Dubai Based Aqarchain Runs Successful IDO, Launches Mataverse Land Sale In February 2022

Aqarchain’s geo-minted properties and fractional ownership are changing the way people experience real estate in the metaverse.
* Virtual land on Aqarland can be claimed by the owner who then has an option to build, develop and populate the land with assets, and to commercially monetize their holdings.
* AqarChain’s fractional NFTS make it possible to participate in properties and real estate globally with as little as 500 USD.
* Aqarchain is partnering with leading gaming applications for virtual land utility.

After a successful capital raise via multiple IDO’s technology startup Aqarchain is launching it’s Aqarland metaverse land sale during the month of February. To claim your Aqarland ahead of the sale you need to buy the real world property. Then you can add assets to the property and fractionalize the ownership using the land sales function and NFT’s available on

“This mix of real world and metaverse land being sold in-person and in the metaverse by Aqarland is one of the first of it’s kind”, says Washington Elite founder, Bruce Porter Jr. “People can use their real property bought from Aqarchain to earn money using their NFT and Metaverse platform.”

The UAE property market is on a bull run with strong leadership coming from Abu Dhabi. The government has laid out favorable regulations for technology companies and made it possible for high net worth investors and entrepreneurs to obtain fast tracked VISA’s. The UAE has also stayed open for business nearly the entire time while much of the world closed in fear of Covid.

With geo-minted NFT’s and metaverse land becoming the hottest topic in technology AqarChain is leading the way. “In February of 2022 we will launch our own properties in the real world and in the metaverse” says AqarChain founder and CEO, Waqas Nakhwa. “You will actually be able to visit the properties in-person before deciding to invest in them. With the integration of augmented reality you will be able to experience it through your phones and computer screens, as well.”

About AqarChain
AqarChain enables fractional ownership of some of the world’s most sought after metaverse lands. AqarChain reduces entry costs, increases access, and allows for synergy with other DeFi primitives. They deliver a unique way to unlock NFT liquidity and provides community access to owning parts of iconic and historic real estate NFTs. Built by NFT collectors, AqarChain enables both NFT and metaverse market value discovery with collectable access for smaller collectors and synergies with other DeFi primitives.

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