Latex Mattress Factory Review 2022, To Buy or Not to Buy?

What Is the Best Latex Mattress Brand?

On average, us humans spend a third of our lives sleeping. Where you sleep matters and the quality of the sleep you get matters even more. Latex is a material derived from certain types of trees that is used to produce rubber and glue. Latex can be processed into foam and then used to produce mattress layers. Latex is especially popular in the mattress-making industry because the material conforms and contours to the body, giving a comfortable and natural springy feel to it.

Latex is also excellent for minimal heat absorption and various body types and sleeping positions. There are many latex mattress brands to choose from and selecting the best is determined by body type, desired pressure relief, sleeping positions and other factors.

Overall, the Latex Mattress Factory is often regarded as the best latex mattress brand. Their latex mattresses are of excellent top-notch quality and are a great choice for pressure relief, cooling, back pain, and comfort. The original mattress factory is another popular favorite that produces a wide selection of comfortable and durable latex mattresses. They provide various sizes and models to choose from and several original mattress factory latex bed reviews show that the original mattress factory latex supreme model is one of the most purchased from the company. The model “Serenity” latex, Original Mattress Factory’s collection of memory foam and latex mattresses come in nearly all sizes. Many original mattress factory latex reviews show that this model is also a buyer favorite.

Is A Latex Mattress Worth Buying? 

You might have been wondering whether shelling out the cash on that latex mattress is worth it especially when you discover how much they cost. As a smart buyer, you start to wonder if there’s more to this price tag than the large numbers. A latex mattress is indeed worth buying. Here’s what makes it different and worth your dollar every night.

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Latex mattresses are often crafted in two distinct methods, each of which produce different effects based on desired softness or firmness levels. These two methods, Dunlop and Talalay, provide varying degrees of firmness and softness. Both, however, boast of unmatched durability and longevity. These two methods are natural and latex mattresses made with either are built to last much longer than other types of mattresses. 

While traditional mattresses are made to last for approximately eight years depending on the quality and type, latex mattresses can last for up to three decades! This means that you would alternatively have gone through 2-4 traditional mattresses for every latex mattress you deem worthy of buying. 

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This durability also translates to retained performance over time. Latex mattresses keep their top form with continued use and do not sag or bunch as time passes. After you enjoy decades of comfortable rest, you can be sure to enjoy two more with the right latex mattress brand. Read Latex Mattress Factory reviews Facebook to get a better picture.  

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Healthier Mattress Option

Compared to traditional mattresses, latex mattresses are a much healthier option. Most conventional mattresses are made of non-sustainable manufacturing components and petrochemical ingredients. They also include numerous adhesives and toxins released into the air from petroleum-based foams. Not only does this contribute to pollution, but it can also prove hazardous for your health. Risks include cancer, 

These other mattresses typically contain petrochemicals and different types of chemicals to make them resistant to fire. On the other hand, latex mattresses are naturally fire-resistant and do not need these toxic add-ons. Without toxic flame retardants, your latex mattress is free of health-compromising components. Read in Reddit regarding Latex Mattress Factory

Natural Spine Alignment

Latex mattresses promote proper spine alignment by allowing heavier body parts to sink into the bed while lighter portions are adequately supported. This helps keep the spine naturally aligned while supporting the natural curvature of the spine and improving circulation.

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Hypoallergenic and Low Maintenance

Latex mattresses are also remarkably low maintenance and hypoallergenic. The natural fiber is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and dust mite-resistant. Latex mattresses are resistant to mold and mildew, making them the perfect fit for anyone. Fungi and yeasts are common in domestic settings and are especially drawn to mattresses. Latex helps keep this nuisance at bay.

Environment and pet friendly

Latex mattresses are great for pet households with no harmful toxins in the materials used. Not only are they safe, but they are also comfortable. All-natural latex models are eco-friendly as the raw materials harvested from plants. The extraction processes are also not harmful to the plants, allowing them to live and grow for decades after tapping.


Latex mattresses contain zero metal, meaning there is no electromagnetic radiation amplification. This is a desirable feature not found in spring coil mattresses, making them poor environments for our bodies to sleep on.


Breathable and Smell-free


100% natural latex is limited to no off-gassing. This means that it does not release any bad smells or chemical compounds into the air. This is a bonus to people sensitive to smells and is owed to the lack of volatile chemicals in the material. 


Natural latex is also a 100% breathable material that allows constant airflow through it. The layers of latex foam are designed with pinholes which make airflow easier. Additionally, breathability can be enhanced with a breathable cover made from materials like wool or cotton.


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Minimal Heat Absorbance

Thanks to the breathable nature of latex, the constant airflow provides a cooling net that prevents heat absorption around you. This means you sleep cooler and drier all night with air flowing through your mattress.

