Moving to Gozo: Cost of Living, Quality of Life, Pros, Cons

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The idea of moving abroad has become a reality for many people. There are countless places that are perfect for ex-pats, and the ultimate destination depends on the way of life they’re seeking. Some people are looking for business hubs, thriving nightlife, and excitement around every corner. Alternatively, there are people seeking tranquillity, peace, and quaint village life. If you’re here because you’re searching for the latter, you’re in the right place. This article will take you on a journey to Gozo, which is located a short 20-minute ferry ride off the shore of Malta.

The Gozo Way of Life

Gozo is a small island, and the majority of areas are within a 15-minute drive of each other. There is plenty of countryside packed with villages between each of the major towns on the island. There is a really low crime rate on Gozo island, and the people there tend to be peaceful. If you’re looking for retirement or somewhere quiet to start a family, this is a fantastic little island.

During the high season, Gozo does experience a rise in traffic due to tourism. However, they tend to flock to the towns of Victoria, Mgarr, Ghajnsielem, and Xewkija. As well as these towns, you should avoid living on the main road. If you go and visit Gozo, you will find that each main road leads to Victoria, and they can get fairly busy.

Where to Live in Gozo

Gozo is a small island, but it knows how to pack plenty of experiences in. Depending on where you live, you can experience a louder way of life in Gozo. Alternatively, you can enjoy peace and quiet in the areas of Zebbug, Xaghra, and Qala. If you’re looking for a property with stunning views, you should head to west Zebbug for a house on top of the hilltops.

You will find plenty of beautiful property for long term rental in Gozo. However, if you opt to live in the quieter areas, you will benefit from the ability to drive. Alternatively, there is a relatively cheap network of buses that cover the entire island.

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If you’re looking to move to Gozo, you should know that the cost of living is relatively low. For instance, living in a rental will only set you back around €440 per month, depending on the area. Furthermore, healthcare is cheap here, and you will only pay €25 for a delicious meal at a luxurious restaurant. If you have a steady income or a healthy retirement fund, you will have zero problems settling in here.


Located south of Italy, Gozo benefits from the beautiful weather gifted by the Mediterranean climate. This means that in the summer it is hot without rain, the autumn is warm but wet, and winters are extremely short and cool. As well as the Mediterranean weather, Gozo also benefits from the authentic style that goes with it. When you visit, you should look out for the local grocers and bakers with their beaded curtains. Further, you will find chickens and ducks roaming the roadsides freely.

Fewer Car Pollutants

Being a smaller island means that there are fewer cars here. Even during the high months, the number of cars doesn’t tend to rise because people travel to resorts using public transport. With fewer cars on the road, you will benefit from cleaner air, which will improve your health considerably. In the touristy areas, you will still experience traffic, but you’ll probably be willing to let that slide when you take into account the rest of the island.


If you move to Gozo, you will soon find out that there is a really humbling sense of community. Once upon a time, it was commonplace for locals to leave their keys in the door. Fortunately, this tradition changed when more ex-pats and tourists began flocking to Gozo. Although you’re not offering the key to your house, the locals will meet up on a Sunday and talk about a week’s worth of gossip. If you move to Gozo, you will always find a helping hand.


Everywhere has pros and cons. However, Gozo’s pros certainly outweigh the cons. If we did have to choose just one negative, we would say that it’s unfortunate that the bay area has been overtaken by tourists. If you wish to visit there for peace, you are best heading there out of season.

Gozo is located a short 20-minute ferry ride from Malta. The way of life there is peaceful, and it’s the perfect destination for retirees and those looking to escape city life. There are a couple of areas that attract tourists and should be avoided for people looking to settle down. Ultimately, apart from a couple of months over summer, this island is full of pure Mediterranean tranquillity.