was been in his trades and online businesses after finding a solution to the network issue.

In amazement, I connected to his internet to check things for myself. I was surprised by how fast I could access the internet. This enables him to connect easily to the internet irrespective of his position in the house. I spent my time surfing the internet and streaming videos, and things the poor network at my place prevents me from enjoying.

According to my Mark, Rangextd Router is the wonder device that has helped solve his internet issues. Mark has also lost money in the past and did thorough research concerning his challenge. His research revealed some secrets about some network providers. RangeXTD router was just the right response to the problem of a frustrating network he added.

I asked Mark where I could buy one right away and he told me to buy from the official site. Since then, I have had better internet connections with no Wi-Fi problems.

Unlike Mark, I am leaving a review of what RangeXTD router is, and what it can do for you!

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WHAT RANGEXTD ROUTER IS (rangextd wifi router


RangeXTD is a router that can boost the range of the current router. It is very portable and easy to use. In size, it is so portable that it can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Also, you do not require to be a technician to use. By simply plugging RangeXTD in a wall socket and connecting to your router, RangeXTD gives you a super-fast and reliable internet connection and eliminates dead spots around your house.

Every day, billions of people need to access the internet not just for fun, but also for other personal reasons. Students will have some research to do, business persons will have some business operation to finish up online.

Whichever the case, the RangeXTD router is a solution as it is a router that comes with a powerful amplifier. It takes the signal from your home router, routes it to be stronger, and amplifies it so it can get to every part of your home. RangeXTD allows you to have higher internet speeds without having to upgrade your ISP package.


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I am yet to see someone who is not pissed off by the slow network. Almost everyone would agree that such an experience is very annoying. Nobody likes to wait for ages to load a site, or when the network tampers with the thrill of the videos they watch.

Again, if you are a student, an online businessperson, or a forex trader like me, you might be needing RangeXTD more! Having the network frustrate your attempt to have fun is a thing but missing a client, losing money, or failing to meet a deadline because of the network is on a completely different level.

For family people, you do not want your children quarreling or complaining because of the network. You also do not want anyone to stay in the dead zone with no internet access. This could constitute trouble at home.

This is why RangeXTD is highly recommended for everyone. Irrespective of your need for the internet, you definitely want to access it with speed and have quality time on the internet.


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Provided you have internet problems, I would recommend RangeXTD. Mark told me that tough walls and floors block the signals of routers. This is why some rooms appear to be shut off from the router signals. In addition, some people attribute slow internet to bandwidth throttling.

As is often the case, going around the problem of slow internet through traditional means like moving your router, switching Wi-Fi channels, using wired connections are just inconvenient. Unfortunately, even contacting your ISP may only see you upgrade your package without any considerable difference.

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RangeXTD comes with two innovative routers and a powerful amplifier. I know this appears too much for such a portable device but you have to credit the technology that sponsors it.

The features of RangeXTD make it so effective, it even comes with two antennae.

RangeXTD receives the signal from your router, then increases its range and frequency. This makes the network a lot faster and stronger. However, RangeXTD does not stop there. It also uses its amplifier to distribute this stronger signal all over the house. Due to the strength of distribution, you get to receive signals from every part of your house that your router signal could not reach.


RangeXTD comes with a sleek and portable design. However, it comes with

  • Dual 3D antennas
  • WPS encryption
  • Speed up to 300 Mbps
  • 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Hyperfast Ethernet mode
  • High-performance cooling vents
  • Distinct mode buttons

This is not all, read on to see RangeXTD features!



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Below are some key features of RangeXTD:

  • Effective: have you ever bought a product that promises so much and does so little? That is definitely not RangeXTD. RangeXTD comes with superior technology that makes it effective at making your Wi-Fi signal stronger, faster, and more reliable.
  • Has dual built-in antennas that help with signal strength: this is one reason why it can deliver. RangeXTD supports wireless speeds of up to 300Mbps. This way it boosts download and upload speeds as well as the range of your current router.
  • Wide range of connections: RangeXTD could be connected anywhere around your house. With its powerful amplifier, RangeXTD eliminates Wi-Fi “dead zones” around the house. It also connects to a wide variety of devices so you do not have to worry about compatibility.
  • Easy to use and install:  The design of RangeXTD does not require you to call your ISP or any other technician to set it up. It is so easy to use. All you need to do is to connect to a socket, turn it on and connect to your router. One more thing, you even get a chance to pick the socket you are more comfortable with on purchase.
  • Compact and portable: being portable, RangeXTD does not take up too much space, or alter the interior decoration of your home. Also, it is easy to carry about. You can even travel with your RangeXTD to enjoy fast internet connections everywhere you go.
  • Secure: The RangeXTD device comes with the Wi-Fi-protected setup (WPS) Function. This way, your connections are secure and safe from unwanted interference.
  • Affordable:  Surprisingly, RangeXTD does not cost hundreds of dollars despite its numerous utility. It is affordable to anyone! One more thing, the company is selling currently at a discounted price.