Motion Isolation

Latex is remarkably resilient. As such, the material does not transmit movement easily. This feature is highly desirable for people who experience disrupted sleep because of any slight movements on the bed. If you find that your traditional mattress wakes you up every time your partner moves, you would thoroughly appreciate the motion isolation feature of a latex mattress.


Many companies that make latex mattresses allow buyers to customize their beds from top to bottom, as well as the varying levels of comfort and firmness. Before purchase, you can select the level of firmness that you want based on your preferences, body type, and predominant sleeping positions. Click here to buy now:

Pressure Relief and Isolated Pain Relief

Latex mattresses provide a gentle cushioning effect accompanied by a generous amount of buoyancy and bounce. The latex offers pressure point relief and conforms to the natural contours of the body for pain relief, especially back pain alleviation. Visit the official site of

Which Companies Make Latex Mattresses? 

In the U.S, there are a significant number of companies helping Americans switch from traditional mattresses to latex mattresses. These are the most popular latex mattress companies from which you can find mattresses to purchase.

  • The Latex Mattress Factory
  • The Original Mattress Factory
  • Awara
  • Zenhaven
  • Birch
  • Saatva
  • Nolah
  • PlushBeds
  • GhostBed
  • Spindle Organic
  • WinkBeds
  • Dreamfoam

What Types of Mattresses Does Latex Mattress Factory Have?

Latex Mattress Factory offers three main types of latex mattresses. Since starting in 1976, the company has specialized in 100% natural latex extraction to produce mattresses and toppers in varying sizes, comfort levels, and firmnesses. Their beds are duly designed to fit all kinds of sleepers, body types, and preferences. A forum thread related to Latex Mattress Factory

The three main types of Latex Mattress Factory mattresses are:

  • Luxerion Hybrid Mattress
  • DIY Mattress
  • RV Mattress


The Luxerion Hybrid mattress is so-called because of the blend of materials used to create it. The Luxerion hybrid is a latex hybrid used to deliver incredible comfort at a wonderful value. The mattress has a soft, breathable surface that conforms to the body without leaving impressions. Latex Mattress Factory’s Luxerion Hybrid has enhanced edge support using Quantum Edge with a 3’’100% natural Talalay top. 

Luxerion Hybrid has 6’’ Certi-Pur HD comfort and support foam for added body support with an organic cotton 4-way cover. The cover of the Luxerion hybrid is quilted to 100% New Zealand Joma wool. As earlier stated, materials like cotton and wool are remarkably breathable and are the best option for sleeping cool and dry. Click here to learn more:


The Luxerion Hybrid Mattress comes in various sizes. These are:

  • Twin (38 x 74)
  • Twin XL (38 X 80)
  • Full (53 x 74)
  • Queen (60 x 80)
  • King (76 x 80)
  • California King (72 x 84)

Comfort Level

With a 6’’ Certi-Pur HD comfort and support form, the Luxerion Hybrid provides the highest comfort levels. This can, of course, be customized to your taste and preference.


Hybrid mattresses are often made by combining the benefits of a traditional innerspring mattress with the materials of a full latex mattress. This means that the Luxerion Hybrid has the desirable feel of a conventional innerspring mattress without sleep-disruption motion transfer, eating, or health-compromising effects.

A hybrid mattress will typically have different layers to deliver this effect. They have a starting base layer, core support layer, transition layer, and a comfort layer. 

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Base Layer

This layer is the non-latex layer that possesses most of the standard mattress features. It offers shock absorption and enhances support.

The Core Support Structure

The core support structure above the base layer comprises 6’’ pocket coils that help promote air circulation. 

Transition Layer

This layer is made of foam, making the mattress a true hybrid. This layer serves to alleviate the pressure exerted on the coil structure by sleeping bodies.

Comfort Layer

This is the layer that usually consists of latex, providing comfort, pressure relief, and bounciness. 


The cost of a Luxerion Hybrid mattress depends on the size in which you want to get it. The prices range from $700 to $1,600. A great latex mattress factory discount code or a latex mattress factory coupon would help shave off a few hundred dollars, making your dream purchase more affordable.

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The Latex Mattress Factory Luxerion hybrid has a ten-year warranty. Latex rarely takes a body impression, so this isn’t something you should be concerned about.


Latex Mattress Factory ships all mattresses via FedEx and provides free shipping services to any location in the contiguous United States. The free shipping begins in 2 business days after the order has been placed. Upon request, shipping can be expedited for a fee that varies depending on the size of the Luxerion Hybrid you have purchased.

Trial period

Latex Mattress Factory has a return policy that provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with a flat return fee to cater to the cost of return shipping. 


The Luxerion hybrid has an organic cotton four-way cover and a cover quilted to 100% New Zealand Joma Wool.


The Luxerion makes minimal noise and absorbs movement.

