Feeling Frazzled in the New Year? Follow These Tips for Relaxation

For many the new year is an exciting time to hit reset, make new goals, and drop bad habits. While for others the seasonal depression may be setting in, they are tired of the cold, the post Christmas blues is a real thing, and they are just trying to hang on until spring. Whether you relate more to the first individual or the second, we could all use a little more relaxation in our lives. Here are a few tips for relaxation. 

Set the Mood 

When it comes to relaxing, something as simple as turning on the right music can really calm us down and put our minds at ease. For everyone this can mean different things; some find loud upbeat music relaxing while others want some quiet piano or soft jazz. Some like to play music from their device, while others like to go old school and use a vinyl record player. There is something calming about going over to the record player, picking the new jazz vinyl releases, and watching that table turn. 

Home Spa 

Nothing says relax and unwind like a home spa night. Enjoy a nice glass of wine, listen to the perfect music or maybe an audiobook on audible, and a hot bath to relieve your stress. An easy way to make your bath the perfect get away is by using a bath bomb. Bubbly Belle has all the ingredients you need to make your spa night perfect from bath bombs, essential oils, soap bars, and body scrubs. Their products are natural, affordable, beautiful to look at, and guaranteed to help you relax.  

New Beauty and Skin Care Products

Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of a good skin care routine. Having good skin is the best way to gain confidence and age gracefully. Our skin is the largest organ on our body, protects us from the world, and deserves to be treated with the best care. Buy Wow has everything you will need from skincare, makeup, shower essentials, and essential oils. This company was started in India and is vegan and cruelty free. Their mission is to make clean products with the best nature has to offer backed by science for products that really work. They have great customer reviews, and a money back guarantee policy. Simplify your life and get everything you need right here for a brighter and more confident you this year. 

Rest Better 

In a fast paced and high stress world, people today do not get enough rest because of their demanding schedules, too much on their minds, and simply not enough hours in the day to complete all that needs to get done. If you are run down and exhausted all the time, cbd sleep drops may be a fit for you. This blend of organic cbd oil, botanical essential oils, and custom sleep terpenes will have you falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up feeling refreshed. Unlike other sleep aids on the market, this is non habit forming and completely natural. Try ending your night doing puzzles or reading a book to wind down and let your cbd sleep drops work their magic. Give yourself some peace of mind and get the best sleep of your life. 

Grab Your Favorite Drink

Everyone loves a nice, cold, refreshing beverage to help them relax. Try something new and good for you by trying Tepache. This historical Hispanic beverage is made from sweet pineapples, pineapple rinds, cinnamon, sugar, and a blend of spices. Not only is it refreshing and delicious, it also has probiotics making it good for you.  This is a very popular beverage served along with street food and agua frescas in food stalls. Treat yourself to this sweet beverage and good gut health. 

Make the Big Life Changes Easier

Big life changes, like selling your home,  are hard and stressful enough so make it easier on yourself by joining HomeLister. Sign up for free today, list your home or property you want to sell, pay a flat rate once you sell, and enjoy easy processing. They do all the work for you from listing on all major real estate, add on professional photography and videography, virtual tours, and yard signs. We offer tips for showing your home, set up open houses, and get a lockbox for agents. You get to be in control every step of the way, talk to buyers directly, receive and counter offers, all the legal papers and procedures in one easy place, and ultimately save thousands in realtor fees. 

Better Sleep for Everyone

This is for the moms and the dads with a new baby in the home. If the baby is not sleeping, no one is sleeping. This can be so hard and very frustrating. Once you get your baby to sleep, there is never a guarantee they will stay asleep. It is well known that babies only sleep for short periods of time, eat at all hours of the day, and cry in their sleep. Why do babies cry in their sleep anyways? Well there are several answers here as to why they may be waking more frequently and there are also things you can do to help. 

  • Sleep patterns and stages – When your baby was in the womb it would actually have periods of sleep and awake time. This does not automatically change when the baby comes into the world. It may take your baby a while to establish good sleep patterns. 
  • Daytime napping- If your little one is taking a long nap too close to bedtime, this could cause them to take longer to settle down and sleep lightly. 
  • Their developing nervous system- If your baby becomes overly stimulated it can cause your baby to twitch, kick, and sleep less soundly. 
  • They are too tired- If your baby sleeps too much they will have a harder time sleeping and also if they are too tired. Good luck figuring out that perfect balance! 
  • Food allergies- Sometimes food allergies do not look like a rash or upset tummy and can actually be harder to figure out like it being the reason your baby is not sleeping well.

Now that you know why your baby might be stirring at night and crying in their sleep, you may be able to troubleshoot and get them to sleep better. A night time routine is highly recommended from a young age so the baby knows they are getting ready to go to sleep. This can include a warm bath, lavender lotions to calm them, baby massage, and swaddling them up tight. Getting your baby on a good sleep schedule will ensure the whole  family is well rested. 

A Great Makeup Brush 

Doing your makeup can make you feel put together, confident, and beautiful. There are many different ways to apply makeup that will give you various looks. Using different brushes designed for different things will give your face a flawless finish every time. There are certain brushes for foundation, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, etc,. If you have never used an undereye concealer brush that may be one to add to your collection. This brush is sculpted perfectly for under the eye contour giving your eyes that soft, natural finish every time. 

New Year- Relaxed You

Make this your year. Spend more time relaxing and less time stressing. Taking more time to let yourself relax and unwind will help you live your year to the fullest and overall happier.

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Adam Ali