Clavusin Nail Fungus Relief Review: An African Ritual Or Scam?

Clavusin is a nail fungus relief supplement for treating toenail fungus, foot fungus, and foot decay. The supplement contains a healthy and potent formula that is based on a sacred African ritual. Notably, the powerful formula of the supplement purportedly exterminates toxins, heavy metal substances, and fungal outbreaks to cure foot and nail fungal infections. These heavy metals and toxic substances enter your body through the food we consume every day.

Additionally, the formula also claims to combine the power of some potent and proven ingredients to strengthen the immune system, it can prevent fungal and other bacterial infections. The creator of this advanced supplement also had to face such terrible infection that he almost experienced death just because of his intense foot and nail fungus condition.

And this experience instigated him to study heaps of scientific research and discover the root cause of these fungal infections. And finally, he discovered an old African tribe’s incredible and secret ritual for destroying all fungal infections from its root within just a matter of weeks. What’s this African ritual? How does the creator utilize this African ritual to make Clavusin? Is it FDA approved and does it really work to destroy fungal infections without causing any health hazards?


To find answers to all such questions, keep reading the article till the end.

Product Name Clavusin Supplement
Category Anti-fungal infections Supplement
Clavusin  Ingredients ●        Psyllium husk

●        L-Acidophilus

●        Glucomannan root

●        Black Walnut

●        Bentonite Clay

Features ●        FDA Approved

●        GMP Certified

●        100% natural

●        Non-GMO

●        Non-habit forming

●        Gluten-Free

Clavusin  Side Effects No harmful side effects
Major Benefits ●        Lightens Toenails

●        Normalizes the color and Texture of Your Nails

●        Eliminating the smell

●        Varicose Veins Disappear

●        Treating the skin rashes

●        Eliminate toxic substances and detoxifies

●        Keep body energetic and immune system stronger

Clavusin  Price $69- Discounted Price Available
Formula 100% natural comes in the form of capsules
Clavusin  Dosage 2 Capsules Per Day
Made in USA
Money-back guarantee 60-days money-back guarantee
Availability USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Where To Buy Clavusin?


What is Clavusin Nail Fungus Relief Supplement?

Clavusin is an FDA approved dietary supplement that claims to address foot fungus, nail fungus, and foot decay problems caused by harmful toxic substances. In particular, the supplement has an ancient African ritual that helps to get rid of contagious fungal infections without leaving any dangerous side effects. Notably, this simple African ritual is so effective that no matter how yellow, itchy, and smelly your toes have become, it is guaranteed to easily flush out all the fungus from your body. Apart from this, the creators of this advanced supplement even claimed that the formula also provides relief from rashy brittle skin of your heels, elbows, and knees, and treated the itchy and dandruff-prone scalp.




It is important to mention that this sacred African ritual has also been thoroughly studied and proven to be the best and most effective solution for getting rid of fungal infections. Among these scientific studies, these two rescuers, the Journal of European Academy Of Dermatology and the National Center for Biotechnology Information are the most significant ones.

In simple words, the Clavusin formula is fully backed by thorough scientific research. Additionally, Clavusin is made of all healthy and FDA approved ingredients which are combined to form an incredible formula. Moreover, to make a top-quality product, the formula is manufactured at GMP certified labs in the United States.

At its core, this dietary supplement provides full-spectrum fungus relief and promotes the healthy growth of nails. Not just that but the formula also helps to cure thick, brittle, crumbly, or rotten nails and skin rashes as well. The all-healthy and powerful formula of this anti fungal supplement protects your nails from all sorts of damages by exterminating all the traces of fungus infections. Besides, the healthy formula of this supplement also helps to restore the natural pinky glow of your nails. In a nutshell, Clavusin also provides full support to eliminate all the fungal infections and restore 100% clean, healthy, strong, and shiny nails.




How do Clavusin Nail Fungus Relief Capsules Work?

Having said earlier, the formula of Clavusin is designed on the basis of a well-kept African secret for having beautiful nails and preventing fungal infections. Surveys tell that after using this simple African ritual, there is no need to apply any fancy creams or go for any laser treatments to get rid of yellowish, brittle, and unhealthy nails. This is because of the full spectrum formula of this breakthrough supplement that I performs all these functions. Putting it simply, Clavusin is one solution that works for all your nail related problems.


Here is a brief guide about how Clavusin fights against fungal infections and controls fungi growth for the future.

  • Lightens Toenails
  • Normalizes the color and Texture of Your Nails
  • Eliminating the smell
  • Varicose Veins Disappear
  • Treating the skin rashes

Lightens Toe Nails

At the very first step, Clavusin helps to lighten up the discoloration of toenails. The formula is designed to first target the discoloration of the toenails caused by the intense fungi attack. For that purpose, it contains a fair portion of some exotic and potent ingredients that helps to target the root cause of nails discoloration.

