Growing With Slime: Why slime play is a safe and effective way to help kids grow

Growing up can be a stressful and challenging time for young children. Toys are a great way to help kids grow up and unleash some of that pent-up stress. However, most toys fit a “specific” niche – like dolls or remote-controlled cars – and cater to individual likes. And that makes it hard for parents to choose meaningful toys for their children. However, thanks to cute slimes, that challenge is no more!

Unlocking Creativity Galore

When it comes to furthering a child’s learning, alphabet blocks make a great choice. And toys that help kids create things, such as building blocks, are a great way to unlock a kid’s inner curious streak. And for the scientific-minded child, a chemistry set might be more apt. They can mix things up to see what by-products they create, thereby tapping into their greater powers of observation.   

If you go online, however, you’ll find an amazing fluffy slime recipe that can replace all those toys in one fell swoop! So, why would you want to do that? Well, here are a few good reasons:

– You won’t need to shop around at multiple places to find the perfect recipe. It’s usually available under one roof

– Making slime is an education in and of itself, as kids observe – first hand – the cause and effect of mixing various ingredients together

– Once created, you can use a single product – slime – to teach kids about alphabets, numbers, how to build fun things, and other key lessons, such as a sense of touch and feel, color, smell…and much more   

While store bought toys, such as mechanic sets and Barbie houses, offer limited fun, cute slimes offer countless hours of creative enjoyment. Best of all, slime is a truly “one size fits all” family entertainer. Once you try it, it brings the whole family together on a fun-filled experience. 

One Stop Fun and Games

If you stock your home, kitchen, or pantry with “typical” supplies, such as glue, borax, contact lens solution, shaving foam, food coloring, confetti, or glitter, you’re already half-way to making your own slime. If you follow the step-by-step instructions provided, you’ll soon end up with a batch of slime to create a one-stop fun product. Of course, you can also personalize your recipe to fit your needs, for instance substituting ingredients that your child might be allergic to.

If following the steps in a fluffy slime recipe isn’t your idea of fun, then fear not! Look for ready made slime packages that you can use to jump start your play date with the family. Most slime manufacturers offer an amazing array of products that that’ll awe and amaze your kids right out of the box. Whether it’s making pancakes, a variety of ice creams or cookies, you can order what you want and start engaging with the whole family immediately.

Making slime from scratch can be a fun exercise for the whole family. If, however, DIY slime-making isn’t what you want, then why not just order cute slimes online. They’re safe and they come in a variety of styles and textures to keep everyone in the family happy – whether they’re builders, artists, or science buffs.