Ada Leadz 2.0 Review – Read This Before Buying!

ADA compliance has become the next big thing in the world of online web design and development. However, there are many small business owners that are still unaware of the large ramifications that can occur to their business if they remain ignorant of this important matter. ADA Leadz is an online system that is designed around assisting businesses in making sure that their online website is ADA compliant.

Through the use of ADA Leadz 2.0 one will be able to garner the specific knowledge, details and intricacies they need to effectively prepare their online website in accordance with the American Disabilities Act. This review will take a closer look into all of the many components of ADA Leadz in order to see if it is something that is worth considering.


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ADA Leadz 2.0 – Is This Website Auditing and Lead Generation Software Worth It?

ADA stands for the American Disabilities Act which is a civil rights law stating that people with disabilities cannot be discriminated against in any aspect of their life. And the world continues to evolve around the digital age. This law now also applies to online websites. There are certain guidelines that online websites must now follow to make sure that their content is accessible to people with various disabilities. Some important disabilities to consider when designing websites suggest this is blindness, low vision deafness, hearing loss, cognitive limitations and many others. If one website is not designed around specific criteria that are needed to meet the requirements of these disabled individuals it is more than likely that they may face a lawsuit that can cause them hundreds and thousands of dollars.

To ensure that such a problem does not occur online business owners are now using plugins and tools that can help catch the specific standards and criteria that their website needs to be able to meet the requirements of the ADA. ADA Leadz is one such app that is designed around providing users with the knowledge they need to set up their very own agency. With the details that are discussed in this app, users will be able to assist other businesses in avoiding massive lawsuits while also gaining access to the specific algorithms that go into the determination of ADA and non ADA compliant websites. As such this tool provides users with access to numerous resources and algorithms that are designed specifically to assist them in launching their effective agency.


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What Is ADA Leadz 2.0?

As discussed above this is an app that allows users to learn more about the specific intricacies involved in setting up their own media based online agency. By looking into the specific details that are present in this system users will be able to learn the specifics that they have to look into from launching their agency. In addition to this they will provide a set of tools and resources that can make sure that they are more effectively able to guide other online businesses in how to become ADA compliant.

As the first official website auditing tool, the ADA Leadz platform is quite unique in the functionality and features it provides. There are no other tools in the market currently like it, making it a highly worthwhile consideration for anyone attempting to start their very own ADA auditing agency.

The bottom line is that with ADA still being a fresh concept in the digital world, many online businesses still lack the know-how involved in this matter. And with recent cases of ADA lawsuits leading to almost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, businesses are now rushing to make sure that their website is ADA compliant.

In such a situation, the need for agencies is rising, making this a highly profitable and worthwhile endeavor. As such, there is no surprise to see why ADA Leadz has become such a considerable option in the market lately.

How Does ADA Leadz 2.0 Work?

ADA Leadz follows a very “show, don’t tell” approach with all of the teachings and guidance it provides. Through this online software, users will be able to see the practical aspect of creating a website auditing agency. This includes a number of features that allow one to not only search up specific businesses that are not ADA compliant, based on certain keywords, but also ensures that one is able to generate reports and other essentials at the click of a button. Some of the major aspects that go behind the functioning of ADA Leadz are:

  • Allows users to run a complete audit on websites to see their ADA compliance. As a part of this software, users will be able to quickly see specific websites and webpages that fail to meet the requirements set by the ADA. The can even type in specific keywords to get clients straight to them.
  • Generating professional reports. Another core benefit of using the ADA Leadz software is the fact that it assists users in being able to create detailed reports that are quite effective at listing all the major aspects of a client’s ADA ranking. Through this, one may even see specific things that they can do to ensure that their listing is ranked higher in the future.
  • Making money. The last piece of the puzzle is simply printing the reports, and sending out leads to specific and existing clients. This allows one to gain authority and essentially leads to a massive payday. Closing clients is made easier through the specific templates that are provided by the creators of ADA Leadz. These specific templates are tried and tested, meaning users will likely not have to worry about any issues.

The website apparently claims that their freelance consultants have been making as much as three thousand dollars over the period of a few weeks with the techniques presented in the system. Because of this, there is no denying that ADA Leadz potentially offers people the opportunity to make use of the digital era and to create a stream of revenue that hardly anyone has truly tapped into yet.

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What Are the Main Features of the ADA Leadz 2.0 System?

