5 Probable Leanbean Side Effects & Why they shouldn’t bother you

If you have been intrigued by Leanbean, the UK’s #1 selling weight loss product, you are not the only one!

Our research has shown that Leanbean side effects are being searched for by many people in order to determine whether to take the supplement as part of a healthy diet & exercise programme.But surprisingly, none of the Leanbean Reviews 2021 talk about Leanbean side effects. In fact, most of the results on Page #1 of Google mention that Leanbean has no side effects whatsoever.

While Leanbean is definitely a safe and effective diet pill, it would be a tad far fetched to claim that it has zero side effects. In this article, we will clear the air about Leanbean side effects, the ones that are experienced by most women, and why they are not something to be worried about.


What is Leanbean?



Leanbean is a UK-made diet supplement that assists in the reduction of body fat, helps with appetite suppression and has been clinically proven to help lose weight.

It is manufactured by Ultimate Life, one of UK’s leading supplement companies. Ultimate Life is a household name in the health supplements industry and has been providing customers with high quality, effective weight management solutions for over 12 years.

Leanbean is hands down, their most successful product to date!


Why is Leanbean so popular

Leanbean’s popularity stems from the fact that it is all natural and does not contain any chemicals or stimulants. It also has very few side effects, which makes it ideal for both men & women who are looking for safe ways to lose weight.

To know more, we reached out to Leanbean loyals who have been using the diet pill repeatedly for over 4 years. This is what we found.

Leanbean is Gentle

Everybody wants rapid fat loss. But in the quest for quick results, they often neglect to take into account potential Side Effects that the fat burner can cause. As a result, most fat burners designed for fast results are crammed to the brim with stimulants, which might get you the results, but at the cost of your overall health and well-being.

Leanbean is gentle on your system, making it suitable for long term use . It does not cause jitters or any other of the infamous stimulant side-effects like headaches, nausea and loss of sleep.




Leanbean Doesn’t Drain Your Energy

A common problem with other weight management products is that they drain your energy and make you feel tired. But Leanbean doesn’t. Users report feeling alert and active throughout the day, not to mention much more energetic in the bedroom!




Leanbean’s ingredients stimulate key body functions without draining you of all your energy. It also helps improve mood & sleep, which results in major improvements to the quality of your life.

Leanbean is Effective

User reviews indicate that Leanbean works better than other fat burners out there. Users report that it is fast acting and definitely makes you lose weight, both in terms of bodyfat & water retention.

Leanbean users also report that the fat burner is effective at suppressing appetite. This makes it easier to stick with your diet plan, especially when you are feeling hungry or tempted to binge on junk food.




Leanbean is multi-dimensional

Leanbean is famous for being the only weight loss pill that contains both fat burning ingredients AND nutrients to help improve your overall health.

It is designed to be your daily solution for healthy living. Just one Leanbean pill per day gives you the energy and nutrients that your body needs to maintain a healthy weight, suppress appetite and get rid of harmful toxins.




Leanbean contains vitamins, minerals & nutrients that you would not find in any other weight loss pills.

Lean bean’s all-natural formula makes it very gentle on the body and there are no jittery side effects like you would get with other diet pills that contain caffeine or other stimulants.

It is also gentle enough for women, making it an ideal weight loss solution for long term use.


How does Leanbean work

Leanbean is a very unique diet pill because of the fact that it does not use a conventional approach to fat loss. The conventional and easier solution would be to cram the pill with stimulants and just hope that you lose the weight. This is often what results in the awful side effects, lack of effectiveness and little to no long term success.

Leanbean on the other hand, is very different.

It works by addressing the core problems that you will face when trying to lose weight, which are usually taking in too many calories.


Leanbean makes appetite suppression easy

Leanbean contains 3 grams of Glucomannan, a clinically-backed fibre that is known to suppress appetite.



Glucomannan will ensure that you feel full for much longer after your meal. But, unlike normal appetite suppression which tends to make you cranky and lethargic, Leanbean makes it effortless. You just dont feel hungry!

