Why is Java programming language so popular?

Java is thought to be one of the most flexible and commonly used programming languages. Commonly used in several industries such as blockchain, AI, IoT, ML, cloud computing, fintech, and many more. 

That is why the need for hiring Java Developers keeps growing every year. According to the 2021 Stackoverflow survey, Java is 4th the most used programming language. Why is that? It can be caused by many positive aspects that java has to offer but also the fact that Java is an official language of the Android system – the most deployed language of smartphones in the world. 

3 reasons why Java is so popular 

It’s budget-friendly 

Java applications run on specific hardware infrastructure. That is why the cost of the development process is significantly lower than with other programming languages. For this reason, many enterprises would pick Java as a core language for their projects as they would perceive this choice as an immense financial benefit.

Java has been on the market for years that is why we can surely say that it is a stable programming language to choose from. This can save lots of company troubles. How you might ask? The more popular language the more developers are available. What significantly influences the price of services is if the number of Java experts is much bigger than some other options.

It’s simple 

Many developers would say that Java is an easy-to-learn type of programming language. As the syntax is elementary and quick to absorb as well as maintain. Also, Java is easily debuggable which makes it an even better language to learn especially for all the newbies that are at the beginning of their programming journey. Java is not as complex as C++ or C – there are many things that Java does not contain such as operator overloading, storage classes, and many more. Java also has a huge set of application protocol interfaces (API) which can help with developing more complex and challenging applications.

It’s scalable 

Java is a scalable language as it includes modular code design, automatic garbage collector, and static type checking; these are just a few reasons why Java is known to be a scalable language. What is more, Java makes it easier to develop the project/application according to the growth of the number of users.

To sum up

Java is a great programming language. It can be used in various industries and create many different applications. It is popular and is likely to remain in this state as there are not that many competitors on the market with that huge potential to beat Java. The number of Java developers will naturally increase as the demand on the market gradually grows from year to year. As this language is a safe choice not only when it comes to choosing the core language for your project but also picking the language that you want to learn, Java is immortal and is likely to remain like that.

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Adam Ali