Edge Support

The Luxerion Hybrid mattress has enhanced edge support using the Quantum Edge. This is a pocketed coil unit that actively responds to your body’s natural movements while providing sustained edge support. The Quantum® Edge Elite also boasts precisely positioned comfort zones to support the back, hips, and shoulders while quietly absorbing and isolating motion.

Temp Control

The base layer and support structure of this mattress are heavily invested in breathability and temperature control. Coupled with the natural breathability of the latex layer, the Luxerion Hybrid helps with cool and dry sleeping.

Motion transfer

The latex layer is resilient and does not allow motion transfer. This allows for peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.


The Luxerion Hybrid delivers evenly distributed relief along with various points in the body.

DIY Mattress

Latex Mattress Factory’s DIY Mattress is an innovative concept to help consumers save money and get the best value for their dollars. The company allows you to build your own custom mattress. This “Do It Yourself” plan requires specific details about the components you need or are trying to duplicate. Visual Data related DIY Mattress

If you have found a ready-to-buy mattress with your desired components, identify the components from the product description or from the seller. You can also select the type of topper that you want and choose the firmness of each mattress layer. 

After choosing your custom toppers and layers, move on to the accessories, including a cover (which could be wool or cotton). Latex Mattress Factory then sells these components to you as separate items, allowing you to build your own mattress. An Ikea for Mattresses, if you will.


Your DIY mattress is made of whatever material you want it to be. Your mattress could be 100% natural or a hybrid. 


This varies depending on the size of your DIY mattress and the components you have chosen.

Comfort Layers

The comfort layer of your DIY mattress is entirely up to you. If you want increased firmness and support, a comfort layer made of Dunlop latex will be best for your mattress. Dunlop latex is breathable and encourages ventilation.

For a softer feel, Talalay latex makes for a plusher comfort layer and offers durability and breathability. 

Support Layers

The kind of support layer you will have in your DIY mattress depends on the kind of mattress you want – all latex or a hybrid mattress. There are two customizable options:

Dunlop and/ or Talalay Latex

A support layer with Talalay latex offers a softer feel, while the Dunlop Latex provides a firmer feel. Both, however, are very durable and comfortable.

Quantum® Edge Elite Pocketed Coil

This pocketed coil structure is found in hybrid DIY mattresses and supports the body and the edge. The coil system is brilliantly designed to distribute support to the back, hip, and shoulders while offering 2% more durability than foam. 

This layer also consists of an innerspring that helps transfer heat more efficiently.


While the latex remains the star of the show, Latex Mattress Factory pays close attention to your mattress’s cover. The two options provided are:

Natural Quilted Cover

Latex Mattress Factory proves that breathability is a priority with their natural quilted cover. This cover is a 360-degree zipper cover quilted to natural wool. This not only allows for ventilation but it also allows for easy assembling of your curated components

Stretch Cotton Cover

Cotton, another incredibly breathable cover material, is your second option for your DIY mattress. This stretch cotton is durable and offers a soft luxurious sheath for either natural latex or hybrid components. The covers come in all eight sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, And Split Cal King).

The stretch cotton covers are 20% polyester and 80% polyester and include a resilient non-slip bottom panel.

RV Mattresses

Specifically designed for the nomad life, Latex Mattress Factory’s RV mattresses are built to be comfortable and durable. These mattresses are made to fit most RVs, motorhomes, fifth wheels, horse trailers, and travel trailers.


  • 76″ x 80″ RV King
  • 72″ x 80″ RV King
  • 60″ x 75″ Short Queen 
  • 60″ x 80″ Queen
  • 53″ x 75″ RV Full
  • 48″ x 75″ RV Three Quarter
  • 38″ x 80″ RV Twin XL
  • 38″ x 75″ RV Twin
  • Note: 72″ x 80″, 60″ x 80″, and 60″ x 75″ are also available with a 10″ radius at the foot end 

Comfort Level

Very Comfortable. It may vary depending on Dunlop or Talalay latex layer.


These RVC mattresses are made of 3″ 100% Natural Latex Foam, 3″ Transition foam, 3″ Base Support Foam. The whole unit is constructed as 1″ Organic Cotton Quilted Cover with Brown border, 2″ Blended Latex Foam, and 5.5″ Plant-based High-Density Support Foam.


The cost varies depending on the mattress size you intend to purchase.


The Latex Mattress Factory RV mattress has a 20-year manufacturer warranty. Latex rarely takes a body impression, so this isn’t something you should be concerned about.


Free Shipping via FedEx in 2 business days after the order is completed. Pick-up is also welcomed at physical factories and is RV and tractor friendly.

Trial period

Latex Mattress Factory has a return policy that provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with a flat return fee to cater to the cost of return shipping. 


The RV mattress has a quilted organic cotton cover.


The Luxerion makes minimal noise and absorbs movement.