Glucomannan also helps to get rid of harmful toxins in your body and tends to improve your lipid profile.




Leanbean increases your metabolism slightly

Metabolism boosting is probably the most overused claim in fat loss supplements. Lean bean has a negligible advantage over other pills, in that it increases your metabolism slightly.

It’s not a huge surge in metabolism because that would be accompanied with a slew of side effects. Instead, Leanbean only stimulates your metabolism a little bit to improve the speed in which you burn calories.

Leanbean helps mobilize your stored fat deposits

You are curbing calories and your body is burning more calories because of the boost in metabolism.




The problem is that your body tends to cling onto your stored fat deposits for energy, even if the calories you are taking in are low. Your body would rather save the fat for later, just in case it needs it.Leanbean helps to mobilize those fat stores and thus speeds up the fat loss process.




Leanbean Side Effects & Why They Don’t Matter

The Leanbean formula is made of ingredients that are natural and free from any harsh chemicals. The pills are gluten-free, wheat-free and contain zero allergens.

With that being said, it would be unrealistic to think that Leanbean would not cause you to experience any side effects at all.

We spoke to hundreds of Leanbean users and asked them about their experience with side effects while taking the supplement. Based on their feedback, we grouped the side effects into common and uncommon ones. Here’s an overview.

Side Effect #1 – Mild Abdominal Bloating

Around 5% of Leanbean users mentioned that they experienced mild abdominal bloating after taking the supplement. This issue only lasted for a few days and went away by it self without having to stop taking the pills.



Upon closer scrutiny, this can be attributed to the Glucomannan, which is a form of soluble fiber. Any soluble fiber expands when it comes into contact with water and this may cause mild bloating in some people.

But 5% is a very small number of people from the total Leanbean users who have experienced it.

Workaround – If you experience bloating with Leanbean, then you can either wait a couple of days until it goes away by itself or you can lower the dose to help offset the problem. In most cases, the side effect will fade away in a day or two.

Side Effect #2 – Mild Constipation

Another very rare side effect is mild constipation. This only happened to less than 2% of users and it can be attributed to the high fibre content of Leanbean. Fiber generally helps to improve bowel movement.




But the purpose of Glucomannan in Leanbean is to slow down the rate at which food is excreted from the system. This means that it is possible for the body to not be able to break down all of the fibre fast enough, which can cause constipation at times.

Just like bloat, this is temporary and happens to very few people.

Workaround – Increase your water intake. You need to realize that a soluble fiber like Glucomannan needs water to expand. By not drinking enough water, it is impossible for the fiber to swell up inside of your body. Once you drink more water, the fiber will continue to swell up inside of your stomach and provide all the benefits that it’s meant to.

Side Effect #3 – Mild Headaches

Leanbean’s appetite suppression is so strong that you will automatically stop consuming all the junk and sugar that your body is addicted to. When you stop sugar, it’s natural to experience some minor withdrawal symptoms.




Headaches are the commonest side effect during the detox process, which will last for around 4-5 days. You can also experience some fatigue and mood swings in these few days.

To give them their due credit, Ultimate Life has added Vitamins b6 & B12, as well as Zinc, which should help to reduce the intensity of the headaches to a large extent.

Workaround – To avoid getting a headache when using Leanbean, we recommend to continue snacking with healthier options. Dry-fruits or fresh fruit or Yoghurt are excellent alternatives. This should help you cope with the symptoms better.




Side Effect #4 – Minor Fatigue

Fatigue is a common side effect that you will experience after quitting sugar and reducing your caloric intake by 1000, which is an average that most Leanbean users follow.

This side effect is normal and should go away in a couple of days or so, depending on the user’s personal metabolism. This happens as your body adapts to using fat as its primary source of fuel. Also, there’s only trace amounts of caffeine in Leanbean. So you wont experience the energy highs and lows.




Workaround – Since this is a zero stimulant formula, there’s ample room to add your favorite caffeinated beverage for a boost. For example, you could add 2 cups of green tea in your diet to alleviate some of the fatigue.