While there are some other plugins like this one in the market, ADA Leadz is set truly apart from the competition due to the sheer variety of features that users receive as a result of this supplement. These features make it one of a kind and a consideration for most people. The following are some of the main features that are included in the supplement:

  • Feature 1: Tapping into a list of global clientele. One of the major benefits of this is that one is able to type in a specific keyword and get potential clients that are simply lining up. Through the use of filters and specific keywords, these can be narrowed down to meet one’s specific niche.


  • Feature 2: Offers opportunities for research. Before one saves a lead, they can research various vital intricacies about them, including their contact information, address, page URL and more. Their compliant status is also made visible, making it quite clear just where a client stands.


  • Feature 3: Sorting and categorizing. Through the use of filters and categories, one is able to save specifics about their leads and target ones that interest them.


  • Feature 4: Professionally designed auditing algorithm. One of the major benefits of this software is the fact that its auditing system is quite well-designed. Users will be able to scan an entire website and how well it complies with ADA regulations within a matter of seconds.


  • Feature 5: Report Generation. While the first step is indeed finding issues with ADA criteria in a website, the next part is reporting them with ease. Through the report feature, one is able to quickly create unique and detailed reports about the specific compliance of ADA standards for their client.


  • Feature 6: Printing the reports as PDFs. PDFs are one of the most powerful platforms for sharing content on the internet. And through this software, one is able to directly export their reports in PDFs. ADA Leadz thus makes it so taking information from one end to another is never difficult.


Through these reports, one is instantly going to gain authority and will be able to organize campaigns and manage leads with the specific examples provided in the ADA Leadz resource package. Overall, users are gaining access to a hefty chunk of features, all without the worry of any pitfalls or issues.


Where to Buy ADA Leadz – And What Is Its Current Price?

ADA Leadz can currently be purchased directly from the official store of the creators. Through this online store, one can gain access to a variety of useful details about the product too. The product is available as a one-time purchase, with no subscription fees or hidden charges. Users are even able to attain a discount currently as a part of an early-bird promotion. Some of these bundles available on their website are:

  • ADA Leadz 2.0: This is the basic bundle that includes the major benefits of the program listed above. Usually, this is said to go for a cost of 197 USD per month. However, it has apparently been reduced down to just 38 USD as a part of a launch special, one time price.


  • ADA Leadz 2.0: Bundle Deal. This is a specific deal that is designed around power-users that includes all the benefits of the main bundle, with some noteworthy additions. The main things that one gains access to are the ADA Leadz 2.0 Pro, whitelabel license, marketing package and unlimited access. This is usually going for around $428, but as a part of the launch promotion is available for just $297.


  • ADA Leadz 2.0: Payment Plan. This is an alternative payment method for the aforementioned bundle deal. Through this, one is able to pay in two installments of $147, as opposed to a single $297 one. It includes all the same features.\


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Pros of Considering this System

  • Comes alongside a well-designed and intuitive UI
  • The app has been tried and tested, and users will gain access to a highly improved iteration
  • There are tutorials, guides and training available, meaning no one will have to feel lost when they begin using it
  • There is a support team present at all times of the day to provide further assistance in case one needs it
  • There are frequent updates to the entire system, leading to easier and more better features being added in the future


  • Does this come with a money back guarantee?

The product does come with a 30 day money back guarantee. During this time, one is free to try it out fully to see if it was worth their while. If they are pleased with the results, they can keep it, otherwise they may get their money back.

  • Is this available on the Cloud?

The entire solution has been designed to be worked alongside the Cloud. Meaning one can remain in access on any device, as long as they are connected to the internet.

  • Are there any tips available on how to use this?

The program comes alongside a training program that is inclusive of guides and videos that can help beginners learn the essential ropes of using the ADA Leadz program.

  • Does one need to buy anything extra after getting ADA Leadz?

Apparently not, as ADA Leadz has been designed as a one-in-all solution that is all-inclusive. Thus, whether it is report designing or emailing capabilities, this program has it all.

ADA Leadz Reviews – Conclusion:

Overall, it does seem like this is one option that is going to come in handy for anyone that wishes to start their very own agency that attempts to target ADA compliance issues. With the ability to look up clients based on keywords, generate reports and even use tried and tested templates, one is able to become the voice of authority in any situation. To learn more about this specific program, visit their online website. They have pricing details and other information available there, as well as an early bird discount.

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