Normalize the Color and Texture of Your Nails

The next step is to completely normalize the natural color and healthy texture of your nails by eliminating all the fungi from your body. For that purpose, Clavusin contains some active antioxidants that mainly target to exterminate impurities and harmful toxic substances from your body. Once your body gets rid of those harmful particles, it eventually becomes able to restore the healthy and glowing texture of your nails along with reporting its brighter and pinky color. To be more precise, by taking the prescribed dose of this supplement regularly, you will not only get rid of discoloration but also the brittle texture of your nails. And your nails eventually become healthier and more shining.

Eliminating the smell

The next step is to alleviate the smell caused by fungi-affected nails. As it can be really embarrassing for you. Once your body starts restoring the healthy texture of your nails, the powerful formula of Clavusin starts targeting the smell. By doing this, the supplement also helps to regain your confidence.

Varicose Veins Disappear

Having said earlier, the Calvusin supplement has a full spectrum anti-fungal formula that not only removes the harmful toxic substances from the body and prevents the fungal attack for the future but it also provides full support to get rid of foot decay. That is why the formula also aims to disappear your varicose veins.

Treating the skin rashes

Last but not least, the last function that Clavusin performs is to restore the healthy texture of skin rashes especially present on your elbows, knees, and ankles. The appearance of dryness and rashes is pretty common in many people which is also caused by fungal attacks. So, this antifungal dietary aid also helps to regain the healthy texture of these parts of the body. Other than that, some Clavusin reviews suggest its healthy effects on reducing dandruff and itchy scalp.




Clavusin Ingredients & their Benefits

The Clavusin dietary supplement combines the power of 12 ingredients that work synergically to combat fungal attacks. Among these twelve ingredients, the creators purportedly included some potent and the best nutrients that help in quick absorption in the body. At its core, the supplement has a powerful, 100% natural, active and detoxifying formula that brings optimal results in just a matter of a few weeks. The formula is formulated without adding any chemicals and synthetic composites.


Here is the list of the Clavusin’s key ingredients;

  • Psyllium husk
  • L-Acidophilus
  • Glucomannan root
  • Black Walnut
  • Bentonite Clay


Here is the role that each one of them performs;

  • Psyllium husk helps to flush out heavy metals and toxic fungi particles and prevent their absorption in the body. The ingredients also alleviate pain and itching.
  • L-Acidophilus is a probiotic that supports your digestive system and shields you against the absorption of harmful mycotoxins from food.

The key function of the above mentioned two ingredients is to exterminate the heavy metal and harmful toxic substances from the body.

  • Glucomannan root regulates healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels and most importantly it inhibits fungal growth and purifies your blood. The root extract is also good for heart health.
  • Black Walnut supports longevity and prevents fungus formation in the cells and tissues.
  • Bentonite Clay helps to fortify fungus-affected yellow nails, brittle textured nails, and skin, and fully rejuvenates them.

The above-mentioned three ingredients work as an antifungal defense army.

Other than the above-mentioned ingredients, the supplement has seven more antifungal ingredients, skin-rejuvenating herbs, and some essential minerals that were added to enhance the potency of the formula. However, all the ingredients used in this supplement are backed by years of scientific research and have proven to bring safe results without causing any health hazard.


What to expect from Clavusin Supplement?

  • Fix the fungi and bacterial infections from its roots.
  • Makes your nails brighter and healthier.
  • Rebuild your nails especially toenails and scratchy skin on elbows, knees, ankles.
  • Fix the discoloration and smelly feet.
  • Promotes growth of brighter, healthy pink nails.
  • Prevent the need for expensive surgeries, laser treatments, and high potency drugs to fix these issues.
  • Best and risk free alternative for nail removal surgery.
  • Prevents problems like psoriasis, jock itch, ringworm, and even dandruff in some cases.
  • Rejuvenates the blood, brain, and organs and protects them against harmful infections by making your immune system extra strong.
  • Reviews reported no negative complaints and no harmful side effects.
  • Healthy restoration of strong and healthy nails.
  • Effectively eliminates varicose veins on your feet.
  • Prevents fungal infections causing a bad smell and scalp dermatitis.
  • Purifies the body by flushing out harmful toxic substances.
  • Boosts muscular stamina and energy levels.
  • Makes your skin smoother than ever.




Clavusin Supplement Pros and Cons

No matter how effective the formula is or how much scientific research backed it, there are some exclusive pros and cons of it. Similar to that notion, the all-healthy and natural formula of Clavusin has also some pros and cons that we can also call advantages and disadvantages. However, you need to beware of these pros and cons before buying it.


  • Clavusin supplement stands out as a unique and revolutionary anti-fungal supplement due to its all-natural, healthy, and safe formula.
  • The supplement has a proven formula that is fully backed by several scientific studies.
  • The ingredients used in the Clavusin supplement are organically obtained through top quality natural resources.
  • Clavusin ingredients are mainly plant-based and FDA approved.
  • The supplement also provides many other benefits to the consumer which are other than fighting fungal attacks.
  • The supplement provides additional strength and energy to the body.
  • Clavusin formula is designed to deliver safe and long-term results.
  • By flushing out harmful toxins from the body, it protects from other health problems as well.
  • By eliminating all the traces of fungus, the supplement provides a protecting shield against fungal infections.
  • Each Clavusin tablet is manufactured at a GMP certified facility in the United States.
  • The official sales page of Clavusin is shipping supplements worldwide with NO additional charges.
  • No matter if you are 18 or 81, the formula will work for you.
  • Clavusin Supplement comes with a 60 day money-back refund policy which means your investment is fully secured.
  • The supplement is priced at just $69, in addition to this, the discounted price is also available.


