Burn Boost Reviews: Is This Juiced Upp Supplement Safe? Read Shocking Report

Juiced Upp Burn Boost 

People want to lose weight and retain lean muscle. However, there are a lot of challenges with them wanting to have a quick fix to this entire process. Nothing comes easy, though. They have to sweat and workout hard to attain the perceived ideal body shape. Spending time in the gym with no results to show makes individuals give up on this weight loss journey. Getting rid of stubborn fat is an uphill task, especially with so many products and remedies available in the market promising a lean and admirable physique. These products end up cutting and shedding excess weight and, at the same time, do not reduce muscle mass. Burn Boost formula does not compromise lean muscle.

About Burn Boost

Burn Boost is a premium dietary supplement made from a blend of 100% natural ingredients. This supplement is manufactured to help individuals lose stubborn weight and at the same time retain lean muscle mass. Burn Boost increases the metabolism rate for quick fat burning, leading to faster weight loss and curbing appetite and cravings, which help reduce calories. Burn Boost works in the same manner as other SAR’s but without any side effects. Burn Boost activates the body’s fat-burning process naturally by triggering lipolysis, whereby the fat broken down is used as energy for the body. When this happens, the body has endless energy throughout the day, ideal for exercise and workouts. Burn Boost is formulated in America, of premium quality, and prepared in GMP-certified facilities.

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Ingredients in Juiced Upp Burn Boost 

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is also known as niacin, an amino acid found in both humans and plants. The foods that contain this vitamin are pork, chicken, turkey, fish, peaches, spirulina, etc. This ingredient helps regularize the digestive system, lowers triglycerides levels, reduces cholesterol levels, converts fats into usable energy, and improves the body’s cognitive functions.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is also known as the brindle berry, originally from South-Eastern Asia. This ingredient suppresses appetite, enhances the body to use stored fat for energy, lowers cholesterol levels, increases metabolism, and regulates blood sugar levels. Further, Garcinia Cambogia also inhibits the enzymes used in fat production and increases the glycogen storage in muscles after exercise.

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange belonged to the citrus fruits family and was first grown in Southern Asia. This ingredient breaks down fat quickly, which raises the energy used in the body, suppresses appetite, improves performance in athletics, and increases the duration of working out.


Guarana is a climbing plant native to Brazil and the Amazon. This ingredient enhances metabolism and increases fat burnout, suppresses genes that help in fat cell production, increases the growth of cells that slow down the fat burn, has antioxidant properties, improves heart health, reduces lethargy and fatigue, boosts energy, and relieves body pain.

Griffonia Simplicifolia

Griffonia simplicifolia is native to Central Africa and West Africa and is a climbing woody. This ingredient works like the serotonin compound and suppresses appetite, regulates the messages submitted to the brain, blocks the neurons that act to increase hunger, promotes healthy sleep, decreases anxiety, and reduces levels of stress.

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How Does Burn Boost work

Burn Boost supplement contains all the benefits of Andarine S-4 but does not have any side effects associated with ordinary SRM’sSRM’s. This supplement eliminates the storage of fat and leaves the body with lean muscle mass. The body is put into a thermogenic state where the metabolism rate is increased and rapid weight loss and fat burning take place without affecting the muscle. Weight is rapidly lost in all other areas other than the muscles. Burn Boost also increases the cognitive functions in the body, improves exercise performance, increases fat oxidation leaving users with a lot of energy which to t longer in the gym or the field. Some of the ingredients used are known for suppressing appetite, which prevents the users from cravings and hunger pangs and reduces calorie intake. Burn Boost contains an ingredient that is high in antioxidants. This reduces the free radicals and reduces oxidative stress leading to enhanced immunity and overall health of the body.

