Top 7 BMW Car Models

BMW likes to tell people that it makes the ultimate driving machine. It’s all about marketing, but it’s also true that they’re good for driving cars, especially the high-performance version. In this article I will give you ideas about the top 7 BMW cars.


BMW i8 hybrid electric powertrain 0 From 60 in just 4 seconds Can travel up to 20 miles on an electric drive. By now, most people know. That’s the wind through this hole Can move. Some of the things behind it are great features Hall brake light and turn signal. The lights are not as cool as the trunk space.

Although the whole hatch opens, the trunk is limited to this small area at the back. The advantage is that the BMW i8 does not have a door handle. A button and the door open. Then the gauge cluster gives you a great one that shows small pictures to let you know yours. The door is what it is. There is also a second door opening in the rear half of the front door.

BMW E30 M3 

The first M3 BMW was built in 1986, and it’s a really wide wheel arch. The part with its spoilers was the only body panel carried from the Ordinary 3 Series was the roof bonnet. Made a whole new engine for it

So they did not use 325 r any to 2.5 litres straight 670 horsepower engine. Which wasn’t good enough, but they made the None now a 2.3-litre four-cylinder of 195 horsepower. It can propel the car from the north in 6.7 seconds at 150 miles per hour to 60 None. 

The second is where the third will usually be. Because it’s very important when you’re running from second to third, and it’s an easy transition. Either way, they probably got a more traditional h pattern for punching in the air in America. Because Americans are not accustomed to manual gearboxes, they are now confused that the car you see here is a special version.

BMW E34 M5 

 It came on the market in 1988, two years after the m3. It looks a lot like a normal visor. It was not aerodynamic like the usual five series. Because this bonnet was a 3.4-litre straight-six with 315 horsepower, it drives the rear wheels with a five-speed manual gearbox. It can drive the car from 0.60 in just 6. seconds and go 160 miles per hour. The car came with an adaptive suspension.


Now Lamborghini has supplied the BMW engine. The 24m6 to 3.5 litre straight six was 277 horsepower mid-mounted. Drives the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox. The car could go from 60 to 60 in just 5.6 seconds, and now up to an hour’s mile, the m1 costs 37,500 pounds the day before, which is seven grand more than a Ferrari 512 bb.

If you calculate inflation, its price is much lower. It is much lower than the cars available in today’s auction. The advantage is that the rare BMW has made only 453 cars. They have given one to Andy Warhol.

BMW E39 M5

1978 That’s why it’s so expensive to paint that car now. The important thing about this car is that it was the first M5 v8 engine. It was a 4.9 litre with double Vanos, good variable timing, and a dry-sump with a BMW speaker and a different throttle body.

As a result, it produced 400 horsepower, which drove the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox and was good for it. At 60 seconds in just 4.8 seconds, the top speed was limited to 155 miles per hour. Because the big V8 in front can’t use the rack, and the pinion steering has to use your circulating ball steering… an old-fashioned, and that’s the G-Wagon of the next generation. However, it is very similar to the normal 5 Series in that it is a real slipper car.


 It was like a hairdresser’s car when it came to the 2 mx5 models e36 m3 with roll bars and brakes, which was 321 horsepower and later got 3.2 litres straight-six from e46.

The car had to be built with a six-speed manual gearbox and a five-speed manual because it was small enough to fit at six-speed. However, its impressive performance load of 60 took only 5.1 seconds. When the maximum speed limit was 155 miles an hour, it wasn’t good for a car.

BMW E60 M5

The partisan of this car is, of course, a great formula to get a v10 5 litre naturally aspirated engine glorified in its normal mode. It will produce a healthy 400 horsepower. But if you press a power button, it will give you 500 horsepower. If you pay to remove the speed limiter, it will run from 155 mph to 190 mph.

Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. You see a huge repair bill if you do this because it can shut down the engine. However, there are problems with automatic gearboxes and pumps that provide power. It can be expensive to replace. Also, the car can be a bit of a money pit. 

The annoying thing about this is that in Europe, we have only got an automatic gearbox. It’s shocking when you run it for some reason, even though they got a manual version in the US. Another interesting thing about m5 is that you can get it as a trip.

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