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RangeXTD can help you:

  • Increase your WiFi range without paying for expensive ISP upgrades or extra monthly fees.
  • For greater performance, it provides a secure and robust internet connection.
  • Two powerful built-in antennae, twin LAN connections, and an easy-to-read signal strength meter are included in the design.
  • Take your device to your office, business trips, or vacation, this device is extremely portable.

HOW TO USE RANGEXTD (rangextd wifi router REVIEWS)

RangeXTD is easy to use. You do not need to be a technician to be able to use one. All you have to do is to:

Connect your RangeXTD router to a socket

This should not be a problem. RangeXTD is always compatible with the socket as the companies allow customers to choose what socket they want.

Power on and connect to your router

RangeXTD has no problem connecting to devices and connects quickly with all devices. You will be through with the connection in seconds and you will be ready to enjoy a fast internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Note: RangeXTD has different modes you can switch to and enjoy!


There is hardly any product without competitors. That is one reason why people have to read reviews. Here are some of the reasons why some others and I go for the RangeXTD router.

It is quite fast – RangeXTD does not only connects fast with devices but is also delivers fast Wi-Fi. With your quicker and stronger Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to play online games, YouTube, make continuous video chats, and much more right now!

It is easy to install and use — simply plug it in, connect it, and enjoy! You do not have to worry about paying installation fees. Adaptable to any Wi-Fi router, phone, laptop, or tablet. It is a little plug-in gadget with no external antennae; it is simple and self-contained.

Cost-effective — increases your Wi-Fi connection dramatically without requiring you to pay more to your internet provider.


Powerful: RangeXTD has a power router and amplifies signals with high intensities. It can deliver up to 300Mbps data transmission @ 2.4 GHz! For optimum performance, RangeXTD enhances the Wi-Fi signal range and removes ‘dead zones.’

Quick And Easy To Use: RangeXTD is the ideal Wi-Fi booster for everybody because of its plug-and-play convenience. In a matter of minutes, you will have better Wi-Fi.

Secure: Your sessions are safe from prying eyes thanks to the user-friendly and secure WPS connecting button for WPS-enabled modems.

Sleek Design — Because Wi-Fi boosters are generally put in high-traffic areas like living rooms and offices, they need to look good. This device is elegant, black, and won’t detract from the interior design.

Portable: RangeXTD is incredibly portable, weighing only 5 ounces and taking up very little room. It can be taken with you on trips to ensure that you have access to a reliable high-speed internet connection.

Speed — the device’s built-in antennas ensure that the signal’s connectivity goes deeper and remains strong, giving high-speed internet to every room in the house, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Protection against overheating – Overheating has spoilt several routers, resulting in damage to critical components. RangeXTD has very efficient cooling vents that do their work efficiently. This device includes built-in overheating protection, ensuring that customers will never need to replace it.


This product is only available on the official website (the link is included in this review).

Buying from the official website enables you to participate in the ongoing discount. It also keeps you safe from fraudsters.


RangeXTD is quite affordable. Judging from its utility, it is a rare case of a value-price ratio. Below are the current prices and the corresponding discounts that apply if you buy now!

1× RangeXTD Wi-fi Booster + US Plug Price $92.20 Discounted price: $59.99

2× RangeXTD Wi-fi Booster + US Plug Price $153.54 Discounted price: $99.90

3× RangeXTD Wi-fi Booster + US Plug Price $230.54 Discounted price: $111.99

4× RangeXTD Wi-fi Booster + US Plug. Price $307.38 Discounted price: $149.99

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RangeXTD’s creators offer a 30-day return policy that begins the day the customer receives the product. If the goods have been delivered for more than 30 days, it is no longer eligible for return. The product must also be in its original condition, with its original packing, and the client must return it to the company’s address. The costs for return shipping are to be borne by the customer.