  • Clavusin is NOT available in any local market or at Amazon or walmart.
  • It is only available online on its official sales page, so you cannot buy it through other means.


Side Effects of Clavusin Capsules

Having said earlier, Clavusin tablets are formulated with pure ingredients and healthy nutrients which are naturally obtained. Moreover, it contains 100% pure and natural formula to ensure the safety of its consumers.


Clavusin Refund Policy

The creators behind this supplement claims that each purchase of Clavusin Supplement is backed by a 60-days money back guarantee which means that you have FULL TWO MONTHS to decide if Clavusin tablets are suitable for you or not even after buying it. And within these sixty days, you can claim your Clavusin refund if you are not satisfied with the final results. The company promises to refund your full investment right away without asking any questions or reasons for returning the bottle.




Clavusin Price & Discount Offers

Clavusin is a unique and groundbreaking treatment for fungi-affected nails and foot toes. The treatment or supplement is designed on the basis of the ancient African tribe’s secret of preventing any fungal attacks. That is why it contains some far fetched and special ingredients which is why the price of the supplement would have been expensive. But to make the formula affordable for everyone, he set a quite economical price. On top of that, the Clavusin website is running exclusive discount offers just to celebrate the massive success of the formula.


The detail of these exclusive discount offers is mentioned below;

Offer for a One-month supply:

Order one bottle of Clavusin Supplement for just $69. Please note that each bottle of Clavusin contains sixty capsules and thirty servings which means one bottle is enough for one month.


Offer for a Three months supply:

Order three bottles of Clavusin for just $177 instead of $297 and get an amazing discount. The price of each bottle of Clavusin Supplement will be dropped down to just $59.


Offer for Six months supply: 

Order the best value deal and the doctor’s recommended offer through which you will get 6 months supply of Clavusin Supplement for just $294 instead of $594 and save up to $300. Through this offer, each bottle will cost you just $49 which is why most of the customers prefer buying this package. In addition to this exclusive discount offer, the company is offering a 10% exclusive discount on the purchase of a six months supply. After this discount, the total amount of six bottles of Clavusin will be just $264 which means each bottle for just $44.




Where to Buy Clavusin Supplement?

The Clavusin supplement is only available online from their official website at Please note that the supplement is not available in any local store or outside of their official website. In case you find any retailers or purchase via any other platform (other than its official website) it must be a fake or unauthentic product, as announced by the Clavusin website. In that case, the company takes no responsibility for Clavusin results and side effects. In addition to this, you can not claim your refund policy in case of buying Clavusin Supplement from other resources. Therefore, it is highly recommended to place your online order on its official sales page from the very comfort of your home. The best part is Clavusin company is shipping their legit anti-fungal dietary supplement worldwide.


Is Clavusin an FDA approved Supplement?

The company has declared their formula not only FDA approved and GMP certified but they also claimed that it is backed and proven by many scientific studies. Other than that, it is made of mainly 12 ingredients which are sourced from top-quality natural resources. To not compromise in the manufacturing process, each tablet of Clavusin is made at GMP-certified labs in the United States. Moreover, the formula is 100% GMO-free due to its pure and organic ingredients. In short, Clavusin is an FDA-approved anti-fungal supplement that effectively fights against fungi attacks to promote healthy nails and skin.


Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ

Does the old African ritual really work to treat discolored and brittle nails?

The simple answer to your question is YES. The ancient African ritual is so effective that it not only treats the discolored and fungi-affected nails but it mainly fights against the poisonous substance that enters your body via food. Once it enters the body, it starts corroding your internal organs, weakening your immune system, and most importantly spreading these toxic fungi throughout the body.

Is the Clavusin supplement available in South Africa, the UK, Canada, Germany, and Denmark?

Yes, this anti fungal dietary supplement is exclusively available all around the globe including South Africa, the UK, Canada, Germany, and Denmark.

What is the best dose of Clavusin Supplement prescribed by creators?

Each bottle of Clavusin fungus relief supplement contains thirty servings and sixty capsules which means the prescribed dose is two capsules per day.


Clavusin Reviews Final Verdict

Clavusin is an FDA-approved antifungal dietary supplement based on an effective African ritual. Please note that this simple morning ritual kept Africans safe from fungi attacks and nail-related problems for hundreds of decades. That is why the creators utilized this old and well-kept secret of Africans in the best way to make a unique and effective formula. In a nutshell, Clavusin’s effective formula directly goes to the body and targets the underlying cause of foot decay and toenail infections. For that purpose, the formula of this advanced supplement is designed to fight off all the fungal outbreaks that’s happening in your body.


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