Rocky Shi Discusses How Digital Transformation is Sweeping Through Hollywood

When it comes to technological advances, Hollywood has had its share, but Rocky Shi, the virtual film producer, feels that far more change will sweep through the industry in a very short period of time. An avid film aficionado, Shi greatly enjoys applying the latest developments in the IT and tech world to his productions, creating outstanding films that represent the best advancements that can be leveraged in the industry.

Rocky Shi‘s Outstanding Management and Executive Background

With a strong background in business, hospitality, management, and government, one might expect him to stick with his family’s business or create his own enterprise, both of which he’s worked on over the years. However, Shi’s deep love of film enticed him to follow his dream and move to London to create films, television content, and overall content creation.

His media company, Rise Entertainment, is allowing him to combine his experience with his passion. Dedicated to promoting the best visual effects artists, animators, writers, digital artists, directors, studios, and creators, Rise Entertainment provides a crossroads for these professionals to meet and collaborate. The company combines the best of animation, including Unreal Engine, 2D and 3D, as well as visual effects, and Shi continues to work on game design and digital art.

Bringing Digital Transformation to Hollywood

Part of this process is recognizing the impact that digital transformation is having on the industry. Representing sweeping changes in how we live, work, and enjoy life, digital transformation is the combination of a wide range of technologies, including artificial intelligence, pervasive networking, the Internet of Things, analytics, machine learning, and many other technologies.

As a freelance user interface and user experience designer, Rocky Shi is strongly focused on the technology side of the film industry, looking at how users interface with technology and what they’re about to get out of their experience. This is a vital part of the industry that makes a large difference in how well a company’s approach to technology will fail or succeed, based on how well received the technology is to the general population, or the subset that would have a specific interest in it.

Digital transformation is part of what has swept our film industry from its earliest stages. George Lucas’ Industrial Lights & Magic founded blue screen technology, which allowed scenery to be added to scene post-production, rather than while it was in production. This allowed for a range of special effects, magical locations, and expensive shooting sites to be included at a lower overall cost. Leading eventually to green screen technology, it’s become a Hollywood foundation.

Similarly, the advent of computer graphics such as CGI allowed a hybrid approach to films in order to keep actors and other personnel safe while still delivering outstanding visual effects. As digital transformation marches forward, Rocky Shi expects that these types of effects will continue to grow in complexity and visual appearance, delivering more life-like and fantastical effects than have ever been possible in the past.

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