Garrett ACE 400 Review (Read Before Buying)

If you are looking for a reliable metal detector at an affordable price, the Garrett ACE 400 is an excellent choice. It is constructed with a lightweight design, iron audio, and a digital target ID. Generally, ACE models are made of high-quality materials and come at a very low price. If you intend to be out in the field for a considerable period, it is highly recommended that you take this equipment. In this Garrett Ace 400 review, you will be able to discover more about the metal detector.


Take a Quick Look

The best feature: Iron audio

Weakest point: Lack of ground balance

Suitable for: works in shallow water, can detect gold, coins, silver, jewelry, Beginners, Older Kids

Our Verdict: This Garrett metal detector is a great choice for anyone starting in metal detecting. Providing more than just the basics, this metal detector will give you a solid foundation for using a metal detector.


Who Should Use The Garrett ACE 400?

Garrett’s ACE 400 is best suited for new users who are just getting familiar with metal detectors. The armrests make it easier to control and use. As a beginner, you can easily modify the controls by using only your thumb. A digital display on the metal detector lets you keep track of everything it finds.

The ACE 400i also has the advantage of being lighter and more comfortable. This detector weighs about 1.32 kg, so you will not become tired of carrying it. However, the metal detector is not recommended for children; instead, look at our list of children’s metal detectors. This detector is also adjustable between 1.06 and 1.29 meters in length.

The Garrett ACE 400: How Well Does it Perform In The Field?

It is quite easy to operate the Garrett ACE 400, as we mentioned earlier. Even a novice can easily get started by reading the manual. Due to its great accuracy, lightweight construction, and superb performance, it’s also pleasurable to use in the field.

The metal detector works well when it is set to the highest sensitivity settings. It is still surprising how much performance ACE 400 delivers at low sensitivity settings. If it detects coins, it emits a clear and easy-to-hear tone. As a result, it is one of the best detectors in this price range at detecting junk objects, so you will not need to spend as much time digging up unwanted stuff. Moreover, you can also detect iron with the iron audio. The standard search coil of the ACE 400l effectively separates targets in areas with a lot of debris.





In comparison to other metal detectors, Garrett’s ACE metal detectors have basic control boxes that are identical. Everything is labeled, and the display is clear – albeit you’ll have to squint in harsh sunshine. Mode, discrimination, and sensitivity are all important toggles. There are other controls for audio and frequency.


Garrett’s 400 audio system consists of three tones. The metal’s conductivity determines the tone, with higher conductivity targets providing the Beltone trademark.

Iron Audio

One feature of the Grattee ACE 400 that stands out from other ACE models is the Iron Audio system. Using Garrett’s proprietary technology, you can detect discriminated iron targets. Moreover, it allows you to adjust the range of the signal and select targets that have been obscured by iron.


Search coils are watertight so that you can search along riverbanks. It is important that you remember that control boxes are not waterproof. Wet grass or rain should be avoided when using your machine.

Digital Target ID

The lack of digital target ID was a major criticism of the ACE 350. In an attempt to address this problem, Garrett has included a digital target identification option on the 400. The metal detector has a visual ID feature that shows whether the target is gold, copper, iron, or another metal. In an attempt to address this problem, Garrett has included a digital target identification option on the 400.


This ACE 400 contains 12 notch discrimination modes and five preset search modes:

  • Zero discs that search for all types of metal.
  • There are two modes: the Relic mode, which picks up lead and bronze more likely than iron, and the Jewelry mode, for metals typically used in jewelry.
  • The coin mode shows the most common metals used in coins.
  • Using custom mode, you can combine the options above or create a unique recipe of your own. The ACE 400 remembers your custom mode so that you can use it again.

A Few Other Points to Consider

Metal detectors aren’t hard to find, but these essentials shouldn’t be overlooked when buying one.

Weight and Length

The Gratte ACE 400 has a cam-lock adjustable stem from 40 to 53 inches and weighs only 2.9 pounds. This machine will not give you a swing ache.

Battery Performance

A constant battery-level indicator is provided, and it uses four AA batteries.


The ACE 400 is covered by a two-year warranty.


One of the ACE series’ main flaws is that there’s no way to change the factory-set ground balance. Instead of an automatic and manual ground balance adjustment, you’ll have to make do with a preset option.

For beginners, this isn’t a significant concern. Proper ground balance takes some practice, so not having it is one less thing to worry about. In most situations, the ACE 400 operates admirably without it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included With The Garrett Ace 400?

The standard kit, available online, includes the ACE 400, ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones, ACE control box coverup, search coil cover, and 4x AA batteries.

Is the ACE 400 Metal Detector Appropriate For Use At The Beach?

The Garrett ACE 400 is not a beachgoer because it is not suited for usage in seawater. Initially, it will function perfectly on white, dry sand.

Is The Garrett ACE Metal Detector a Gold Detector?

The Garrette ACE is not a kind of metal detector that is designed specifically for gold prospecting. Gold in the form of jewelry and large gold nuggets, on the other hand, will be detected.

Is the ACE Metal Detector a Waterproof Metal Detector?

The search coil and shaft are waterproof. However, the control box is not. In shallow water, metal detecting can be done, but the device should not be submerged. It’s also a good idea to keep the search coil away from the control box to prevent water from getting inside.


Conclusion, Garret ACE 400 Review

Despite its low price tag, the Garrett ACE 400 is a well-built metal detector. It has all of the necessary changes to be designated as a high-performing entry-level metal detector.

Although it has certain disadvantages, it isn’t a deal-breaker for an amateur who is just getting into metal detecting. This model has good development potential and maybe readily be passed on to another newbie when you’re ready to face more difficult terrains.

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