RangeXTD will improve internet speed in what way?

The device increases internet speed by amplifying a current internet connection and extending its range to cover more of a home.

RangeXTD has a wide range of applications.

Depending on the barriers in the way, RangeXTD can increase the range of an existing wireless connection up to 70 meters indoors.

RangeXTD, where should it go?

The gadget should be installed midway between the wireless router and the computer when it is first turned on. The device must always be within range of the existing router connection.

How many devices can RangeXTD connect to?

There is no limit to how many devices can connect to RangeXTD and connect to the internet at the same time. Everyone in the house can connect his or her gadgets without consuming too much bandwidth.

Which devices can be used with RangeXTD?

You do not have to be concerned about what will and will not connect to RangeXTD. RangeXTD will connect to any device that can connect to the internet, whether it is a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

Is it possible to install multiple RangeXTD devices in the same home?

Absolutely! To maximize the connection and range to all regions of the house – including dead zones like backyards and basements – a user can install multiple RangeXTD devices within a single house.

How can I tell if the device is operational?

The RangeXTD includes indicator lights to show that it is turned on and operational. It also eliminates the burden of manually determining whether the signal is weak or strong by displaying the signal strength.

What should I do if my router employs WEP encryption?

Answer: WPS supports WPA/WPA2 security; if your router’s security is set to WEP, you’ll need to change your router’s security settings to WPS.

Is the gadget safe to use?

For protected setup, the device supports WAP and WAP2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access®: WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK).

I could not identify the Wi-Fi Booster’s device name (SSID). So, what do I do now?

Answer: First, see if the booster’s indicator light is blinking; the equipment needs a few seconds to prepare the Wi-Fi signal. If the SSID does not appear in your Wi-Fi list after ensuring that your internet source is close to the device and that you are in its range, try disabling and enabling Wi-Fi on your PC or phone. Alternatively, forget the SSID name you created and search again.

Is it possible to restore the RangeXTD device to factory settings?

Answer: YES, locate the Reset button on the device’s side surface, then connect the device to power and wait a few seconds. The gadget will be reset once you press the reset button for around 3 seconds.

Is it possible to transfer the device after it has been set up?

Yes, you may need to move the device closer to the router during the initial setup. You can relocate your device to a different location after you have set it up.


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I’ve tried various Wi-Fi boosters before, but they didn’t make much of a difference until I was standing right near them. This is completely unique! I installed one in my upstairs hallway, and now the entire level has access to a lightning-fast internet connection. P. Joseph

I go on a lot of business travels and I can’t check work emails on public Wi-Fi. RangeXTD allows me to create my own high-speed private connection from any location. It’s incredible. I told everyone in my office about it. Debby F.

My wife and I built a wonderful deck in our backyard last year. I attempted to use my laptop outside, but it was a total no-go zone. RangeXTD was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m delighted I did. Now I can watch Netflix, listen to music, or do whatever I want outside. It’s fantastic. R. David


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I ordered this item and received it in two days. It’s as simple as “plug and play.” My office (where I keep my primary systems and repeaters) and my living room (where the main system and widescreen TV are housed) are both in my home. Everything works perfectly – for the most part. Even though I had several plug-in repeaters around the house, my cell phone was slow to load and I was losing signals when I went outside or into the garage. When I connected this gadget to a wall socket in my office near the front of the house, the speed and access improved throughout my house and while I was outside in our yard. I can’t quantify the improvement other than to say that you’ll notice a significant increase in speed and fewer drop-offs. In addition, your investment in this equipment is relatively small compared to other possibilities. John H.



The internet comes with countless opportunities. No matter what you are looking for, the internet is always a great place to start.

Due to the importance of the internet to everyone, most people are willing to pay just to get fast access to the internet. For some reason, having issues with the internet can be very annoying.

In a bid to fix the internet problems, many people take different means. This review has covered the potential benefits of the RangeXTD, which is the choice of many people today.

In addition to routing your router signals at a higher frequency, the RangeXTD router also amplifies them. This way, you will be able to access the internet from your comfort zone, anywhere in your house, even the dead zones.

In addition, RangeXTD is stylish, portable, and easy to set up and use. Its specifications and features make it stands out and deliver efficiently.

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