Side Effect #5 – Watery Stools (Very Rare)

Around 1% of Leanbean users mentioned having loose stools after a day or two of taking Leanbean. This again can be attributed to the Glucomannan and the Garcinia and it’s one of those side effects that happen to a small percentage of users.

The best way to deal with this side effect is to ensure that you drink enough water throughout the day. If the diarrhea becomes bothersome, you may consider lowering your dosage, or temporarily pausing usage to see if that helps.

Workaround – To avoid diarrhea when using Leanbean, ensure you drink enough water at least 2-3 liters of water a day.


Leanbean Side Effects Overview

The reason that we mentioned that these side effects should not bother you, is because it’s affected less than 5% of the millions of Leanbean users. This means that there’s a distinct possibility that the side effects will not affect you at all.

If they do, the side effects are very mild and generally fade away on their own when your body has adjusted to the supplement.

If you feel that your symptoms are becoming bothersome, you can lower your dosage or take a pause for a few days.

When you switch over to a healthy diet and eliminate sugar and simple carbs from your diet, there’s always a purge phase where it’s normal for people to experience one or more side effects. But these fade over time, and eventually your body stabilizes at a lower weight and the new nutritional routine.




The same happens with Leanbean. There are ingredients like Chromium Picolinate which help stabilize your blood sugar and also reduce cravings. Most users find that a few days after using Leanbean, their side effects have stopped completely.

As far as the abdominal bloat is concerned, you will experience this even if you use Psyllium Husk, which is the most commonly used bowel regularizing fiber.

So with Leanbean, this is a common side effect that you may experience initially, but over time it’s not as noticeable.

What’s more important is that not a single Leanbean user complained about severe side effects like insomnia, jitteriness, tremors, palpitations and seizures, which are common with fat burners bought off the internet.

Leanbean is a safe bet, with only mild side effects that are temporary in nature.




What does Leanbean cost?

For a supplement that’s so powerful, Leanbean is surprisingly affordable.

You can buy a monthly supply directly from the manufacturers for only $59.99. That’s cheaper than many hyped and overpriced fat burners out there.

You can also get up to 25% off when you buy a 2-3 month supply at once. Considering that it takes at least 12-weeks to reduce 15-20 pounds for most people, it would make sense to stock Leanbean in bulk while you can and avail of the discount.




Leanbean where to buy

Leanbean is the most popular fat burner on the market today, with over 300,000 satisfied customers.

So its natural for counterfeiters to flood the market with fake Leanbean pills. So here are a few tips to help you find Leanbean online.

1) Buy from Licensed vendors only – Leanbean is only available on the official website and licensed vendor websites. Third party vendor websites might have access to discount codes as well.

2) You cannot buy Leanbean on Amazon or GNC – Leanbean is not available on Amazon or GNC. You may find a Leanbean clone on Amazon, but this may be an unauthorized seller, and the product may not be genuine.

3) Check for the Leanbean logo – Even when you buy from a third party vendor, look for the Pink and white branding on the Leanbean official website.

4) Check the 90-Day Guarantee – Ultimate Life offers a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee for Leanbean. Buying from an Ultimate Life partner ensures that you get the genuine product and also benefit from the 90-day money back guarantee.


Leanbean Discount Code

Beware of fake Leanbean discount codes that promise you up to 80% off on Leanbean. There is no 80% Leanbean discount. The only Leanbean discount is the 25% for bulk purchases on Leanbean official website.

You can activate that coupon by clicking below.




Closing thoughts – Our Leanbean honest review

Leanbean is a safe bet as it has pure and strong ingredients, so you know for sure that the results will be consistent. The fact that Leanbean has been popular for over 5 years and still going strong speaks volumes about its capabilities.

It’s true that Leanbean doesn’t have a celebrity endorsement like other supplements, but then again celebs aren’t always the best endorsers of products. Leanbean is pure and simple – A caffeine and stimulant free fat burner that has been tested in the lab and works every time.

So what are you waiting for? Activate your Leanbean discount below and get in shape for the summer.