Temp Control

The latex is porous enough to allow ventilation and cool sleeping. Similarly, in lower temperatures, the latex is not temperature sensitive. This is especially appreciated if you are driving your RV in very cold or very hot areas. Your mattress will always sleep cool and comfortable.

Motion transfer

The latex layer is durable and does not allow motion transfer. This allows you to sleep peacefully without being interrupted by movement on the mattress.


The RV mattress evenly distributes pain and pressure relief along various points in the body, keeping your body properly aligned even when you are on the road.

Types of Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex Mattress Factory toppers come in two distinct forms: the Dunlop topper and the Talalay topper. These two topper types are formulated using two different methods. They both deliver different kinds of comfort levels and effects and are formed from transforming liquid latex into latex foam sheets.

Dunlop Toppers

This process begins with a concentrated liquid latex rubber harvested directly from the rubber tree. The liquid is then whipped to incorporate air and poured into latex sheet molds. This pouring process is done such that the liquid fills the molds to the brim. This goes on to affect the density of the topper as filling to the brim does not allow even distribution of the latex particles. 

Following the molding process, the latex is baked in a special oven for vulcanization to occur. 

The resulting vulcanized latex foam sheets are allowed to air dry and then baked again to eliminate any remnant moisture. The resulting Dunlop toppers are durable and firmer.

Talalay Toppers

The Talalay process begins similarly to the Dunlop process. However, the pouring of the liquid latex into the molds is done differently. The molds are not filled to the brim and are instead vacuum sealed for even distribution of particles. Oven vulcanization is carried out, followed by rapid cooling to prevent settling. This way, the resulting topper is equally composed and less dense than Dunlop. This process takes more precision and costs more, and as such, Talalay toppers are more expensive.  

Disadvantages Of Latex Mattresses?

While latex mattresses have proved their worth, it is said that nothing comes without downsides. For latex mattresses, there are a couple of disadvantages that you might want to consider before taking the plunge. 

High Price Tag

Latex mattresses are always on the pricier side, and rightly so. The process of latex extraction and production into mattress-making materials is not only time-consuming, but it is also expensive. Due to the high cost of production, latex mattresses always have a high price tag which can be a significant purchasing barrier for many consumers.

Increased Weight

Latex is extracted from a specific species of rubber tree. As such, mattresses made from this material are often very thick and heavy. This makes them a hassle to transport and move around even within a home.

Firmness and Bounce

Latex mattresses are known for being remarkably firm, a property conferred on them by the dense nature of the raw latex material. However, some users have complained about some latex mattresses being too firm. Before you purchase your latex mattress, ensure that you do your extensive research and understand the Impression Load Deflection of the mattresses you are considering. This Impression Load Deflection refers to the measurements of firmness and softness of a mattress. High ILDs indicated higher firmness, while lower ILDs indicate softer latex mattresses.

Regarding Bounce, latex mattresses are designed to conform to the lines and impressions of the body. This is a feature common with memory foams, but latex mattresses stand apart due to increased resistance. As such, rather than sink into the mattress as with memory foam, you will feel more bounciness with latex mattresses. While some people enjoy the bouncier feel, this feature does not appeal to everybody.


Off-gassing is a common occurrence with synthetic latex mattresses. It is the release of volatile organic compounds into the air and is characteristic of mattresses not made of 100% natural latex. Ensure that you read product descriptions and do your research before finally purchasing your latex mattress. Visit Latex Mattress Factory website

Types of Sleepers

Side Sleepers

Sleeping on your side is regarded as the optimum sleeping position as it allows proper spinal alignment. The best late mattresses for side sleepers are hybrid mattresses. Latex Mattress Factory’s Luxerion hybrid will provide multiple layers of varying density foam.

Back Sleepers

The spine is also most likely to be in proper alignment in this sleeping position. This position requires enough support to avoid issues such as back pain. A full natural latex mattress is best for back sleepers to provide a supportive, cushioning, and firm surface.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers are at risk of feeling uncomfortable with the wrong kind of mattress that could potentially push at their stomach and other organs. The best latex mattress for stomach sleepers is a softer Talalay latex build. The best mattress overall for stomach sleepers would be softer memory foam mattresses that would mold and sink to fit the body and not push into it.


Based on the descriptions given for the three types of sleeping positions, discover your most dominant sleeping position and select the best-suited latex mattress.

Heavy People

The best latex mattresses for heavy-weight people are firmer latex mattresses. Heavier bodies exert more pressure on the bed, thus requiring a stronger resistance to sagging and sinkage.

Overheated at Night

An entirely natural latex mattress is the best option for people who are often overheated at night.

Average Weight

Mattresses of medium firmness work perfectly for middle or average-weight sleepers. The Luxerion Hybrid fits in this category.


Lightweight sleepers do not exert much pressure onto their mattress and, as such, can benefit from a softer latex mattress model. Lightweight sleepers who prefer firmer surfaces may opt for them.

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