Juiced Upp Burn Boost Facts

How to Use Burn Boost

  • Use the product while taking a healthy diet.
  • Can be used with or without any workout or exercise routine.
  • Can be used by both women and men.
  • Suitable for individuals who want to have lean muscle mass.
  • Does not require a prescription to buy.
  • Suitable for workout enthusiasts or athletes.
  • Not for use by children above 18 years.
  • Store in a dry, cool, and dark place.
  • Take the recommended dosage.
  • Ready the label and directions for use.
  • Avoid taking other medication and consult a doctor.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should not consume.
  • This product does not heal, diagnose or cure.
  • Dosage

The recommended dose is 3 capsules per day every 20 minutes before breakfast. Take daily whether working out or not during the cycle duration.

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  • Activates the metabolic process: Burn Boost instantly switches the body to the Lipolysis state where the body’s metabolic process breaks triglycerides into tiny particles which are metabolized easily.
  • Supports mental health: Burn Boost reduces toxins from the body, reducing stress and anxiety levels and leaving users relaxed, focused, and clear. This product enhances the cognitive functions of users.
  • Boosts metabolism: This supplement helps increase the metabolism rate in the body. A fast metabolism rate culminates in rapid weight loss even if users continue to eat. The calories consumed are quickly utilized in the body.
  • Increases energy levels: Burn Boost increases the energy levels for users and is suitable for a workout as the energy levels and stamina to withstand and spend more time are enhanced. Users do not get tired during workouts, leading to more time in the gym and more weight loss.
  • Preserves lean muscle: Burn Boost contains ingredients that help the body preserve the muscles leaving users with a lean physique. This ensures that as users reduce weight, this does not affect the state of the muscles.
  • Suppresses appetite: The supplement helps users reduce the craving and appetites, giving them a satiety feeling. This prevents them from eating and leaves a calorie deficit in the body leading to significant weight loss.

Side effects

There are no side effects during and after using Burn Boost supplements.

Purchase & Price

Burn Boost Supplement is only sold on the manufacturer’s official website. This ensures that purchasers only receive the authentic product. The various packages are detailed below:

1 bottle at $59.00

Juiced Upp Burn Boost Price

Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

The makers of Burn Boost have some good news for users who are dissatisfied with the product. A 100% 60-day money-back guarantee & refund policy is in place. The refund is made through the official customer team and users are requested to contact them on their official page.

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Q: Is Burn Boost safe?

A: Yes, Burn Boost supplement is safe to use as the products used are organic, 100% natural and have been approved and certified by the relevant licensing bodies.

Q: How many tablets does one bottle contain?

A: Each bottle has 90 tablets which is the dosage for 30 days.

Q: Is Burn Boost available in the retail stores?

A: No. The product is only available exclusively through the manufacturer on their official website. This is to ensure that the product being sold is the authentic one.

Q: How long do the order and delivery take?

A: This depends on where the purchase is made from. In the USA, this takes 2-6 business working days. For international purchasers, this may take 14 business working days.

Q: What is the duration of a cycle of using the product?

A: The product is a blend of all-natural ingredients. Users are advised to take an 8-week cycle twice for excellent results. However, results may vary from one user to the other.

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The product is Cost-effective.

  • No preservatives, chemicals, or pesticides are used.
  • Does not contain addiction-causing ingredients, allergens, and stimulants.
  • No doctor’s prescription required
  • A risk-free return policy.
  • Scientifically tested and approved.
  • No added sugar, soy, dairy, or gluten.
  • Suitable for both vegans and non-vegans.
  • Easy to use, 3 tablets once a day.
  • Good value for money.


No disadvantages were identified when using Burn Boost.


This unique premium supplement has the solution for shedding off fat without interfering with the muscle mass of users. The unmatched blend of natural ingredients results in a potent and safe product like Burn Boost. Users should not worry about any side effects that are associated with other SRM’sSRM’s as Burn Boost is naturally formulated. The product is easy on the user’s pocket. Synthetic products reduce the toxins in the body. Grab a bottle and watch the body transform quickly.

Juiced Upp Burn Boost Price

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